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Asia » Nepal » Kakarvitta May 7th 2010

GETTING THROUGH BORDER WITH MAOIST STRIKES 7/5/10: The Nepal border has been closed for 4 days now with the Maoist striking and the whole of Nepal was shut down. We had conformation that they smuggled some tourist through the border yesterday, but if they needed to go the the airport had to take a cycle rickshaw for 2hours as all vehicles weren’t allowed to run whilst striking. Unsure of what we were up against we decided to try getting through anyway. The plan was to catch a jeep to Silliguri 3hours away then catch another jeep to Katavetta 1hour away where we would get out departure stamp from India then cross the border by foot a kilometer away and get our Nepal visa’s then travel by rickshaw to the airport for 2hours just in time to ... read more
Riot Police
bridge over border
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Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling May 4th 2010

4/5/10: We woke up with extremely sore calves and front legs muscles. The trek down really took its toll and I could hardly move. We wanted to go shopping for some Tibetan antiques so we had some veg momos for breakfast followed by some cake, hot chocolate for me and coffee for Jacinta, if you couldn't already tell we had a craving for sweets. We waddled down the hill as it hurt so much to walk properly. We visited a dozen stores that day and ended up buying a rare stone book more than 100 years old (paid 8000rs), a big timber prayer flag blank that is used to print out prayer flags (paid 7200rs); this was a nice rare piece with amazing craftsmanship as everything had to be carved in reverse, a singing prayer bowl ... read more
Carrying loads
Photo 4
Stone book

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling May 1st 2010

SANDAKPHU TREK 3636 meters high 1/5/10: Late last night Jacinta threw up after trying to hold it in for a few hours, after she finally did, she felt so much better and was able to sleep. I was also not well, after rushing to the toilet It reveal that I had bad diarrhoea, once again I had to take some antibiotics. We met Rambo at the top of the Darjeeling hill around 8:00 so we could catch a jamb packed jeep to a town over an hours away called Maneybhanjyang (elevation 2134m) right on the border of Nepal. By the time we got signed in and ready to walk it was around 10:00. Rambo got a porter to carry things because he said it was compulsory. At first he sneakily tried to say we need one ... read more
morning sunrise
ghostly tree
School boy

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling April 26th 2010

26/4/10: We slept but not that well; it was noticeably cooler making it more comfortable. We actually arrive on time as the train didn’t even stop through the night. The train stopped at New Jalpurgari, we were told that it was nice to get the Toy Train up to Darjeeling and hopped that we weren’t too late to buy a ticket. We got hassled by jeep and taxi drivers to take us to Darjeeling but we wanted to go on the Toy Train. The Toy Train is a train with very narrow tracks and only around 5-8 carriages long. They are wide another to accommodate four people side by side, it also takes eight hours to climb up the steep mountain range. The Toy train was not running due to some striking so we were force ... read more
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Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata April 1st 2010

Back to Kolkata 1/4/10: Our flight to Kolkata was at 9:00am and we were keen to get out of Delhi but not back to Kolkata. In the taxi we peered out the window getting our first real glimpse of New Delhi. It was very green and the roads were lined with trees, we passed India gate and parliament house. Getting closer to the airport the pollution was more evident than ever. It was so bad the visibility was only around 400m and looking out the window onto the runway was even worse. I could hardly see the runway and the planes landing and taking off. It was only when we reached around 2-3km high that we rose above the poisonous cloud that slowly kills earth. With the distinct line that separates clean and polluted air below ... read more
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Cooking in the room
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Asia » India » Punjab » Amritsar March 28th 2010

28/3/10: We arrived in Amritsar at 6:00am and caught a cycle rickshaw to town 3km away. It only cost us 20rs and we thought that was the bargain of the century. We had breakfast and opted to find accommodation together. This backfired big time as we almost spent an hour walking around with our packs on trying to find accommodation for 350rs/night. We found one that was quiet run down and dirty called the Sharma Hotel and decided to keep looking. We ended up come back as there was nothing under 500rs/night and we were tired. We were that exhausted from the train that we ended up having a sleep for a few hours only to emerge from out room around 2:00pm. We thought we had better do something so we went to see the Golden ... read more
Golden Temple at night

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi March 25th 2010

25/3/10: We had breakfast at Joney’s place, finishing off with the best banana lassi we have had in India yet. The train was late by an hour so we didn’t get on until 8:30. There wasn’t much to see outside so I blogged on the train. Jacinta got upset at a guy that spat a big mouthful of water out the window of the moving train and it blew back in wetting her whole arm. He was a young man and Jacinta ripped into him in front of his friends, he later apologised to Jacinta as we were getting off the train, which I thought was quiet remarkable. After giving myself a little talk and remembering the LUV IT OR LEAVE IT; I was going to keep my chin up and not let anything upset me. ... read more
destroyed streets
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Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra March 24th 2010

AGRA 24/3/10: I love Valium, we woke up on time and only an hour away from Agra, dreaming until we finally got into town to see how much of a shit whole Agra really is. Once again there were unimaginable amounts of rubbish and filth including men pissing and shitting in plain view beside the road. We unloaded our packs from the top of the bus and were happy to still have them. Jacinta was on a mission and already had organised a tuktuk for us to head into town. We noticed a terrible smell that hung in the early morning air as we were going into town. Jacinta made it very clear to the tuktuk driver that we don't want to be dropped off at a hotel we want to be dropped off at Joney’s ... read more
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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar March 22nd 2010

PUSHKA 22/3/10: We got up late and checked ourselves in, once again going through the gruelling paperwork that has to be filled out at every new guesthouse and hotel you stay at. Information like Name and address, passport No, date of issue and expiry, issued from which country and place, date of entry into India, last place come from, visa No, date of issue and expiry, where you are heading next, how long are you staying in India all this has to be filled out by both of us twice, once for the hotel and the other for the police commissioner. Once we find a place we are reluctant to move just because of this. We headed into town for an early lunch; the first restaurant took 10min to bring us the menu. We were served ... read more
Photo 11
Sunset over Pushkar

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur March 17th 2010

UDIPUR 17/3/10: I slept alright but could have done with more. Jacinta once again had trouble sleeping through the night and tried to sleep in as much as possible. It was hard to sleep being right next to the toilets and sink. Every time someone went to the toilet the smell would waft over her nose reminding her off what she was sleeping next too, not to mention the whole Indian morning cleansing ritual. Someone near the sink was making a terrible vomiting noise, this lasted over 10min and it really started to piss me and Jacinta off. There is nothing worse than hearing someone choke, cough and splutter within meters of you sleeping. INDIAN MORNING CLEANSING RITUAL I’m not sure if I have written about this before but in the morning the Indians have a ... read more
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Photo 41
Lake view

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