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September 9th 2017
Published: September 11th 2017
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San Sebastian was the destination I was most looking forward to on this trip... It is a resort town located on the north coast of Spain, full of beaches, and a hot culinary scene with a total of 16 Michelin stars! They are also famous for pinxtos, essentially this is what they call tapas in Basque Country... but they are often served with a toothpick through them and almost al restaurants and bars serve up a least some Pinxtos.

When we first got to San Sebastian, Maxine and I BOTH blew our wheels on our suitcases - what are the odds of that happening! So unfortunately suitcase shopping was now on the itinerary. Too many cobblestones i suppose 😞 We had some lunch on a patio in the middle of an old bull fighting arena-now-turned plaza - We were curious about all the numbering on the surrounding buildings and later realized that it was because it was at one point in time, used for bull fighting...

It was Sunday in San Sebastian, and there as we would find out later, a Regatta of some sort going on. It was crazy busy - streets were packed, restaurants were packed as was the beach... Also an unusually high number of drunk teenagers, which made for an interesting day. Sadly - this is the point a stomach bug of some sort took me down 😞 I had to go back to the hotel, and essentially was down and out for the evening. Sadly - the sickness lasted almost the entire time we were in San Sebastian, and the only thing I could eat was bread. I even had to see a doctor as I was worried that I needed antibiotics. So needless to say - I did not get to enjoy pinxtos, nor any of the Michelin stars :*( The final night I was "well" enough to manage a plain margarita pizza... I am very sad...

On another note - I did manage a bit of sightseeing and a half day on the beach - so wasn't a complete bust. From Monday on, the city was much more civilized and we enjoyed the vibe. We found a wonderful Deli - which apparently is a chain with stores in Tennessee and Chilliwack.. weird I know - never heard of it.. (Yellow Deli) - anyway - had some healthy options for food and tea which I really needed on a sick stomach.... Sadly not much else to report other than I wish I could have spend more time on the beach... given that I am not acclimatized to the sun, two hours was probably enough... on ward to Barcelona!

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Bull Fighting Plaza (Former) - San Sebastian Bull Fighting Plaza (Former) - San Sebastian
Bull Fighting Plaza (Former) - San Sebastian

Note the numbers on all the doors

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