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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coober Pedy February 26th 2011

Should anybody every decide to come to Australia and do a driving/camping holiday please remember to bring with you a good selection of music. Failing to do so was one of our mistakes and it was therefore with great enthusiasm that we set our early from Port Augusta heading towards Coober Pedy! Now, by my opening comment I'm not trying to imply that Australian radio is rubbish, it just simply does not seem to exist for large sections of the country, or at least not in the eyes or our radio. It is therefore a little boring to drive for about 6 hours straight without any music. This experience is not aided by the blistering hear in the cabin of the campervan, nor that you cheer whenever you see a corner which might happen maybe twice ... read more
Coober Pedy

The next day we got up early and set off for Wilpena Pound. This is part of the Flinders Ranges National Park. We arrived in good time for some hiking and did a 7.8km hike around the park. This took us on an easy route to the an old homestead left from the time when they farmed there and then up to Warangga Lookout, a more difficult ascent over quite rocky terrain. My ankle handled this quite well and I was able to do it without too much difficulty. Steph was also struggling with the route, partly due to her slightly swollen ankle, caused by a bite, and predominantly due to the proximity of large spiders. After the walk we decided we had enough time to head back to Port Augusta. Whilst this meant doubling back ... read more
Flinders Ranges

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 26th 2011

We then started to drive towards Adelaide but we were not able to make it all the way in one go. We therefore stopped off at Murray Bridge, a town formed around the first bridge to span the Murray River. The next day started with what will hopefully turn out to be the most serious (really hoping so) and most costly (again really hoping so) tragedy of the entire trip. Not aided by the extremely inventive Australians who thought it would be really clever to name both the diesel and the unleaded petrol “Vortex” we managed to fill up our diesel tank with petrol. Fortunately Steph noticed when we went to pay. After contacting a local mechanic we were able to get the tank drained and be on our way, all the quicker due to our ... read more
Cooking on the BBQ

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Grampians February 26th 2011

The next day we set off with the intention of heading towards the Grampians National Park in order to do some hiking. Luckily, along thew way we were able to spot a few more of the well known rock formations including the grotto, probably my favourite, the Arch and London Bridge, now partly collapsed so that it no longer resembles the London Bridge. We then headed straight for the Grampians. Unfortunately there had been some quite extensive flooding in the area during January. Whilst the area was now safe, as a result of the flooding some of the roads were closed. This meant that we had to take a detour along the way in order to reach Halls Gap. It was whilst we were taking one of these detours that someone, who shall remain nameless, managed ... read more
Campsite wildlife

Oceania » Australia » Victoria February 26th 2011

Once we had docked in Melourne we set straight off for a trip along the Great Ocean Road, apparently one of the most scenic drives in the world. Interestingly the entire road is also dedicated as a War Memorial to all the soldiers who served in the Second World War. Clearly the Aussies know that no great drive can start properly without a suitably named town. It was because of this that we found ourselves starting this epic drive in Torquay. Stephie was still feeling a little tired from the early start and, as we had not eaten yet we started the day with a healthy trip to McDonalds for some hotcakes (pancakes) and breakfast roll with tea and coffee Three key things to know about McDonalds in Australia. Firstly, they seem to think it is ... read more
Cape Otway Lighthouse
The 12 Apostles

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania February 22nd 2011

Thanks to the ferry we got an early start this morning in Tasmania (we disembarked at about 6:30 am and headed over to Dismal Swamp. This is an interesting place as it is a dry swamp, due to the sinkhole in it, which allows the rare blackwood trees to grow there. Also,we were informed by the man who worked there that there are not many people who can claim to have walked around a swamp. Alas a dry swamp looks much like a forest, so the vast majority of people aren't missing too much. Steph also got to go down a 110 metre slide into the sinkhole, which I couldn't do due to my leg. In the afternoon we then had a walk up the Nut, near Stanley. It was a good walk up and, with ... read more
Port Arthur

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 22nd 2011

The Neighbours tour was very exciting. The guide was very enthusiastic (although very knowledgeable with random Neighbours facts) and it was all slightly cheesy but I think that's the best way to do it. We went to the old school first (apparently they moved schools because they needed to get the parents permission to film there and they asked for payment - the new schools actually a college so they don't need the parents permission). I didn't really recognise it much which was rather disappointing. We then went to the studios and saw some of the old outside sets such as Grease Monkeys and Carpenters Mechanics. We also met Kate Robinson, who I was very pleased I recognised although probably wouldn't have known her characters name without being told! she was very friendly and *spoiler ... read more
Ramsey Street

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 21st 2011

When you first decide to enter the odd world of campervaning you expect the problems to be threefold. Firstly; that there would be a complete lack of space. Secondly, that there would be no amenities and finally that you would be at the beck and call of the elements either being too hot in summer or too cold in winter. All of these problems can be resolved by buying better and better campervans that are larger, have a toilet and have climate control. We were therefore happy to get a larger van then expected when we first collected it in Sydney with its own on boards shower and toilet, a bit more space and air conditioning/heating in the compartment. It was therefore even more annoying when, shortly after finishing the last e-mail/blog and sorting out the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales February 4th 2011

The flight to Sydney was okay and, by this time Harry was able to get around with his rucksack on, which was good as otherwise we would have struggled to get to the hostel. The hostel room itself was very sparse with only a bed and an odd cupboard/box in the room. We used a hop on hop off bus to get around Sydney most of the time and, when we could not, we used the free shuttle. We were able to do a lot of the sightseeing activities including going up the Sydney Tower, having a tour of the Opera House and walking around in the botanical gardens. We also went on a cruise around the Harbour and took the bus over to Bondi beach, which looked lovely. We also spent a day going around ... read more

Africa » Mauritius » Grand Port February 4th 2011

We have now set off on world adventure take 2! There was quite a large change from our planned itinerary due to Harry breaking his leg a week before we were due to travel. Therefore instead of going to South Africa we spent a month staying with parents in Worcester and Hereford before coming straight out to Australia the day after Harry had his cast removed. We booked a new flight via Mauritius and so arranged an overnight stay there in order to break up the journey and explore a bit of the island. We had a fun day in Mauritius although it was very hot and humid which made it very difficult to get around. Harry wasn't helped by the fact that his leg was still pretty swollen but he was able to get around ... read more

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