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North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat June 1st 2019

Thursday 30th May 2019 The Cypress Hills lie about fifty kilometres to the south of the Trans Canada Highway. It is a lush high-altitude area, pine backwoods, lakes and rugged hills surrounded by ranch land, grasslands where large steers graze and are herded by cowboys (and girls) on horseback. The USA border to Montana lies just another fifty kilometres to the south. We knew that moose and elk roamed these woodlands as well as wolverine; arriving to see notices warning about encounters with cougars, however, took us a bit by surprise, especially as we are camping here two nights. With our campgrounds maps we were given a pamphlet “Cougar Safety in the Cypress Hills”. The advice is basically the same as for bear encounters, don’t run, back away slowly and calmly, act big and speak in ... read more
"Who do you think you are?"
Maple Creek, nearest town to Cypress Hills
Frontier Heritage shopfronts in Maple Creek

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat July 21st 2017

Had a phenomenal drive through Lake Louise and Banff this morning. Fires have started in Banff so the smoke was an issue again. We'll have to return to this area someday, we got robbed of alot of beauty because of the forest fires! When? we got to the east side of Calgary the landscaping went flat- no mountains or trees. Hot and windy. Mainly ranches and fields. Miss the mountains so much!! Ordered in Chinese. Think Rainy will be happy to get home. This heat is hard to adjust to.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat August 30th 2015

Vancouver to Medicine Hat We left Vancouver late Thursday morning as the weather started to close in, and it was expected to rain later that day with heavy rain on Friday. We took a loop through downtown Vancouver following my GPS and to give Bones a look around. We made it to Hope and Tim Horton's for lunch, as you do. We were heading over to Penticton, but when I booked the hotel I inadvertently punched in Princeton!! So it was not quite as far that day as we had planned, but seeing as we left so late in the morning by default it was a good mistake. We stayed at Castle Resort at Rainbow Lake, all sounds great and fairytale like, but it had seen better days. We had a big lodge all to ourselves ... read more
Old VW's never die!!
Bones at Rainbow Lake
Great mountain riding in smoke

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat June 17th 2014

Réveil tôt ce matin. C' est bien de gagner des heures, mais mon horloge interne ne suis pas. Debout pleine forme 6h. Départ 8h, direction Médicine Hat, sous un magnifique soleil mais petite température de 12* J' avais lu que sur ma route je traversais Moose Jaw sympathique village a 30kms (une ligne droite). Petit détour direction Main Street (rue principale). je me suis vu dans un village western. Manquait que les Dalton pour cambrioler la grosse banque. Beaucoup de vieux pick up, des voitures de 30 ans et plus, les grosses américaines bien gourmandes. Pourtant la région ne donne pas une impression de pauvreté. Petite 1/2 heure de marche et je profite de cet arrêt pour garnir ma petite glaciere, au supermarché. Je ne vous précise pas de quoi, deviné. Au passage a la caisse ... read more
pas plus
Moose Jaw centre ville
Moose jaw down town

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat September 28th 2013

So as I was on day 4 (possibly 5) of my latest work trip, I was driving from Drumheller to Calgary after another Consumer Event. It was dark, my eyes are not great, and despite our 'distracted driving' laws in AB The classic David Letterman top ten list kept running through my head, Sales Manager style. So I called upon my dear friend (yet slightly hearing challenged) Siri to help me remember them via dictation and this is what I came up with: The top 10 things I discovered on my latest excursion to Southern, Sunny, Windy Alberta: Rule number one: Never, ever, ever, ever trust Apple maps (unless of course you prefer dead ends, wrong turns, closed roads and gravel roads and are behind schedule) Rule number two: the Strathmore Starbucks always opens tomorrow. Regardless ... read more
Lethbridge Parking
Casualty of no silverware

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat May 29th 2011

I arrived in Medicine Hat on May 19th, it has been cool and wet ever since I got here but it should start improving next week. The land approaching Medicine Hat is very flat in all directions but the city itself is built in and around a meandering valley created by the South Saskatchewan and its feeders. Known locally as individual coulees; the campground where we are gathering is located on a golf course in one known as “Woolfry’s Coulee.” The Woolfry family had a farm and dairy on the land which was sold and converted into a golf course about ten years ago and the name was changed to Cottonwood Coulee at that time. Canadian Dictionary definition of a coulee is “A deep narrow ravine.”) Medicine Hat is a very nice, clean city; the vast ... read more
Cottonwood Coulee
Cedar Wax Wings
Manicured yard

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat September 13th 2009

Okay...tomorrow's the day!! The movers are coming to take away the potpurri of stuff we are keeping. Actually, we have done a really good job of purging our decades of packratting (I use the plural...Nadine would point squarely at me...guilty as charged!). Now we only require two 18 wheelers to fit what's left . Nadine was kind enough to make large piles of my stuff to go through to purge...I never saw any piles for her! It has been a long road to getting ready in the relatively short period of time. We learned our house sold about the third week of July and reconfirmed our commitment to take Alex, Gabriel, and Nicolas on a world tour before it was too late. In that time we have been planning the tour, packing the house, having garage ... read more
Getting Shot!
Getting Shot!

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat July 25th 2009

Day 55. Saturday. The forecast is 34 and sunny. It's 28 at 1100hrs. I turned on the AC in the trailer a couple times this morning while I was trying to catch a few more winks. My site has no shade other than what the awning provides me. On the recommendation of my new found friend at the bar last night I went to the Clay district and had a look around their museum. It's in an old factory. There are still a few of the original outdoor kilns there too. Nearby there is a brick factory that is Alberta's oldest industry. There is clay nearby but it is'nt the best quality so the clay is and always had been imported from Saskatchewan. The reason the shops got set up here in the 1800's was apparently ... read more
inside a kiln
inside a kiln
25 gallon crock

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat July 24th 2009

Day 54. 14,832Km Just a couple hundred K down the road but I was tired and finding a place on the weekend is getting more difficult. Besides, there is a blues bar just down the road. It was after 0230hrs when I got to bed this morning so I did'nt hit the open highway till after 1100hrs. It's hot again. Over 30 and sunny. Not as humid as it would be at home though. I was pleased to see more wind turbines today. The other thing I'm seeing more and more of is giant sprinklers in the fields. I was wondering where the water came from. I wondered if the farmers had big underground water tanks that slowly filled and then they pumped it all out but then I had the answer. Every 10 or 15 ... read more
field sprinkler
memories of PEI

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat October 3rd 2007

5 days until we leave. Very excited! ... read more

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