July 24, 2009

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July 24th 2009
Published: July 25th 2009
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Day 54. 14,832Km
Just a couple hundred K down the road but I was tired and finding a place on the weekend is getting more difficult. Besides, there is a blues bar just down the road.
It was after 0230hrs when I got to bed this morning so I did'nt hit the open highway till after 1100hrs. It's hot again. Over 30 and sunny. Not as humid as it would be at home though. I was pleased to see more wind turbines today. The other thing I'm seeing more and more of is giant sprinklers in the fields. I was wondering where the water came from. I wondered if the farmers had big underground water tanks that slowly filled and then they pumped it all out but then I had the answer. Every 10 or 15 Km there is a canal. The sign I spotted said number two hundred and something of three hundred and something. I have no idea where that water comes from though.
My trusty Albert campground book gave me two options in Medicine Hat listing internet. I went to the smaller one first but it was completely unshaded and looked like a solar oven so I called the second place and he said he could get me in for at least tonight. Once I arrived and he saw I had a short trailer he put me in a spot where the big guys have trouble and signed me up for two nights. I plugged in and turned on the AC for the second time; yesterday being the first. It was 1430hrs and nap time. A couple hours later I jumped on the bike and went to Canadian Tire for a hose washer. My water hose needed a second washer to seal on this particular tap. In the same parking lot was a DQ with a turtle bowl calling my name. On the way back to camp I got gas and a paper to see what entertainment might be listed. That was a $1.50 wasted. I also stopped in at the Blue Turtle blues bar to see what was happening tonight. No live music anymore.
When I connect the water hose to the trailer I always turn on the sink tap to let air out and if you care I'll explain why. If not skip ahead. Water does not compress, air does. If you have air in a water line it can compress and increase the pressure of the water in front of it. If you have pressure sensitive things on the water line they could be damaged. Solenoids are particularly susceptible. Where would you have such things? Water and or ice in a fridge. Water softener. I'm sure there is more. I don't have them in the trailer, it's just a thing I do.
I digress. When I opened the hot water tap it had a odor so I connected the drain hose and let the water run for a while to flush out the heater. As George Bush said, mission accomplished. But mine is.
So here I am several hours later having returned from the Blue Turtle which is no longer a blues bar. Apparently there is a stampede going on here this weekend. When I entered the Blue Turtle a little after 2100hrs there was one guy sitting at the bar. I ordered a Pepsi and looked over the menu. One waitress was just sitting at a table reading waiting on her meal. The guy seated at the bar was chatting with the other waitress and I must have said something that made him realize I was not local. "Where you from?" I always answer Toronto because not everyone has heard of Mississauga but everyone knows Toronto. "I live in Kitchener" was his reply. I just laugh. "I grew up in Kitchener" I told him. He also drives truck. My meal comes and he moves to a closer seat at the end of the bar. Now I've got a friend for the night. I should'nt complain. The rest of the night there were four other people in the place.

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