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6th November 2017

The joys of Italy
I'm glad you are warming up in Italy. Sounds like a great get away. Sipping coffee and watching the world go by.
6th November 2017

Yes, the pleasures of Italy. Like you have recently experienced them :-). Just sometimes it is really hard to work off all the extra calories. Next time we go back to Italy will probably for some skiing. So we will have more exercise.
4th November 2017

Italy on your Doorstep!
How wonderful it must have been to discover such a gem, different in both climate and culture, right on your doorstep! Great photos too :)
4th November 2017

Spontaneous Trip
What a lovely idea for a spontaneous weekend away! And what an amazing change in climate travelling down from the Alps into the Italian sun :)
4th November 2017

Oh yes, it often happens that we have rain or snow in the northern alps and down south it is sunny. We are very lucky that it is so close..... ;-)
31st October 2017

Lord Krsna
Really such a nice blog you have written. Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered.
26th October 2017

Stunning Views!
Stunning views indeed, what beautiful mountain and lake scenery :)
26th October 2017

Oh yes! When you live in a country, sometimes you do not see the "daily" beauty anymore. Great to be a tourist guide and view the country through a different perspective from time to time with friends and family :-)
22nd October 2017

Life is full of changes
Your life threatening illness has set you on a wonderful path with your spiritual master. Glad you were able to celebrate the 4th anniversary. Love hearing your impressions of this part of Germany. Hope to see you again soon. MJ
18th October 2017
on top of Mount Pilatus

Oh yes, the views were outstanding. Next time you are in Switzerland, we go there! ;-)
15th October 2017

Journey End
It has been a real pleasure reading your travels and pilgrimage through Northern Germany. Your devotion to your Spiritual Master is palpable, it is inspiring to read how such devotion can fill oneself with positive energy despite what can often be physical fatigue on the road. Thank you, and I hope the coming work weeks will be more manageable for you after this spiritual journey.
15th October 2017

We are happy you enjoyed our blog. It is amazing how our spiritual master can "fill us up" with energy. Even a night without sleep does not bother us when we are around him :-)
15th October 2017

Thank you for this very interesting insight into your time in Berlin. I can completely understand the experiences of feeling positive and negative energy in a place. I imagine your feelings of negative energy were not misplaced, given the recent history of the city. An honest account of your visit, thank you for sharing.
15th October 2017

Fresh Sea Air
Indeed, there is nothing more refreshing than the smell of fresh sea air. Intoxicating and inspiring for travellers. Hamburg seems a beautiful city, one step in its colonial past, one in its modern present.
15th October 2017

Off the Beaten Track
Always nice to go off the beaten track. The people often seem friendlier, and the atmosphere calmer and more authentic :)
15th October 2017

This is so true. And they are more open as well.
6th October 2017
Markus enjoying ice cream

Ice cream
There you are with that ice cream again.
6th October 2017

Going home
Always good having time to explore the homeland. Glad you were able to show Markus around. Sounds like a real run around and hassle. People don't mind taking care of things like that but they should make it easier to obtain.
1st October 2017

Cologne looks a beautiful city, even with grey skies. The buildings by the riverside look amazing! The campsite indeed must have been an experience - unusual to see a British flag there! I am sure indeed you enjoyed the luxuries of a hotel after that night...!
2nd October 2017

Oh yes, Cologne is a pleasant city. It does not have (beside the Dom) great sights, but the atmosphere is nice, people are open and friendly. It is a lively atmosphere. Well, and this camping..... the hotel night aftr was pure bliss. Happy travels!
2nd July 2017

To me this looks like city hall ("Rathaus"). I live in Munich for more than 3 years now.
4th July 2017

That is true - sorry for the mistake. The place is called Marienplatz and the building is the city hall.

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