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25th April 2011
Photo 2

wow great picture!!
27th March 2011

Could you help me
My name is Jim Hughes and i am a journalism major at St. Michaels College in Vermont. I am doing a project for my Global Communication and Culture class. The project is a country profile and i need human sources that have experienced the culture first hand. and i was wondering if i could get you to answer some questions about brazil for me? I would really appreciate it if you could help. These are the q's, if you think there is anything else i should know please feel free to include it; 1. How do you see Brazil, financially, as a tourist?(i.e exchange rates) 2. IS there much of a "culture shock" when visiting brazil? 3. How has brazil changed since the last time you visited? 4. What, in your opinion is the most recognizable figure in brazil?
16th February 2011

Wow: What an Advemtire
Hi Ericandtracy: I've been following your blog, but never found the time to comment on it. So what can I say - except that I think it is terrific.? " I wanna do that, Dad" is the thought that comes to my mind everytime I look at some new pictures with new comment from the twosome in SA. The latest were the gigantic icebergs. Does that have anything to do with globel warming? I bet it does. When are you coming home, you rascals? We all gave you permission to teach a school year in Chile, but Argintina? And the south pole? Holy Smoke, as they say in East Jordan, "What the hell do you think you are doing"? And getting on your knee and askin that female to marry you? And you didn't give us HER answer! She better have said "Yes" 'cuz we want that little gal for a granddaughter-in-law. Ya hear? I should give you some news from up here, but there isn't really very much c ompared to what you guys are enjoying. I have been having health problems. Like my heart started acting up and beating irrregularly at 120 b/p/m so I had to have a pace maker put in - and 2 weeks before your dad had one too. Now I find that a dozen or so of our friends have pace makers. No big neal. The other problem I have is loss of lung capacity. I get out of breath almost as soon as I try to do any work. I am cleaning up my office in my basement together with my garage in case Viv gets left with all the details in case something happens to me, which won't be too surprising since I will be 91 on April 24th of this year. Where are you now? The last I heard you were in someplace that has a mountain called "Fitz Roy" I have a terrible cold and need to go back to bed so must bring this to a halt. We all sure admire you two for preparing for and actually executing this temenduous advenure. We can't wait for our family reunion inAugust to hear more about it and see more pictures. Of course, we expect an entire lecture on the subject. So long. Lots of good wishes and love and all admiration. Your grandfasther. GF
From Blog: A week with Dad
7th February 2011

Great pictures. Any advice?
Love the pictures. We are going this week and I have yet to make my plans. All we have is the ticket to Santiago. We decided to go to Punta Arenas, then to Torres del Paine. So I am deciding on how to get there. I'm thinking we'll take Skyairline from Santiago to Arenas, then get a bus tour to Torres del Paine, we should be able to get lodging there, i hope. I'm not sure how many days to stay there. I'm thinking 5 days should be enough, since I have to set up the plane flight back to Santiago. Any advice, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.
From Blog: Torres del Paine
13th November 2010

Well-done, Eric!!! What awesome news! Congratulations, you two. Thrilled for you both; when is the wedding? Glad you'll be sticking around, Tracy. Hope to see you both this summer. Love, Barb
29th April 2010

Thanks Kathy
29th April 2010

It's Lewis from Hangzhou City, China
Hi, It's Lewis from Hangzhou City, China. If you get time visiting Hangzhou city in the future,you are welcome. If you encounter any problem and need help, don't hesitate to contact me via 086 571 81866529. I hope to be a trustworthy friend of you.
6th February 2010

Happy birthday Eric...keep up with the beautiful pictures I'm enjoying them and your story Kathy
26th January 2010

Did you guys make it off of Machu Picchu before everybody got stuck? Just saw the story on the news and knew you both were heading there. Hopefully you made it off. Or maybe it would be really cool to be stranded up there for four days. hmmm.
From Blog: Into Peru we go
11th January 2010

Good thing you had these monkeys to play with to prepare you for those. We miss you a lot here too. Have the time of your life. Pictures will come soon!
From Blog: Banos

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