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August 4th 2014
Published: August 4th 2014
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Thank you, Simon. Despite his best efforts at getting us lost, we have indeed reached our destination. It took us three full days of driving, and I don't know how many kilometres, but here we are at Rainbow Beach. I don't know what it looks like because we arrived just as it was getting dark. We set up in the dark and made dinner. Tomorrow we will investigate and plan our time here.

It was much more pleasant getting up this morning than it was yesterday. 11.4 degrees compared to -3.9 degrees, it was almost a heatwave! The day wasn't as sunny though, and we ran into a little rain new Gympie. The weather forecast is for a little rain every day for the week. Hopefully it won't interfere too much with our plans, whatever they may be.

My day started with a bit of a surprise when I visited the amenities in Moree this morning. I found a male hiding behind the potted palm in the corner. I am sure it was a male, because female tree frogs are brown. This bloke, who was busy pretending he wasn't there, was green. I didn't think tree frogs were found that far south. I would have taken his picture but he looked like a very large piece of green playdoh pushed into the corner. It is a pity, because I really like Green Tree Frogs and would have loved to have taken him home. I refrained.

The last leg of our drive was uneventful, which is a good thing, but doesn't make for very interesting story telling. Other than the usual deceased skippies, the only other thing of interest was a deceased wild pig. We didn't stop to look at it of course, we just acknowledged that it was there. We saw a couple of live roos today, the first for the trip.

The caravan park we are staying at seems to be quite bit. We have a bush setting near the beach. The park is next to a national park, and is frequently visited by the local fauna. I imagine we will be seeing much wildlife during our stay. The one problem we have identified so far, and for Frank it is a huge problem - no television reception. Oh no! It doesn't bother me because I usually play on my laptop and listen to the TV in the background. Fortunately we do get radio reception, so now we are both playing on our laptops with the radio in the background. Not such a disaster after all. We do have a few DVDs with us and I have movies and TV shows on my hard-drive. All we have to do is workout how to get the entertainment from the hard-drive to the TV. I am sure we will work it out.

We hare holidaying without any pets this time round. Our friend Mary has taken on caring responsibilities for Sally the Wonder Dog. (I wonder how she can call herself a dog.) Since Bubble went to the big kennel in the sky, Sally has become increasingly anxious and dependent on our presence. I can't even go to the toilet without her following me and whimpering outside the door. So in preparation for her holiday, Sally went for visits to Mary and her two cats, followed by a sleepover. I didn't know if she would settle, so Sally went to the Vet and was prescribed anti-anxiety medication. I thought that after a week on her meds she would be quite happy to holiday with Mary, Bella and Snowball. Wrong again. It seems she howled for a full day. I know what it is like - horrendous, and it makes me wonder if our neighbours have to listen to that noise when we go to work. I am happy to say, that at last report, she has now settled down. We are thinking that adopting a companion for her might be prudent for everyone's sanity.

I am not sure if we will be able to retain our own sanity. I just went for a walk to the amenities block accompanied by the hysterical crying of the baby from the site next to us. Wonderful. A good nights sleep does not seem to be assured. Maybe they will move on tomorrow.


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