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Irene Sady

We are a pair of novice grey nomads. Well, one of us is, the other uses hair colour to disguise it. We have just started an eight week trip around the western half of Australia in our home built fifth wheeler. We are both interested in travel and photography (the grey haired one more so).

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Echuca August 26th 2014

We are one day from the end of our holiday. We have spent the last four days traveling southward home. There isn't much to be said about travelling. On Sunday we arrived at Coonabaraban at around lunchtime, as planned, because we wanted to visit the telescope at Siding Springs. Coonabarabran claims to be the astronomical capital of Australia, so our visit here was of particular interest to Frank, how is a keen amateur astronomer. As we were checking in to the John Oxley Caravan Park, we found a brochure advertising viewings through private telescopes belonging to a former manager of Siding Springs, so we booked in for that as well. The drive up to Siding Springs was very pleasant, offering spectacular views of the Warrumbungle National Park and an amusing array of roadside letter boxes. It ... read more
The Warrumbungles National Park
Emmy Lou
Rugged up

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Woodgate August 22nd 2014

We are still in Woodgate, entertaining ourselves as best we can. We had a big day two days ago. We finally got to put the boat in the water at Theodolite Creek to do a spot of fishing (fish feeding). It was the first time we have been able to use the boat since the mishap with the boat-loader at Rainbow Beach. The replacement part was here when we arrived last week, as promised. But the weather wasn't good. Finally we had good weather conditions on Wednesday, so we made ourselves a picnic lunch and set sail on the Das Boot. I even remembered to take along the Bushman's Insect Repellant with sunscreen and was smart enough to put some on after I could feel myself burning. I didn't get too burnt. We had our usual ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Woodgate August 19th 2014

I haven't written for a while, usually because I thought there was nothing to write about and I am not sure anybody reads my writings anyway. However, on the off chance that my blog is being read, I thought I should get back to it. We arrived in Woodgate a week ago. Woodgate is a small coastal 'settlement' on the coast north of Rainbow Beach and south of Bundaberg. It has a lovely beach, across the road from the Caravan Park, and kangaroos roaming the streets. There is a small supermarket, hardware shop, pharmacy, hotel, bowls club and general store. At the entrance to the park is Serenity Cafe, where we have our daily cappuccino in the company of blue-faced honey-eaters. At one end of Woodgate is Theodolite Creek and at the other is the Burrum ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rainbow Beach August 12th 2014

The weekend brought a deluge of holiday makers to Rainbow Beach. A large proportion of the holiday makers are children. Screaming, crying, noisy children. Children who are allowed to stay up until after midnight running around and yelling out. It will only be tow days, we said, and comeSunday afternoon they will pack up and go home. No, this is not what happened. It turns out that Wednesday is a public holiday and a lot of people take Monday and Tuesday off work to make a long long-weekend. Our lovely serene, albeit pest ridden, paradise is lost. Roll on Wednesday. On Sunday we took ourselves for a planned excursion into Gympie for the market, shopping and lunch. I has read up on a couple of markets through the week and decided this would be a good ... read more
Tree goanna
Low tide - Panorama

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rainbow Beach August 9th 2014

I had a day off from writing yesterday, therefore I will cover two days today. The love hate relationship with nature continues. I continue to lather creams on my bites to control the itch but have worked out that it is best to keep covered early in the morning and from late afternoon. I don't think a conversion to Islam is going to be necessary after all. We went fishing from the beach yesterday. We caught two swallow-tailed darts, one each. We also caught a couple of other fish, but as they were a bit on the small side we sent them back. When we were packing everything into the car I noticed a sea eagle sitting on a ledge above us. I suggested to Frank that it might like our left-over bait. He thought it ... read more
Sea Eagle eating
Two Codgers

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rainbow Beach August 7th 2014

I am having a love-hate war with nature. It is unclear which side is winning, but I have an issue with Mother Nature and some of her creatures. Sand flies. Why do they even exist? Do they have a beneficial purpose? Why is it that every time we go away on holidays MN unleashes those nasty little insects on to me and I spend the next two weeks suffering? The sand flies up here are particularly horrid. I have bites all over my arms, legs, back, back of my neck, and even in my hair and face including on my lip. I have never struck them this nasty before. Frank gets bitten by them. He has little red dots. I have massive welts all over me. I use insect repellent. It doesn't seem to work. I ... read more
Pelicans and gulls at sunset
Changing hues

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rainbow Beach August 6th 2014

Our plans for the day of collecting bait and then fishing came to fruition today. Getting caught in a torrential downpour wasn't part of the plan, but that happened too. After breakfast we went down to the inlet to pump for yabbies. It is a joint effort. Frank does all the strenuous work and I hold the bucket. If they are near me, I will collect the yabbies, but mostly Frank disperses the sand in an area I can't reach, therefore I am happy to just hold the bucket and say "there's one". We we so absorbed in our hunting and gathering this morning, with our backs to the oncoming weather, that we managed to get soaked in long lasting heavy rain. Then it was a quick trip to the bait shop to but more bait ... read more
Our Boat Ramp
Preparing for the launch
Das Boot at sea.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rainbow Beach August 5th 2014

I like Rainbow Beach very much. It is like a miniature version of Port Douglas without the heat and all the people. We spent the day investigate potential fishing sites, Inskip Point where the Fraser Island ferry leaves from, the shops and beaches. We also had a lovely lunch at Jilarty Café – good food and good value. I like Rainbow Waters Caravan Park a lot too. We are just a very short stroll to the waters edge in a lovely grassed area. There are enough trees around us to give a “bush” feel without worrying about trees falling on us. There are lots of birds around, including magpies, butcher birds, bush turkeys and kookaburras. Frank was hand feeding dried biscuits to a magpie. Yes, I know, not standard magpie food, be it seemed to have ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Rainbow Beach August 4th 2014

Thank you, Simon. Despite his best efforts at getting us lost, we have indeed reached our destination. It took us three full days of driving, and I don't know how many kilometres, but here we are at Rainbow Beach. I don't know what it looks like because we arrived just as it was getting dark. We set up in the dark and made dinner. Tomorrow we will investigate and plan our time here. It was much more pleasant getting up this morning than it was yesterday. 11.4 degrees compared to -3.9 degrees, it was almost a heatwave! The day wasn't as sunny though, and we ran into a little rain new Gympie. The weather forecast is for a little rain every day for the week. Hopefully it won't interfere too much with our plans, whatever they ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Moree August 3rd 2014

Last night was cold. We didn't know how cold until we got up this morning and discovered we had no water because the pipes (hose) were frozen. I thought it was prudent to bypass the shower to get dressed and into the warmth of the car as soon as possible. Frank checked the fridge (because we are obsessive about the fridge - see previous entries) when he got up and commented that it wasn't very cold. That might have been because it was 3 degrees in the fridge and -3.9 degree on the outside. We felt sorry for the people camping next to us in their tent. I hope they survived. The caravan park we stayed at was small and clean. We were both impressed with it until Frank came back from the toilets and asked ... read more

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