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23rd March 2018

Love of Mountains
Glad to see you are out enjoying mountains as they bring you joy. Great move to ski in Italy and get a free sauna thrown in. You should write a tips to Europe blog with off the beaten path locations and things we foreigners don't know about.
18th March 2018

Ski Getaway
Sounds like you had a wonderful ski getaway. Great to read about such a quiet valley with not many other people around. The accommodation indeed looks very cosy :)
6th January 2018

Holiest place on earth
Dave and I have traveled to many locations that make this claim. How does one measure that statement? What an experience and life you are having. So glad when you share your pilgrimage. Your love affair continues. It is great life has given you something that fills you up.
8th January 2018

Holy places
Yes, it is true tha tmany places claim to be the holiest ones in the world. Measuring based on facts that we can see is one thing: Vrindavan which is a small town (esp. in India) has over 5000 temples. That means around every corner there is a temple. Nowhere in the world there is such a density of temples/churches. That means, day and night there is a constant singing in the air. It feels like Vrindavan never sleeps. It is not noisy at night but you here the singing of some prayers even in the middle of the night. It is the place where Krishna spent his childhood. On another level, which man can not see and touch a lot of things are happening in Vrindavan. Many small and big miracles. Some of them are sometimes visible or one can experience them, some are stories and some are personal. Happy you enjoyed our blogs about our pilgrimage. Happy travels!
22nd December 2017
Paramahamsa Vishwananda meditating at the Ganges

Photographer Views
Amazing Photography. Keep Sharing More great stuff i love to travel.
21st December 2017

Thank you!
Thank you, and a Merry Christmas to you both too :)
21st December 2017

Thank you
Thank you for enabling me, and other readers, to experience this amazing pilgrimage with you both. I find it particularly amazing how you were able to find so much energy for it, with its busy schedule and all night dancing towards the end! There must definitely have been some positive source of energy there for you both. I wish you both a peaceful time to relax and contemplate your journey post-trip. Thank you again :)
21st December 2017

We are happy you enjoyed it. Merry christmas to you and happy travels!
19th December 2017

That was quite a heady experience reading this blog...the thoughts and experiences of a devotee on pilgrimage with her spiritual master...extra insight provided as you were an official or authorised photographer. Thank you for sharing.
19th December 2017

Wow! Pizza delivered whilst travelling on a train in India! What a unique experience, and indeed a great idea to avoid travel sickness amongst the group :) Good to read about Rishikesh - I visited around 10 years ago and really enjoyed my time there.
19th December 2017

Yes, the pizza was quite an experience. I was surprised that it worked out and was delivered on time, nicely hot and fresh! ;-)
14th December 2017
Kerala's northern backwaters

Kerala is truly God's Own Country
I have visited Kerala a couple of times. The Climate, Lush Forests and the Backwaters are totally amusing. Would definitely visit again if i get a chance. Visit: Varalakshmi Sago
12th December 2017

Silence of the mind
3 days of silence sounds intriguing. It sounds like you got in touch with a lot of feelings, thoughts and emotions. The power of silence is interesting.
12th December 2017

Power of silence
Oh yes, it is. All these emotions and feelings coming up. And then it is about us to observe it and look what we can do better, where we can learn something. Not a process finished after 3 days. That is a lifetime job ;-). But it makes your life sooooo much easier when you start to control your mind and emotions.
8th December 2017

"Monkey Mind"
I have always liked this expression, and found it to be so true. Also that you only notice it in silence and during meditation. What a wonderful experience the silent retreat must have been for you, and very inspiring to read about it. Thank you, and I look forward to reading more.
6th December 2017

Real silence
What an interesting experience to be silent for three days! Thanks for sharing your experience of it. I've never been great at silencing my mind, but on reading your blog I've realised that it requires far more time than I've dedicated to it. Given the madness of the end of year over here, sitting silently in a dark room with no emails or phone calls sounds so very inviting right now :)
6th December 2017

I am happy that we could inspire you. Well, when everything around you is quiet, the real noise in your mind starts. But it is said that after 3 days calmness comes. Maybe we will try a 7 day retreat next day if it is possible. Will write about the experience then ;-)
2nd December 2017

Spiritual Journey
I look forward to following your spiritual journey, as well as your travelling journey in Northern India. I'm glad you were able to overcome the initial setbacks, and I wish you both continued health as you journey.
29th November 2017

Happy that you are well and following your path
Dave here....glad that you were able to overcome your early challenges and experience the beginning of the pilgrimage....life is about being in your moment...enjoy.
29th November 2017

Thanks Dave. Oh yes, being present in each single second of your life is the most important thing. Hope you and Merry Jo are fine as well!
28th November 2017

A very auspicious trip
We all have our journeys...gotta say this one strikes me as one of the most fascinating ones. And to be official photographer Nina...brilliant!
28th November 2017

Thanks Dave. I am happy our trip is fascinating you. We will have somemore blogs coming up in the next weeks about the trip. Enjoy it! Happy travels!
18th November 2017

I was surprised to learn the same about your blog. There was lots of informative news in your blog.
From Blog: Hare Krishna!

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