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August 19th 2014
Published: August 19th 2014
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I haven't written for a while, usually because I thought there was nothing to write about and I am not sure anybody reads my writings anyway. However, on the off chance that my blog is being read, I thought I should get back to it.

We arrived in Woodgate a week ago. Woodgate is a small coastal 'settlement' on the coast north of Rainbow Beach and south of Bundaberg. It has a lovely beach, across the road from the Caravan Park, and kangaroos roaming the streets. There is a small supermarket, hardware shop, pharmacy, hotel, bowls club and general store. At the entrance to the park is Serenity Cafe, where we have our daily cappuccino in the company of blue-faced honey-eaters. At one end of Woodgate is Theodolite Creek and at the other is the Burrum River and a national park. Both waterways abound with sandflies, but there are none at the caravan park, thank goodness. Mine are almost healed. The caravan park is very busy and 'full of old people' according to Frank. He thinks it must be like being at work for me. I haven't seen any of them fall over yet, so no. Anyway, it is orderly and tidy and we are very comfortable.

When we arrived on Wednesday we apparently brought the bad weather with us. The region had the best rainfall recorded for a long time. This made the locals happy, and made us a little stir crazy. We took advantage and investigate potential boat launching and fishing sites, as we do. On Thursday we drove down to Maryborough for the market. On Saturday, we went to Bundaberg for a look around and attended the Antiques Fair. Sunday saw us back in Bundaberg for the Sunday Market, which fell well short of the advertised two hundred stalls. The decline was likely due to the forecast rain. There was torrential rain overnight on Saturday, but by Sunday morning it had cleared to clear blue skies and sunshine. On the upside, I purchased a kilo of lovely blueberries for only ten dollars. Bargain. It will be blueberries, passionfruit and yoghurt for breakfast for a while.

Finally we had the opportunity to do some fishing after the market. We didn't have to go far, just to the beach over the road. I caught the first and only fish, a nice little whiting, just on the size limit. Then I had quite a fight on my hands to reel in my next catch. Two very large sticks and a fishing rod and reel. It seems somebody lost their fishing gear over the side of their boat some time ago, and I managed to catch it. The reel isn't any good, but the rod is, and we don't have a boat rod, or at least we didn't. We do now. A few passersby were very impressed with my catch.

Yesterday, Monday, was promised to be a lovely day. There wasn't any rain, so in that respect it was lovely. There was wind. Lots of wind. We went to Theodolite Creek for our planned fishing trip, but the wind defeated us. I fished from the bank for a little while, but kept losing my bait to little toadfish. We found a shelter spot on the beach and fished their for a while, again without success. I did manage to hook something big which I struggled with for a few seconds before it broke my line. The only catch was a tiny whiting and a tiny crab. As far as being a fishing holiday, it has been abysmal so far. We have had plenty of time to relax though, and the daily cappuccinos have been very enjoyable.

Today we got up early and drove down to Hervey Bay for a whale watching trip. We went on the same trip to years ago, and it was fantastic. Today was sunny, but it was still a bit windy and the sea was a little rough, making it quite uncomfortable. There were a few casualties to seasickness, but we were both fine. There were a few whales who were a on the quiet and shy side. Frank managed to get a few good pictures and I filmed some very short segments of whale activity. Eventually I gave up trying and decided to just enjoy watching them. The boat captain thought they had been affected by the bad weather.

We have no plans for tomorrow as yet. I think we will probably see if we can't catch a fish. We seem to be pretty good at that.


19th August 2014

Keep blogging!
Well I, for one, always read your blog and I'm sure there are plenty of other friends who enjoy keeping up with your travels. Keep on blogging, and enjoy your holiday :)

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