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2nd August 2009

nice set up
thanks for the blog and by the way I like the camping set up you've got
From Blog: June 8, 09
23rd July 2009

Hey Cam, Your photos are awesome. I love the 360ยบ movie -- xo Karen
From Blog: July 22, 2009
15th July 2009

One of the most efficient, organised and orderly blogs I have seen on here... Great job you have done over the past few mths. Looks like you've had a wonderful adventure.
From Blog: July 14, 2009
7th July 2009

haha Kevin
From Blog: July 5, 2009
23rd June 2009

'scuse me?
GIRL's truck??? Did you see Portage and Main?
From Blog: June 22, 09
15th June 2009

Nice shots of the cove Cam. Its such a unique place. We also stayed on St. Margaret's Bay. Here's hoping for some sunshine!!
From Blog: June 13, 09
10th June 2009

Sunnier days ahead
Hi Cam, great narrating. You are missing your calling. My better half says that she is envious that you are on the island. I agree with your comment "Why" but it is about the people I've been told. We are enjoying the blog and I keep opening this up after my oldest hits the hay. He can't wait to check it out. It will now be a family ritual for us to do each night. Keep up the great work!!!
From Blog: June 9, 09
9th June 2009

elephant rock
Hi Cam - from there are you going to head west to Elephant Rock? If so, try to time it so you are heading from the rock, down the west coast of PEI at sunset(ish) - its amazing! And don't forget - on the way down that coast is Stompin' Tom Connor's museum - a MUST see ;-)
From Blog: June 8, 09
8th June 2009

great excursion Cameron
Cam, looks like your enjoying your excursion. Down in New Brunswick there are quite a few really great restaurants that I have only heard about. Enjoy the province! We are enjoying the blog. Love the pictures
From Blog: June 7, 09
6th June 2009

"I was sitting in the trailer doing my nails" you're killing
From Blog: June 5, 09
6th June 2009

Cam Looks like your having a great trip I can hardly wait to see what your doing next . Great pics !!!! good job on the Blog I feel like Im ridding shot gun .
From Blog: June 5, 09
4th June 2009

What ?no french girls
Looks like your having a great trip !!!I like the cheacker board awning I will follow along see whats happening . Keep us posted
From Blog: June 3, 09

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