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Asia » India » Rajasthan March 16th 2010

AHMADABAD 16/3/10: We both had a great sleep and woke up with the paper waiting for us under the door. The predicted temp was 40C today so it was going to be tough to get a lot of sightseeing in. There’s not much to see in Ahmadabad and it’s basically another powering city. The food was cheap; we ate in the same restaurant that had a huge tree growing out through the roof. It also had old tombs that you had to walk around just to get to your table. We walk to the train station and bought to tickets to Udaipur that left at 11:00 that night. We filled in the rest of the day walking around the city coming across markets and a wedding. It was very hot so we chilled out in the ... read more
No Horn

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey March 8th 2010

TRAVELLING TO KERALA 8/3/10: Once again Jacinta had a bad sleep having to go to the toilet half a dozen times during the night. She now had bad diarrhoea and felt weak and tired. We arrived in Kochin at 10:30, then another 2hr trip by train to Alleppy arriving at a guest house around 2:30pm. The guest house called Mandala was right on the beach and with my attempts to lower the rate down to 250rs we ended up settling on 300rs and Jacinta was just glad that she had a toilet again. We were both shattered from the two days travel and caught up on some sleep until I finally got up and went for a swim and watched the brilliant sunset over the ocean. 9/3/10: Jacinta was still not well so we had an ... read more
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Colored chickens

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore March 7th 2010

7/3/10: I had a great sleep but Jacinta slept really badly and her back was killing, this combined with stomach cramps made her feel like crap. Amazingly we arrived early in Bangalore getting there at 6:00am so with a full day in Bangalore we dumped our packs and walked through the quiet early streets on a Sunday morning. Nothing was open until 11:00am and by the time we walked the 5km we were ready for breakfast. Most shops were open by now and we found out that Bangalore was quiet a trendy town and very large stretching over a 40km radius. Things were getting hot so we decided to kill some time and watch AVATAR 3D on the big screen again. We enjoyed it as much as the first time and this time we got to ... read more
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Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi March 6th 2010

6/3/10: I got up early again to watch the sun rise but this time from Matanga hill. I made it with 5min to spare and was surprised to see so many monkeys that had also made the climb the afternoon before. It felt as if they all sat and watched the sun rise with me, even if they tried to steal my drink bottle. The next morning we headed over the river by boat that only cost 15rs. It was the biggest money maker I had seen yet as the river at the time was only 50m wide. They managed to cram at least 15 people at a time which only took 5min to load and unload, the boat only had a 15hp motor that would hardly use any fuel so the rest was profit. This ... read more
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Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi March 5th 2010

5/3/10: I wanted to make up for yesterdays sunset so I got up early to watch the sunrise. It was funny to see the monkeys everywhere and they freely walked around you keeping one eye on you at all times. I also did the same as you can never trust a monkey. The cool morning air was a blessing and felt great to breath. I was half an hour early for the sunrise so I walked around for awhile looking at the rest of the monkey’s and temples. Jacinta had a restless sleep because of the heat so she was happy to sleep in for a little while longer. I found myself being asked by countless other Indian travellers asking “where are you from”? This ended up resulting in me being involved in group photos with ... read more
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Distant relative
Perfect shot

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi March 4th 2010

4/3/10: Crap! Another shitty sleep as the mosquito’s chewed us all night, well we hoped it was mosquitoes and not bed bugs. We had the fan on full with repellent on and they still managed to bite us, they found a spot where the air was still enough to get a run up and kamikaze dive into my arm hitting so hard it would wake me up. We packed the last remaining things and discovered that I had to wake up the fat pig Indian to let us out of the gate at 6:00am in the morning. It 5-10 min of knocking on the door early in the morning to get him out of bed, or maybe he was trying to roll out the whole time. We walked the 1.5km to the train station with our ... read more
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Asia » India » Goa » Palolem March 1st 2010

1/3/10: We woke up with the sound of beating drums outside our paper thin bungalow walls. The festival went on all night resulting in a lot of drunken and stoned Indians that were covered from head to toe in coloured oxide to celebrate the colour festival, even the dogs and cows couldn’t escape from the colour. I was lucky enough to crawl out of bed and witness the festival turn up on the beach for the last and final hurrah. With hundreds of Indians meeting on the beach they all ran down to meet the Arabian Sea and tried to wash oxide from their skin and clothes. It was quiet funny to watch as and even the older men were acting like children giggling and laughing as they played in the waves and rolled in the ... read more
Relaxing on the beach
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mucking around on a sea kayak

Asia » India » Goa » Palolem February 28th 2010

28/2/10: Today was different. We hired a Bajaj Avenger motorbike which looks like a cruiser bike. It was very gutless but it was so much nicer than the other bikes we had hired. We agreed to meet a guy between 9 and 9:30am with a bike and when there was no sign of him buy 9:15 I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I gave him a ring and ended up waking him up, his answer was he would be there in 10 min so we waited 10min and then hired another bike from someone else. It ended up working out in the end but we had to wait 20min for two helmets to turn up as they don’t wear them over here. The helmets turned up and we were off riding down the Goa coastline ... read more
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Asia » India » Goa » Palolem February 20th 2010

20/2/10: We checked out of our hotel at 9:00 and waited for Jacinta’s good pants and towel to come back as they had big stains on them from being washed by a proper laundry service and had to be sent back. With great relief they return stainless and we walked to the bus terminals 10min away to catch our bus to Margao and then finally to Palolim. The tickets only costed 25rs for both of us as it was only an hour from Panaji. As soon as you bought the ticket you had to get on the bus and with one almost full and ready to go we tried to work out what to do with our huge packs as we had to take them on the packed bus with us. Jacinta was just in the ... read more
Our Bungalow
Palolim Monkey island behind

Asia » India » Goa » Panaji February 18th 2010

18/2/10: We ended up arriving in Panaji Goa at 8:00am one hour late and I wondered how much faster he would have to drive just to get there on time. Before the driver had even stopped the bus there were taxi and tuk tuk drivers entering the bus asking us if we needed a lift? This is usually a trap and if you are patient the price will come down. We ended up pulling our LP guide and compass out to find out where we were, an older man asked us where we intended to go. We basically ignored him without realising that he was genuine and just wanted to help. It was the first real sign that people are friendlier the farther you go down. It ended up paying off for us as we were ... read more
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