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10th September 2017

Culinary hot zone
Spain has moved up on our short list of travels and being a foodie destination is alluring. We'd love a Flamingo show. Thanks for sharing.
3rd September 2017
Castelo dos Mouros - Sintra

The world is up hill
No matter where we visit or where we wander the good things are always up hill. Great views.
3rd September 2017

You had me at Culinary delight
We always love a country that will make our taste buds dance. Love the street art.
2nd September 2017

Hills and rewards
If there was ice cream at the top of every steep climb, I think I would climb more often :) Really enjoying following your trip, and looking forward to reading about Porto
2nd September 2017

It's country that has always fascinated us, but we haven't got there yet. Love the sound of the food and drinks - especially the shots of Ginja! I haven't come across it before, and it sounds delicious! :)
15th February 2015
Voodoo Priest - Lome, Togo

Like to meet him
can i have his email and phone number, thank you
19th August 2015
Voodoo Priest - Lome, Togo

La Marchee Des Fetisherus
Unfortunately, we don't have contact info for this gentleman... But I can tell you he was at the market in Lome... Cheers! Shauna
2nd December 2013

Helga's Folly...
I'm adding that to our list for when we eventually visit Kandy - sounds hilarious! :)
1st December 2013

Bikes in Sri Lanka
Hi Larry, No we actually brought our bikes with us :) Air Canada and Sri Lankan Airlines have GREAT baggage policies when it comes to bikes
27th November 2013

Thank you!
I love reading travel blogs! Sounds like the trip is amazing so far and would love to catch up with you again when you are back, maybe some time in the New Year! Keep having these amazing adventures and keeping all of us who are at home living the dream :)
26th November 2013

Crows are evil!
I laughed when I read your comment about the crows because I feel the same way about them. Really enjoying following your Sri Lankan trip, especially the descriptions of the food! Safe travels. Cheers Ren
1st December 2013

Thanks :)
Hey Ren! Thanks for reading :) … I have never been as frightened of crows as I am on this trip - they are evil!!! I am gong to have nightmares for months :)
23rd November 2013

Sharing Sri Lanka
Your blogs are amazing, Shauna, most certainly are making me consider each one as a possible holiday destination. I'm enjoying each one-thanks.
24th November 2013

Thanks :)
Hi Pat! Glad someone is enjoying my blog ;) thanks for reading!
23rd November 2013

Great Blog
I just came across your blog, and really glad that you are having an awesome time in SL. Specially as a Sri Lankan living in Alberta. :) Regarding hospitality, I would like to disagree that Alberta has bad service. I have found it to be pretty good. For Sri Lanka, people tend to be nicer, more humble, and more genuine the further you are from touristy areas. There are scammers, touts and the co. where tourists frequent. However, kudos to you for finding great people even in those places. :) Have a great trip!!
21st November 2013

We've suffered a few illnesses on the road and it is not fun. Sounds like a day of rest is in order to get him back on his feet. Good luck cycling--- I would not start out in the dark and would not want to ride near those buses. Best of luck to you. Looks like you are seeing some wonderful things.
22nd November 2013

Hey! I made Barry (aka panchoy) go to the dr last night... He definitely has a chest infection, so lots of rest and antibiotics! And I agree - Illnesses on the road are definitely not fun...

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