Roxanne Dunn


Roxanne Dunn

I will be heading out for my first Africa trip on May 25, 2010.

Africa » Tanzania June 10th 2010

6-10 Same story, different day about breakfast. Dana and I were to work the clinic. We started right at 9. Steady flow of patients and around 10 I saw that we had a big stack in our box. Our nurses doing triage said we were the only ones there. Dr. Vicki is gone for a month and the other two hadn’t shown up yet. I asked them to send for Malcolm for help. By the time he showered and came down, Dr. God had shown up and took some patients. Paula stopped in to get me so I could get money from the ATM and then to the bank to transfer it to Vesna for the Zanzibar trip. I told Dana I would be right back. Little did I know…. The med students were all in ... read more

Africa » Tanzania June 9th 2010

6-9 Awoke at 6:45 before the alarm went off. Went over for breakfast at 7:20. Lucy was just starting to do dishes from the night before. We waited. I walked over to try the internet but it didn’t work. Had eggs, peanuts, bananas for breakfast. No juice again. Dana and I worked the clinic. She did a journal of all the patients we saw. I think we saw 14 or so. Lunch was goat,mango,boiled potatoes, spinach, and rice. We walked over to Paula’s and finally got on the internet. I sent an email and got one from Vesna. I called her and confirmed a hotel for Zanzibar.... read more

Africa » Tanzania June 8th 2010

6-8 Breakfast of eggs toast and bananas. Dana and I thought we were doing construction since we were alternating but Malcolm said we should see patients also. We started in the clinic but only saw one patient so we were about to leave. They gave us one more and he was Malaria toxic. He had been sick for a week and was confused and weak. We started him on IV Quinine and after he was all hooked up we started painting. I went back later and discharged him. We had been told to wrap things up by 4 because they were going to do the employee of the week award. The employees unanimously voted for Larry. He was very surprised and touched. Several people went to town for beer. I stayed and went to dinner with ... read more

Africa » Tanzania June 7th 2010

6-7 Usual breakfast of nothing. The last day at the clinic for the Powell’s so Malcolm didn’t work. I saw about 10. Dana had the belly bug so she rested. One pt. was a woman who had been spotting for 3 months and had a Hgb of 3.5. She still looked good and was walking like nothing. She was a bit dizzy. I sent her to the hospital for a transfusion. Another was a woman wanting to know if she is pregnant. She was muslim and we made her future husband wait outside as the man usually speaks for the woman. We sent her to the lab for testing. After a bit of waiting I was looking out to see what was taking so long and the boyfriend came out of the lab with his hands ... read more

Africa » Tanzania June 6th 2010

Very few people at breakfast. Plain eggs, toast, and bananas. No juice again. No work today. I did a bunch of laundry in our sink. No power again today. That means that we will run out of water soon also as you need power to pump water in. Some went into the internet café. I stayed and got caught up here with the journal. I got a call from Dana saying to bring her money and camera and Malcolms camera and hat. She just said “trust me”. They sent our usual taxi driver for Dennis, Andrew and I. He drove us to lake Victoria. The plan was to have lunch and then go for a boat ride out and around the island that is in the lake. We ate lunch at a tourist hotel on the ... read more

Africa » Tanzania June 5th 2010

6-5 Clinic is open until noon. It was painfully slow until about 11 and just when I was ready to give up and leave we had a rush. They carried in an elderly man who saw Dr. Bon. We had a woman who was brought in by her husband and sister who was very weak. They said she had been having fevers for 2 weeks and one week ago she lost vision and hearing. She was very very ill. She was so dehydrated she hadn’t been able to breast feed her 2 month old for several days. All we could get in her was a butterfly. We got some blood for a malaria test and the IV did drip but very slowly. We wouldn’t have been able to treat her as you need to run in ... read more

Africa » Tanzania June 4th 2010

6-4 They work half day on Fri. in the clinic. Malcolm worked with Dr. God and I kind of followed the Powells to know some of the pediatrics issues. Saw Happy again. We sent her to a referral hospital for a bx. They didn’t do one but tested her for HIV. She was positive. They didn’t biopsy the neck mass but just said it was chronic lymphadenopathy from HIV. She can go to the government hospital and be treated for free but they can’t afford the transport costs so she won’t be treated. Saw another child with tinea capitus and a chunk cut out of the bottom of her foot. We soaked her in Hibiclens for the time it took to wait for lab then bandaged it. We can’t do shots here as the immunizations are ... read more

Africa » Tanzania June 3rd 2010

6-3 Same time for breakfast but Lucy never serves until about 8:15. Dana and I walk down for coffee and wait. Dana and I did clinic again. Dr. God brought us the preacher that he works with to be seen for his asthma, htn, gout, and wt. He wanted us to do education with him. Mary Ellen asked us to see him also. We took our time with patients to answer their questions and explain things. It seems like they just push them through by testing for the usuals and get them out. Several people had been seen for things more than once and never gotten an answer so they came knowing we were there to try to get resolution. We saw about 15 or so again. Jimmy is the bottle neck because he is the ... read more

Africa » Tanzania June 2nd 2010

6-2 Up at 7 for 7:30 breakfast. Just had thin French toast and fruit. We are all hungry most of the time. Since Malcolm was feeling better, he worked the clinic and Dana and I did construction. There aren’t enough exam rooms for us all to see patients. It was very slow in the clinic today and I think he only saw 5 or 6. The Powells were busy with peds. Some of us were building a building with bricks that were hand made. They used cement and mortar. All done by hand. Some of us were using paint scrapers to take off the stucco that was put on the Patricia Ward. The building is new but two of the outside walls were put on too thin. Others of us were painting the newborn nursery which ... read more

Africa » Tanzania May 31st 2010

5-31-10 Awoke at 7 for 730 breakfast. Then took a tour of the clinic. The surgeons were here last week and there is one surgery suite. There are 4 exam rooms which consist of a desk and exam table. I worked with Dr. Vicki today. They call all Drs. By their first name and Dr. She is a new Dr. our of school but has worked here since Jan. She is burned out seeing the same things over and over. The patients check in, then are sent to get vitals, then the nurses bring in the chart which is usually one page. Dr. Vicki would then ask them their symptoms and translate to me. The Dr.s here rarely do any exams. They just assume the most obvious - malaria or typhoid. We then write up the ... read more

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