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22nd September 2014
Marble Boat - Forbidden City

This should say "Marble Boat - Summer Palace" but I don't know how to edit the title!
9th July 2011

Food for travels
Looks good healthy stuff??
7th June 2011

Steph Photo
Still couldn't find her!
6th June 2011

Where photo?
No photo on the blog??
26th May 2011

Getting back from St Petersburg
I remember, from when I spent a week teaching in finland, that there were trains to St Petersburg - and so I got browsing!! Here we go. St Petersburg - Helsinki (3.5hrs train) **** Helsinki: Catch Church in Rock & Art Deco area Helsinki - Turku (2 hrs tilting train) Turku - Stockholm (Overnight Ferry - this is a fun party ferry!!) ****OR Helsinki - Stockholm (Ferry)- but missing the finonacci tower) Stockholm - Malmo (Train) Malmo - Copenhagen (Train) Copenhagen - Esbjerg (Train) Esbjerg - Harwich (Ferry) Phone up parents for a lift!! :-) JC
25th May 2011

Tiger Leaping Gorge
It looks Spectacular! Hope the knee is ok now??
17th May 2011

Lovely photographs- Vietnam sounds lovely.
17th May 2011

Thanks for yr post
Thanks for sharing those wonderful moment. Halong is my favorite destination, i once went there and had great time. i remembered kayaking, grotto seeing, floating village seeing,etc. What i like the most in Halong is overnight on Halong bay junk. That's wonderful experience. Enjoying seafood, seeing the star, listening to the wave.... it's so cooooooooollll.
6th May 2011

Love the peacock- what a strange colour! Not so sure about the feet!
26th April 2011

Package tours!
Sounds as if you do better when you organise your travel yourself! Hope that you are managing to keep free of insect bites- using lots of repellant etc. Sermons can be confusing when they are in english in the first place !But as you say nice to be with others sharing Easter.
14th April 2011

Nice to see some photographs of Stephanie!! And particularly of you both together. cambodia looks an amazing place.
From Blog: Cambodia Bound
9th April 2011

The truck looks somewhat cramped!!! Hope you didn't travel far on it. The poor Thai people what an awful disaster to cope with.
30th March 2011

The reason why pavements in Malaysia are made that way is to prevent mopeds/motorcycles from going up the pavement. As you would have noticed, Malaysia especially KL is very car-centric. Walking is a pain
From Blog: Kuala Lumpur
28th March 2011

Hey Will, You know what they say, a bad day on .... whatever, so "holiday" in your case, is better than a good day in the office. Nice sand sculpture plaster cast :-)
27th March 2011

Oh Dear!
Does nthis mean you can't go to Russia?
24th March 2011

Re latest entry
Sorry to hear that Steph has a cold!-hope it is better now. Sounds as if you have had a mixed time in Kuala Lumpur! You will find travelling in England a doddle when you return!
From Blog: Kuala Lumpur
21st March 2011

Happy Travelling
Hi William and Stephanie, I am planning to vacation to Melbourne and I really enjoyed reading your blog. I know know to take jumpers as Melbourne can be quite cold and that the walking tours and buses with the commentary on the sights that you see seem like a fantastic idea. Glad you got the campervan fixed- that must have been a real pain, Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip Angie
20th March 2011

Trip of a lifetime guys!!
Have to say that you guys do seem to be doing some nice stuff, most people would be jealous!! However totally appreciating all the other bits, like getting lost. Any pics of Steph btw - most of them seem to be of Harry. Glad to hear how things are going anyway. Take care Aimee
18th March 2011

Log Fume?
What is a 4d log fume? Sounds as if you had fun in Singapore! whwn are you off to the next destination?
17th March 2011

Re Food
Shame that the chef didn't know about you being vegetarian earlier- he might have liked the opportunity.
From Blog: Land Ahoy
16th March 2011

Did you get to go anywhere else instead of the studio? Where did you meet the star then? if you do the weekend tour you get to see even more of the studios - going to Lasseters Lake as well, which would have been cool.
From Blog: Melbourne
16th March 2011

It was very nice - I got used to having lots of space though and all the rooms now seem extra small! The pool was small but still very nice and I was very pleased when we were told about the seating area and the loungers as well. I always made breakfast thank you very much! Admittedly it is easier to do when you know you could just sleep later if you wanted. The food was really nice although some days got boring for me if it was just one veg with no sauce for example. We got chatting to the chef at the bbq and he said no one had passed it on to him that I was vegetarian, otherwise I may have got more veggie friendly options. He also mentioned that where he lives he usually cooks and eats vegetarian food the majority of the tie and it's only on the boat that he was told to include loads of meat.
From Blog: Land Ahoy
16th March 2011

I didn't meet anyone else. Some people saw the new doctor walk past but didn't say so until after he'd gone and I wouldn't have recognised him anyway I don't think!
From Blog: Melbourne
13th March 2011

Love the photo of you and Kate- you both look great! Who else did you meet??
From Blog: Melbourne
13th March 2011

Looks a lovely cabin and pool- the food sounds really intriguing! Did Stephanie ever make breakfast???
From Blog: Land Ahoy

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