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August 22nd 2014
Published: August 22nd 2014
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We are still in Woodgate, entertaining ourselves as best we can. We had a big day two days ago. We finally got to put the boat in the water at Theodolite Creek to do a spot of fishing (fish feeding). It was the first time we have been able to use the boat since the mishap with the boat-loader at Rainbow Beach. The replacement part was here when we arrived last week, as promised. But the weather wasn't good. Finally we had good weather conditions on Wednesday, so we made ourselves a picnic lunch and set sail on the Das Boot. I even remembered to take along the Bushman's Insect Repellant with sunscreen and was smart enough to put some on after I could feel myself burning. I didn't get too burnt. We had our usual success at fishing. Nothing. Well that isn't exactly true, I managed to add to my list of unusual catches. A pelican. Yes I caught a pelican. It was too big for the freezer, so I threw it back. We tried several locations for real fish then decided to give up and have our ritual cappuccino.

Getting the boat in and out of the water takes a little effort, loading and unloading all our equipment and safety gear. That is the downside to carrying it upside down on the roof of the car. I helped unpack the boat then wandered off to the toilet while Frank prepared the boat to reload. I was wishing I had taken my phone (camera) with me. As I walked back to the beach the boat was no longer on the beach instead it was being carried away quite quickly by the incoming tide, with Frank swimming after it. He managed to catch it and drag himself on board. Lucky he hadn't taken the motor and fuel tank off yet, otherwise he would have to have been rescued. I am sure somebody would go to his aid at some stage. When he got the boat back on the beach he was met with a round of applause by a small audience of onlookers.

Yesterday was too windy for fishing, so we treated our selves to lunch at the Bowling Club and wasted ten dollars on the pokies. Frank is so boring. I go through my money very quickly but not Frank. Playing on a one cent machine, betting one cent at a time, it took ages for him to lose his money. It got to the point that I was hoping he wouldn't win anything so we could go home. In the afternoon we went down to the creek to pump for yabbies to go fishing today. We were escorted by a seagull who became quite demanding after we threw it a couple of little crabs, wanting more. While pumping, Frank collected a weird creature. We had no idea what it was. It looked like a penis that had been pulled out by the roots and skinned. Anyway, FaceBook research tells me it is a 'peanut worm'. I have included a photo of it so you can decide for yourself. Before coming home we watch some fool in a 4WD driving along the waters edge and get bogged. We decided to get a bit closer so that I could film him get engulfed by the incoming tide. He managed to let the air out of his tyres and get out just in the nick of time. I missed out on a good opportunity. I am sure he felt stupid enough.

Today in Melbourne it is like summer, according to the radio. Today in Woodgate it is blowing a gale, cold and raining. We have decided that it will be prudent to leave tomorrow instead of Sunday so that we can take more time getting home and look at a few things on the way. So we have been preparing for our return journey and keeping out of the weather. Hopefully the weather will be better on the way home. Update on the rod and reel I caught. Both are now in good working order. Frank soaked the reel in fresh water for a while, gave it a clean and service and did a monor repair, and now it works well. Bonus.


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