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Europe » Spain » Basque Country » San Sebastián September 9th 2017

San Sebastian was the destination I was most looking forward to on this trip... It is a resort town located on the north coast of Spain, full of beaches, and a hot culinary scene with a total of 16 Michelin stars! They are also famous for pinxtos, essentially this is what they call tapas in Basque Country... but they are often served with a toothpick through them and almost al restaurants and bars serve up a least some Pinxtos. When we first got to San Sebastian, Maxine and I BOTH blew our wheels on our suitcases - what are the odds of that happening! So unfortunately suitcase shopping was now on the itinerary. Too many cobblestones i suppose :( We had some lunch on a patio in the middle of an old bull fighting arena-now-turned plaza ... read more
Cathedral - San Sebastian
1900's Carousel - San Sebastian
Ornate Lamp Post - San Sebastian

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid September 8th 2017

I loved Madrid. Loved it... Wish we could have spent more time here... I'll back up a bit... We only planned 2 nights in Madrid, and only because we had to make a choice whether to go North or South in our journey. Many of my friends advised to skip Madrid in favour of some of the southern hotspots such as Malaga and Valencia... Because we wanted to hit San Sebastian before Barcelona, Madrid was a perfect destination between Porto and San Sebastian. We decided to fly from Porto to Madrid mainly to save some time. Finding our way from the airport on the metro to our Airbnb was fairly simple and we were settled. We totally nailed our location! It was within steps from Plaza Mayor... the main plaza or square in central Madrid and ... read more
Madrid - Plaza Mayor
Oldest Restaurant in the World - Madrid
Madrid- Cathedral

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto September 1st 2017

After a great day in Sintra, we hopped on a train and headed north up to Porto.... Porto is Portugal's second largest city, and in my opinion, the most beautiful... It is situated on the Douro river and known for it's picturesque bridges, Baroque churches and old school Port houses. Our first intro to Porto was unfortunately a bit dicey lol! It had been raining when we arrived by train, it was damp, grey and misty... We used trusty Google maps to find our way from the train station to our apartment that had some rave reviews on both trip advisor and Expedia.... apparently it was only 500m from the station... yay right?? Google maps sent us up this street - aka steep cliff-like-hill who's name LITERALLY translates into 'Body Guard" in Portuguese.... We started our ... read more
Porto Street Scene
Porto - Bridge
Port Cellar

Europe » Portugal » Sintra August 30th 2017

We decided on a day trip to Sintra - we had heard it was a beautiful city not too far from Lisbon, with castles, palaces mosaic tiles and other sites worth seeing.. We took the train from Lisbon and it was only a 40 min ride...Sintra is a pretty resort town nestled in the Sintra Mountains... It is set high in the hills and the views are stunning. the town is centred around the gothic national palace among narrow cobblestone streets... The area is known as an area for royalty and the elite to have homes and several mansions and palaces are a major attraction to the area. After wandering around a bit to get out bearings... we realized that two of the main sites were up in the mountains... there was a bus, for 5.5 ... read more
Castelo dos Mouros (tomb) - Sintra
Castelo dos Mouros - Sintra
Views of Sintra from the Castle

Europe » Portugal August 28th 2017

Finally arrived in Lisbon after an overnight flight from Toronto... Underground metro took us within meters of our Airbnb! After we got settled, we took a stroll down our street, Rua Augusta - a busy pedestrian street with mosaic cobblestones, lots of shops, restaurants and buskers - anchored by Arco de Rua Augusta and Praça do Comércio, which is right on the river. Baixa was constructed after the massive earthquake of 1755. It is a very touristy area, but fun, with a great vibe. We sat and had a few beers on a patio before cleaning up for dinner. For dinner we met a friend at Sommelier Lisbon in a district just north of Baixa... The food was spectacular, but even more impressive was their wine selection and tasting bar... You get a card when you ... read more
Sand Gators on the river
Statue in Alfama
Red Door - Castelo São Jorge

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels August 10th 2015

Maxine and I had an early morning flight Friday Morning to Brussels. We had to be waiting for the airport shuttle at 4am even though our flight wasn't until 7:40. There was more airport chaos - they are really not set up well for the volume of travellers they are seeing. Once we were past security, we found the lounge and were able to grab a coffee before our flight. We arrived in Brussels around 1pm, hopped on the train and headed to our hotel which was 120m from the train station! Perfect location! The train was a bit confusing.. I had (wrongly) assumed that French was he predominant language in Belgium. I was mistaken. It is predominately spoke in central Brussels, however outside Brussels, and in the norther part of the City, Dutch and also ... read more
Grand Place - Brussels
St. Micheal's Cathedral - Brussels
Le Mannekin Pis - Brussels

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 8th 2015

After an intense 2 days of sightseeing, we decided to give ourselves a bit of a sleep-in, have a decent breakfast and tour around ReykJavik. For the past few days, we have been eating Skyr for breakfast…Essentially Icelandic Yogurt that is more like cheese. Its really good, but filling! We headed to a great little “Koffihaus” about a block away from our flat. In case I forgot to mention, our place is in a GREAT location in central Reykjavik, walking distance to everything. We had a nice breakfast, latte and decided to start with the Hop-on, Hop-off bus tour. I’ve done these in a few cities and they are great especially for getting you bearings. This one wasn’t quite as remarkable, but we got to see the city and it got us to the locations we ... read more
A bar in Reykjavik
Pride week in Reykjavik

Europe » Iceland » Southwest August 5th 2015

Up early again today for our second tour... luckily it was our alarm today and not an obnoxious party that woke us! This time we are headed inland to what Icelanders refer to as the Golden Circle. It covers a 300Km loop from Reykjavik, into central Iceland and back. Our guide took us down a less travelled route out of the city and we got to see some amazing scenery. We headed Into the mountains - The mountain range is young by geological standards only about 5000 years old and formed by the very active volcanos in the region - we are actually travelling along and in between the N. American and Eurasian Plates, so a very active region. The terrain is very unusual and there have actually been many movies and TV series filmed in ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest August 3rd 2015

Our first full day in Iceland! We had a tour pickup scheduled for 8:30... Alarm set for 7, and at 5:30am I am appalled to wake up to the upstairs neighbour blasting (and singing) Baby Got Back... WTF SERIOULSY!?! We later found out that like Canada, Iceland also has a national holiday today. Asshats upstairs didn't get home until 5:30 and decided to have a singing party upstairs. So jetlagged as I am - Maxine and I were up early to start our day and first full day of vacation. :( Todays tour was a full day through the Reykjanes peninsula - which contains Reykjavik, Grindavik, The Blue Lagoon and a number of other important towns. the peninsula is also where the North American and European tectonic plates are divergent plates, meaning they are opposing each ... read more
Drying Fish
Mud Pots
Lighthouse - Grindavik

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 2nd 2015

So my first blog post in almost 2 years! Haven't really been on a big trip since the 2013 bike trip to Sri Lanka, due to work and life in general getting in the way :) This year we weren't able to get the time needed off for a bike adventure, so instead, my friend Maxine and I decided to knock a few countries off our bucket list. With the new direct IcelandAir flight to Reykjavik, it was a great opportunity and excuse to explore Iceland! We left a scorching hot Edmonton on Saturday evening, we had paid for the "comfort" class - which was not a lot extra - I have to say totally worth it. The only difference between their first class and comfort class, was the fact they give you champagne in first ... read more
Downtown Reykjavik
Downtown Reykjavik
Downtown Reykjavik

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