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Asia » Singapore » Little India December 9th 2009

We woke up after what seemed like a really quick sleep, went down for breakfast and we would of had to chip in $11 because the continental breakfast was $31 dollars, what a rip off. We caught a taxi back to the airport and waited 45 min in line again, and went straight to the business lounge to have a light breakfast. We stayed in there as long as we could until we boarded the plane. I felt relieved to get on the plane, but was a little pissed off that this hiccup had taken allot of excitement out of the trip. I sat in the beautiful business class seats and fought my way through the menu and watched UP which is an animation about and old fella that ties balloons to his house and a ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide December 8th 2009

This morning I woke after a great sleep knowing that we were just about to embark on our huge adventure. I’m not sure how I felt because it was a feeling I haven’t felt before, the was happiness, sadness, excitement and a scene of complete drain as no one emotion really stood out more than the other. I think Anthony and Carol were more excited than the both of us. I think Jacinta would of been quiet happy to stay home as she has had a rough couple of day saying goodbye to her brothers and sisters, mum and Gordon and also a quick goodbye to her father which she has only just recently found out that he has a growth on his bladder. We woke up with a last minute dash to pack our bags ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Murwillumbah December 5th 2009

Well, what can i say? We have had issues with our mobile server with reducing the mobile ph contract from 2x$60/ month to a more smaller plan, but we have been cheated on the plan and we cant reduce the plans and we were told that we could. Now we will have to quarantine the number until we come back and i hope that I will not loose business over this as we will be fukn pissed off. I am also pissed off with the accountant as we have sent them our tax return 4 months ago and have called them twice on how it was going and they said they will get back to me, we didn’t hear anything from them as i went in today to make sure everything was fine for the next ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane » Holland Park October 16th 2009

Only one more week of work to go. I cant wait becuause i will be free from aprentices and clients for two years. Im still worried about getting a container as it is only 1 month and 22 days to go. I hope Guy will come through with the goods. I did metion have the council made a decision but he seem to have forgotten about ringing them. I hope it was genuine and not just a suttle hint that he is not interested in putting the container there. Well we are really getting things rolling again and we just booked our accomadation on koh phangan this morning. We are both sitting in bed with a laptop each googling stuff. I reckon i could do this all day.... read more

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