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South America » Chile » Los Ríos » Valdivia December 22nd 2010

We are off!!!!!! We left our beloved home of Viña on the night of the 22nd and headed to Pucon. The drive was amazing as we were entering the lake district. We must have seen ten different lakes just on the way down. We arrived early in the morning and found a hostel that we could camp in the back yard for a very cheap price. The frst day we went on a little hike to a huge waterfall. The hike was alright, mostly on the road which is not my favorite, but once we arrived at the waterfall it was all worth it. I think the waterfall was about as big as multnomah falls. Also during our hike we did not see one single person which was unusual because Pucon is the most touristic town ... read more
opening presents
Christmas tree
christmas eve BBQ

South America » Chile » Valparaíso Region » Zapallar November 2nd 2010

Last weekend was Eric and my 4 year anniversary and we decided to spend it camping a couple hours north of Viña del Mar. We left early on Saturday morning not quite sure of how to get to the camping spot. Turns out it was not very difficult and we only had to walk a short distance from where we were the bus dropped us off at. We were very pleased with our camp site, it was out in the woods and very peaceful, except of coarse there was a father son outing going on at the same time as well. They didn´t bother us to much though and ended up giving us a lot of entertainment in the end. After we set up camp we took a walk along the beach of La Laguna and ... read more
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South America » Chile » Valparaíso Region » Valparaíso October 29th 2010

As the weather has been getting nicer down here in Chile, we have been taking advantage of our beautiful surroundings and cultural events. A while back we took the train with some friends to the small town of Olmué and peaked the bell shaped mountain in Parque Nacional La Compana. The hike is about 7 miles one way and you climb over 1200 meters up. There is an amazing view of the Andes from the top but it’s grueling hike. The trail fades away near the top, where the hiking ends and the rock climbing begins. As you are halfway between the coast and the mountains, and Chile is a very thin country, the ocean is visible in the distance and the stunning backdrop of the snow-capped Andes stretching north and south as far as the ... read more
Chris and us at Mastadonte
Bicentenario fireworks
Fuegos Artificiales

South America » Chile » Biobío » Chillan August 4th 2010

The second half of our winter break we decided to visit the Biobio region. This included Concepcion, Chillan, and termas de chillan. Our first stop was Concepcion. When we arrived it was late and raining., which the rain is very common. It was difficult for us to find a hostel because all of the hostels are expensive. We ended up settling for a much to expensive hostel but had no other choice. We slept and woke up to a beautiful sunny day. We walked around the city and explored the park. The park felt like Oregon because it was wet, green, and beautiful. It was just like home. In the park there were some good view points where we could really see the destruction of the earthquake. After we spend a couple hours wondering in the ... read more
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South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza July 28th 2010

For winter break Eric and I went to Mendoza. We took a bus over the Andes which turned out to be a beautiful ride. That ride itself was like a tour. We drove past Aconcaguaus, the highest mountain in all the Americas. It took us about nine hours to reach Mendoza, the boarder alone took a couple of hours to cross but once we crossed the driver was on a mission to get us there fast. When we first arrived it was dark so we made it to our hostel with a very cheap taxi ride. Living in Chile you forget how cheap South America is. The hostel that we stayed at was a lot of fun, with a free glass of wine each night. The next day we explored the city. It is a very ... read more
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Reñaca is the town to the north of Valparaiso about 5 miles. There are sand dunes that rise over a thousand feet out of the sea. As we can see them in the distance from our apartment window, we decided it was time to check them out. So we took a short bus ride up the coast and set out onto the sand. It was so windy that the sand was flying everywhere. This made it hard to see the amazing view of the ocean from atop the massive dune. This weekend there was also an international sailing Regatta of old fashioned galleons passing through town. The ships were from all over the world and hung massive flags trailing in the wind behind them. The coastline was absolutely packed with spectators. When the Chilean ship passed ... read more
Tracy on the dune
At the foot of the Dunes

South America » Chile » Valparaíso Region » Valparaíso April 21st 2010

So now we have been living and teaching in Valparaiso for over a month now. The weather has been very similar to California in late August and September, in other words delightful. We have rented a beachfront apartment in the neighboring town of Vina del Mar. We are lulled to sleep by the crashing waves at night and wake to the sun over the ocean everyday. No complaints there. As the weather has been so nice we have been on the beach swimming, and playing volleyball or frisbee around 3 days a week. There is a skatepark at the far end of the beach which I have a lot of fun skating at and meeting Chileans. Skateboarding is as popular here as it is in California or Oregon. We have also been going on hikes in ... read more
Beach in Vina del Mar
The Skatepark
La Compana National Park

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago February 24th 2010

We arrive in Santiago early morning and learn that the other teachers in our program are also arriving today. We spend the first day meeting everyone and taking a little walk though the city. Santiago is a very nice city, far better then what we have heard in the past. The smog here is really bad but is only noticeable if you look far in the distance. This is the first night for many so everyone is ready to party and mingle. Our hostel had a BBQ then we ended going out to the bars. The bars in Chile are really expensive so we didn’t end up drinking too much at the bars but had a great time meeting everyone in our group. The second night was the night of the big earthquake. Eric and I ... read more
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South America » Chile » Coquimbo Region » La Serena February 20th 2010

La Serena was our last stop before we had to be in Santiago to start out teaching. After non stop travelling for two months we really wanted to take it easy and relax for a couple days and this is the perfect place to do so. We were a short walk away from nice beaches along the coast and we were still pretty far north so it was very hot. We spent our days exploring the city and laying on the beach. Our third day here we went to the nearby town of Coquimbo. It was just a short ten minute bus ride away and is a port city. Here we had some great fresh sea food. The last day at the beach we met some Chilenos that were fanticos about the soccer team Universidad de ... read more
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South America » Chile » Atacama February 19th 2010

The passage into Chile was easy with no complications. Our first stop was San Pedro de Atacama. We learned very quickly that Chile is expensive. It was a little bit of a culture shock for us because we were use to everything being very very cheap in Bolivia. The hostels were more then twice as much as well as the food. We knew that we were not going to be eating in quite as many restaurants now. San Pedro is a nice little oasis. We only stayed here for a day and a half then heading down to La Serena the next night.... read more

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