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North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat July 24th 2009

Day 54. 14,832Km Just a couple hundred K down the road but I was tired and finding a place on the weekend is getting more difficult. Besides, there is a blues bar just down the road. It was after 0230hrs when I got to bed this morning so I did'nt hit the open highway till after 1100hrs. It's hot again. Over 30 and sunny. Not as humid as it would be at home though. I was pleased to see more wind turbines today. The other thing I'm seeing more and more of is giant sprinklers in the fields. I was wondering where the water came from. I wondered if the farmers had big underground water tanks that slowly filled and then they pumped it all out but then I had the answer. Every 10 or 15 ... read more
field sprinkler
memories of PEI

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge July 23rd 2009

Day 53. Thursday. It was a rainy day when me auf brother Raule... I miss those commercials. I have no idea where that came from. I got up around 0930hrs due to nature screaming. I had looked up an oil change place the day I arrived so I already knew where I was going, problem is the GPS map is too old and there is no street listing where I was headed so I entered in the street name and the highest number it showed. As the GPS was taking me right past the street I needed to turn at I spotted the place and made a quick U-turn. Now the guy may know exactly what he is talking about but right away he starts in "you should run synthetic because...", and then the fuel pressure ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge July 22nd 2009

Day 52. 14,615Km Today was the first day I used the AC in the truck. Summer may finally be here. I need to get the oil changed in the Dodge again so I needed to get to a descent sized city. Lethbridge or Medicine Hat were my destinations of choice depending on when I got going and how long I wanted to drive. Calgary was just too obvious and besides, I was there on the trip out. Leaving Sundre, Hwy 2 would have been the quickest route South but you've probably noticed by now I don't always take the fastest route. They tend to be boring. I got on Hwy 22 which goes right through Sundre and headed South. In places you can see the straight road as far as you can see. Something I have ... read more
Hwy 22
mountains are calling

North America » Canada » Alberta July 21st 2009

Day 51. 14,094Km Tis a sad sad day when one has to say farewell to the mountains. For some reason I was antsy in the night again. I got back to sleep around six and I thought I saw nine on the clock but when I actually got up it was just after 10. Being a travel day I would have started a bit earlier but who cares if I did'nt get as far as I had planned. By the time I was locked and loaded it was after 11 and then I had to go into town for fuel. The next fuel stop was 150Km down the road and not knowing how hilly it might be I wanted more than the just under half tank I was sitting with. Seeing the icefields is something. I'm ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park July 20th 2009

Day 50. Monday. It's been a sight filled day. I was in no rush to get up since I was'nt going anywhere except for a ride today. Several years ago my then boss introduced me to the idea of putting bacon on a chicken sandwich. Bacon being my favorite swine product, with pork rines a close second, does'nt have a bad use as far as I'm concerned and it goes nice with chicken. Why am I telling you this? Once I did get up I warmed up the remaining cajon chicken sandwich meat and some bacon of breakfast. By then it was about 11:00 and time to go for a ride. East from here seemed like the obvious way to go since I came in from the West and am going to leave to the South. ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park July 19th 2009

Day 49. 13,737Km I was'nt far from Lone Butte before I spotted the mountains again. Big mountains. The Rockies again. The trip across Hwy 24 does'nt take too long. It's less than 100Km. Once you turn North on Hwy 5 the GPS says the next turn is in 349Km. I fueled up in Clearwater, a town I've looked at on the MLS site before but after having seen it there are lots of nicer places. I'm cruising along Hwy 5 and there is a turnout for a info board and washrooms. As I'm passing buy I look over and notice a car parked watching two bears so I turned around a couple K further down the road and went back not knowing if they would still be there or not. Sure enough they are laying on ... read more

Day 48. Saturday. What are Saturday's for? Sleeping in right? Although I could have easily stayed ion bed longer my minimal good cense told me to get up at 12.30 so I would be able to sleep tonight. I fired up the BBQ and toasted some bread and broke out the peanut butter. I hav'nt had any in a while and if I'm going to have much more before I get home I'm going to have to restock. The sky was mixed cloud and it was a bit windy but The Weather Network said no rain so off I went for a ride on the bike. I went North to Lone Butt and then East along Hwy 24 to Hwy 97S and then North to 100 Mile House. It is the largest town or maybe even ... read more
Clinton, BC

Day 47. 13,264Km I woke up to tent poles clanging. There was a group of teenagers here camped in about a dozen large tents. Easily 100 kids and this morning they were taking down all the tents and it sounded like they threw all the poles in one pile. One of the other tailgate party campers hooked up and left just before I did. I had picked out a few possible campgrounds knowing it was going to be tough being a Friday night. I left Whistler headed for 70 Mile House and once I reached Lillooet I called the campground. The lady said she could do one night and she would see what she could do for a second. Somewhere along the route I encountered a climb like I had not seen up to this point. ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Whistler July 16th 2009

Day 46. 12,929Km Here it is about 12 hours after I left Victoria and I can't even tell you exactly what time it was. I caught the 11.00 ferry with about ten minutes to spare so it must have been close to ten. I called my parents and was talking to my mom while waiting in line but had to hang up when boarding. For some reason they want you to pay attention when driving on and off the ferry. I stayed outside and took a bunch of pictures while the captain steered his ship through the islands like a slalom course. Once we were in more open waters I got some lunch and called mom back. I wanted to find out about there trip to Europe but soon lost the connection. I was going to ... read more
close to islands

Day 45. 12,706Km. Tis a sad sad day. I have to get a grip on the fact that I'm headed home. Now I don't expect any tears since I have more time to get home than the average Joe has for his entire holidays. After I loaded up the bike I noticed a low tire on the trailer. I pumped it up some with Bob's tire pump before saying my good bye's then looked for a tire dealer to get it checked. I could'nt feel anything so for all I knew kids could have just let some air out of it. Bob did say one day he went out and there were a couple people at the end of his driveway saying they were just looking at the trailer. The folks at Big O Tires in ... read more
3 meters?
fits just nice
Brentwood Bay

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