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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro February 25th 2011

Oh Rio...what a beautiful city. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches and lovely mountains. When we first arrived we took the bus to our hostel and of course got lost along the way. It took us a while of walking around and asking people in our spanish/hand movements to find our way. There are many different parts of the city and we first explored Botafogo, where we were staying. We quickly learned that it is the business district and not much going on so we next headed to the beach of Ipanema. This is the nicest part of Rio and we soon learned why. It is on a little strip of land surrounded by a lake and the ocean. The beach is very nice with good waves to swim in. The next day we started out ... read more
Jesus  Statue

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande February 19th 2011

Our first stop in Brazil was Paraty. This is a colonial town, one of the first towns colonized in Brazil. We camped next to the beach here but were a little unimpressed with the beach. Apparently it use to be a swamp that they cleared out so the water was a little dirty and a little to warm for comfort. The town itself was really nice though. The streets where all cobblestone streets and all the buildings were really old. We spent one day there then headed off to the beautiful beaches of Brazil. Our next stop was Ilha Grande, or should I say paradise island. We took a two hour boat ride across the ocean to a deserted island. On this island there is only one small town with no roads or cars. It is ... read more
Ihla Grande
Eric jumping of the dock
Eric has found the light

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú February 14th 2011

Iguazu consisted of a three day adventure, Iguazu falls on the Argentina side, Paraguay, and the falls on the Brazilian side. All very different and all amazing. Argentina side- We first went to the falls on Valentines day, and I dont think that there is a better way to spend valentines day then going to the most spectacular falls in the world. We first went for a short hike above the falls. During this hike you can see all the way down to the bottom and get a good view of each individual fall, and a view of about half of the falls. The second hike was at the bottom of the falls. This takes you under the falls and to a few spots where you can get so close to the falls that you get ... read more
Valentines day

South America » Uruguay » East February 9th 2011

We decided to spend a week in Uruguay, well because we were in the area and why not. We first went to Montevideo. This is the capital and is the biggest city in Uruguay, which is not saying much. We walked around a little while then could not find anything else to do so we left early the next day. Our next stop was piriapolis which is a small beach town. We camped there for a couple nights. The first day we arrived we headed down to the beach and relaxed then went back to the campsite to have a BBQ with some of our friends. The second day we were there we decided to head to Punta del Este, which is the most expensive and nicest resort in all of South America. It was only ... read more
Punta Del Este
Punta del Este
Eric jumping from the famous fingers

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires February 2nd 2011

Into the big city of BA we go. The first day that we arrived in the city we met up with some friends and explored. Since we were the last to arrive out of a group they already had a day planned of walking around to see the sights. We went to many of the historical and touristy sights of the city and walked around all day. Later we learned that we only saw a tiny bit of the city and that it would take at least a week to fully see the whole city. Its a good thing we have a week to spare! The next couple of days were more days to explore. This time we went down to the waterfront to see the river and a small national park filled with many different ... read more
Colin and Eric taking a dip
Tracy and Liz at the waterfront

South America » Argentina » Tierra del Fuego » Ushuaia January 26th 2011

To the end of the world and back! Ushuaia is the most southern city in the world and we wanted to go see what it was all about. We took a ferry to the island tierra del fuego (land of the fire) and were prepared for the cold. Ushuaia is a beautiful city with huge mountains everywhere. The first day we walked around the city for a little while then headed off to the national park. It was Erics birthday so we explored the park then had a birthday dinner of pasta, cake, and wine. We went to bed early so we could wake up early for a hike. The hike was another long one with lots of elevation, just our kind of hike. We hiked for about three hours then made it to the top ... read more
ericlilcom1 063
ericlilcom1 064
ericushuaia 008

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 19th 2011

No wonder why they call it Torres del Paine, because it gives you pain, much pain. We started out on a beautiful sunny day with high spirits and excitment. That did not last very long. As soon as we set up our tent we headed out for our first long hike. The begining of the hike was beautiful with clear skies. About an hour into our hike the rain started and did not end. We were still in high spirits thought because we had rain gear and didnt mind some wetness. After the third hour of it raining hard non stop we made it to the final destination. We took a few pics then made our long way back down to our tent. By the time the fifth hour came of non stop rain we were ... read more
torres eric 032
torres eric 059
torres eric 070

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » El Chaltén January 6th 2011

We were meeting Dave on the 7th of January and to get there on time we had to take a 28 hour bus ride. We were a little nervous about this but it turned out to be not to bad at all. The first six hours on the bus we watched three movies back to back. The time sure did fly. Then by that time it was almost time to sleep, then another movie, and we arrived in El Calafate! The main event in El Calafate is the famous glacier moreno. To view this glacier we took an all day boat trip out to the biggest lake in Argentina. Our first stop on this trip was the many icebergs in the lake, and it was a sight to see. The icebergs made the water color of ... read more
argentina 161
argentina 181
argentina 217

Our first stop into Argentina was Bariloche. We made it there for New Years Eve and spent it in the main plaza counting down the time with all the Argentinos. The next day we headed out to Colonia Suiza to camp for a couple days. We stayed at a beautiful campground next to one of the many lakes in the area. This was a nice place to camp because it was a little community outside of Bariloche that was filled with bars and little tiendas. The second day we rented bikes and headed out to the famous "circuito chico". This was a 35km bike ride up and down hills along four different lakes and many view spots. On our way back we stopped and did a little two hour hike up a mountain, which treated us ... read more
argentina 002
argentina 004
argentina 007

South America » Chile » Los Lagos » Chiloé Island » Castro December 28th 2010

Chiloe is a huge island right off of Chile. We had to take a ferry to get there. Our first stop in Chiloe was the national park. We camped at the front of the park because we arrived to lake to do any real hiking the first day. We slept well then were off on a long, grueling 35 mile hike. Before we left we got directions from two different people and if anyone knows anything about Chile you could probably guess the directions where not the best. The rangers told us to go along the road for 4 km then the beach for 11km then up a hill and you will find the refugio. You cant miss it they both said. We were both thinking ok along the beach this should be a nice easy ... read more
our tent
deserted beach
beautiful sunset

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