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26th January 2019

Get me outta here!
An Australian emu in an African Game park...what'd the African ostriches think???
26th January 2019
african wild cat

What a beauty.
This is a Serval, one of the wild cats of Africa. However the African wild cat is a species more like a tawny domestic cat in appearance while the Serval is distinctive and like this pic...magnificent.
25th January 2019
Bundu - the rhino

One of our favorite animals
We really love rhinos. How great that you could actually pet it. We too would like to try that. /Ake
25th January 2019
Bundu - the rhino

Yah, it was an amazing kuddle. The have a very intersting skin, hard, raw and somehow soft underneath. For food, "little" Bundu enjoyed the kuddle.
25th January 2019

New Adventure
Did you like the rooibos tea? I started drinking it last year and I really love it - would love to try it in it's home country. I'm excited about your new trip, and look forward to following your adventures :)
25th January 2019

Rooibos Tea
Oh, the Rooibos tea is a funny story. This trip is my 3rd trip to South Africa. I loved the tea already on my first trip and always took a big package back home. At home, for whatever reason (different water, different feeling, different milk) I do no appreciate it as much. It is ok, but we just drink it randomly. But in South Africa, we always have liter of it per day. They make a red cappucino out of it there. Nice milk foam and strong rooibos tea. It is amazing and there are often even vegan options! Would say, you have to try it in the home coutnry one day ;-).
27th August 2018

Wow! What an amazing blog entry! Thanks for a really interesting read and summary of your epic year-long adventure 10 years ago. And a really amazing assortment and collection of photos. Thanks for sharing :D
26th July 2018

I love a summary blog, but this was a summary blog with a difference - thanks for the enjoyable read. Sorry you had a bad experience in Australia, and I can see how something like that would colour your view of the place at the time. I need to read your southern African blogs at some point - it sounds like you had a fabulous time. Here's to many more years of travelling together! :)
26th July 2018

Thanks! Yes, bad experiences give like a shadow on something. LAter, you can also see the good things, but at the moment you are kind of blind. Sorry that all our old blogs are in German. We started in German for our family who does not speak english. But later, so many fellow travellers asled us to switch into english. Try deepl.com for translation. ;-)
25th July 2018

Searching for rainbows
What a trip...what a life...truly inspiring. Life can be an adventure. Sounds like yours has been a blast. But what rings out is it would not have happened if you had not done it together. Now that is really special. Sensational blog...sensational collection of photographic memories.
26th July 2018

trip of a lifetime
Yes, it was a special trip. And the special thing, we did not stop after it and life continued like a rollercoaster. Thanks. We are happy you enjoyed it.
25th July 2018

Travel togetherness
Travel will bring you together or tear you a part. Sounds like a fantastic journey. We will following in your footsteps over the next months and will use your information wisely. Thanks for sharing this story.
26th July 2018

Oh yes, travelling brings you together or apart - this is so true. We are sorry for the "old" blogs to be in German. Happy planning for you on your Chile trip.
24th June 2018

Beautiful France!
Thank you for this blog entry. It reminded me that there is much more to France than Paris! Incredible natural landscapes here, and beautiful little medieval villages. Indeed, I also thought your picture of the waterfall at Sethenex looked very rainforest-like!
3rd June 2018
lovely canals in Annecy

Beauty of France
Very nice. We will add this to our list of places to visit.
3rd June 2018
lovely canals in Annecy

Oh yes, you will love it. It is really beautiful. Just better to be avoided in peak season (august) and on weekends. And the lake is stunning!
2nd June 2018

Indeed, I completely relate to your point on not visiting one's closest neighbours - I've yet to set foot in the Republic of Ireland myself! Great to read about your trip to France. A little perturbing to read about talk of civil war, this has not been reported in our UK media at all. I shall keep France and the French in my prayers. Good to hear you found such peace still in your spiritual master's presence :)
3rd June 2018

civil war
yes, it is completely strange what the media says about the civil war in France. It is in the news in Germany and Switzerland - but friends in france haven't heard of it. Well, I do not believe what media is telling us in general. In my opinion, there are some areas in the big cities that are better to be avoided (this is the same since years). But police seems to be really present. So, one just should use common sense at the moment. Germany, i.e., is not safer at the moment.....
1st June 2018

How is this possible?
Never been to France. Geez... you need to get out more. Glad you took a trip to explore.Doesn't sound like those earlier trips should count. Cheaper gas in Switzerland is hard to believe. Glad you enjoyed the cafes.
3rd June 2018

Well, France is not the only country or place that is missing and that is close. But one has only so much time - and there is so much to see...... ;-)
28th May 2018

Near or far
We know what you mean about overlooking places closer to home, we are often guilty of that... but there's so much of the world to see, and only so much time. We enjoy looking around supermarkets in new places too, it can tell you a lot about the place and its people :)
3rd June 2018

Oh yes, this is true. Supermarkets tell so much. But in France, the best baguette is not in the supermarkets but in the little bakeries all over the places.
25th May 2018

Feel sorry for you
Although I haven't visited any northern parts of India, I am really eager to visit. This Poor Man's Taj is so much alike to the real one. Visit Us

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