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Asia » Nepal » Himalayas May 31st 2010

DINGBOCHE TO CHHUNKHUNG and CHHUNKHUNG RI 31/6/10: We were up at 5:00am to witness the first clear view of Aba Dablam and its early morning sunlit peak. I raced to get ready, grabbing my coat, gloves, beanie, balaclava and camera. By the time I was ready, 5 minutes later, it was shrouded in mist, Doh! It pissed me off, but I needn’t worry too much about unclear skies. Breakfast, what will I have this time, oh I know packet noodles! We finished breakfast quickly and started to walk up to Chhunkung for our acclimatization day. We left our packs in the room and walked only with a day pack. Chhungkung was roughly 4730 high and took 2.5hours to walk up the shallow incline valley. It was great to walk without our big packs, it made a ... read more
Aba Dablam in background
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Freezing cold winds

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas May 30th 2010

PANGBOCHE TO DINGBOCHE 30/5/10: Both of us slept fine. We had to endure packet noodles again for breakfast. It was a late start because we only had to walk 3 hours or so to Dingboche. By 8:00am we said our goodbyes to the weary headed Sherpa’s, porters and guide and started to walk up the valley. When we hit the first flight of stairs and immediately felt exhausted. Jacinta had a slight headache from the altitude so we took it easy. The track was relatively flat until we reached the bridge crossing the Lobuche Khola River. From the bridge to Dingboche it was hard, we slowly climbed 200m; this was the highest we had ever been, even higher than the ABC trek two weeks ago. At 4410m high, Dingboche was an important acclimatization point for us; ... read more
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Asia » Nepal » Himalayas May 29th 2010

NAMCHE TO PANGBOCHE 29/5/10: A great night sleep turned into a disastrous morning when the 19 Indians we met the night before decided to get up at 4:30am in the morning and proceeded to, all, go through their morning cleansing ritual. I have written about this in past blogs, especially through India but never thought I would have to live through it again in Nepal. In short it sounded like somebody was strangling a yak 19 times right outside our bedroom door. I still can’t understand why they insists on letting the whole of Namche valley know they are shoving there toothbrush halfway down to their stomach. A quick breakfast, again wholesome noodles with eggs we brought back in Kathmandu. Slowly we whittle away at my overweight pack. We started walking around 6:00am. The visibility was ... read more
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Asia May 28th 2010

MONJO TO NAMCHE BAZAAR 28/5/10: A bad night sleep after waking up at 1:00am with a tickling cough and blocked nose. We didn't get out of bed until 7:30am as we were both still trying to get over this sicknesses. Jacinta’s stomach cleared up but my flu was still on its last legs. We purchased some boiled water and mixed it with our noodles; nothing is free in the mountains. We were out the door and trekking by 8:00am, we only got 50m up the track before stopping to catch our breath. We paced ourselves and slowly found our rhythm, it wasn't too long before we arrived at the junction of two major rivers, Bhote Koshi and the Imja Koshi River and we would later trek to the source of both rivers. Yet another long suspension ... read more
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Himalayan Flowers

Asia » Nepal » Lukla May 27th 2010

START OF EVEREST TREK 27/6/10: Up at 5:00am to catch a taxi to the airport. All unnecessary baggage was left at Pilgrims Guesthouse. We went through airport security and somehow Jacinta managed to get a Swiss army knife through; oops. It was time to weight the bags, Jacinta’s came up to 15kg and mine came up to a massive 23kg due to all the food. It turned out we had 14.5kg of food for our trek which consisted of more than 60 packets of noodles, 2 packets chocolate éclairs, 2 packs of cookies, packs of dried fruit, 2 boxes muesli bars, 1kg of carrots and 30 hard boiled eggs that I boiled with a hot wand water element, costing around 2400NRS. The weight added up to a surprising amount and I was way off when I ... read more
Old Guy
prayer wheel
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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamal May 22nd 2010

22/5/10: Today we went shopping for thermals and a warm down coat. After the cold wind and temperatures of ABC we weren’t trekking Everest without warm gear. We found exactly what we needed and saved a lot of money by shopping around. We were mainly worried about the weight of our packs as they started to get ridiculously heavy, mine must be over the 25kg mark not including the day pack that is around 7-9kg. I also had to find another camera battery for the Everest trek as the two batteries I had were not going to last the 18 days. My attempts had to extend into the next day. 23/5/10: Another bad sleep due to the partying outside our hotel late that night. We packed up, checkout and headed for Pilgrims Guest house as they ... read more
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Asia » Nepal » Pokhara May 19th 2010

19/5/10: Today was catching up on e-mails and letting our parents know we made it back down the hill in one piece. I was shocked to the Aussie share market crashed losing most of our travelling money to the share market and then the dollar went 10c lower than when we first started the trek 8 days ago. Feeling pissed off about this the day only got worse, our Steripen stop working so we couldn't sterilize water, that's $113 dollar we won’t see again; it was only five months old, then our hard drive crashed losing two months of photos. We should have stayed on the mountain!! Depressed about everything we decided not to hire a motorbike or go paragliding; instead we booked a bus ticket to Kathmandu for the following morning. We were lucky when ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Base Camp May 16th 2010

16/5/10: I dragged Jacinta out of bed around 5:30am, the view couldn't have been more perfect. The crystal clear air was thin and refreshing, I managed to have the best night sleep yet and my tickly cough had only bothered me for half an hour, it stopped after breathing in some moist air by putting my sleep sheet over my mouth. This worked surprisingly well and the tickle almost stopped in its tracks. Jacinta woke up in the middle of the night fighting for breath, she managed to lose the opening to her hooded sleeping bag and panicked to find an opening before she suffocated under the sheets; I laughed when she told me. Others had the same experience and compared it to drowning without the water. Everyone was up early; we all stood on the ... read more
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Asia » Nepal » Pokhara May 11th 2010

ABC part 1 11/5/10: The bus left at 7:00am so we were up early to sort ourselves out. The tickets only cost us 500Nrs/person so it was worth taking the bus. Because the trekking season was coming to an end our bus was more than half empty, this was great for us, we were used to being shoved in like sardines. It took 6 hours to complete the 200km or so journey, 45mins of that was spent just trying to get out of Kathmandu. The winding roads took us through some amazing scenery, most of the time we followed the river that snaked its way through the valley. The river would be awesome to raft down and you could tell it had a lot of power. We stopped twice at restaurants along the road too grossly ... read more
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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamal May 8th 2010

8/5/10: We woke up early so we could get an agreed cycle rickshaw at 7:00am. We waited for our travel agent, he would meet us in front of our hotel. The 6 day strike had ended this morning and everything started to open up. I walked to the bank so I could get some money out but it was not working due to bad internet connection and constant power failures. I came back just before 7:00am and waited and waited, we then tried to call our travel agent without luck. I went for a 500m walk to see if his office was open. By the time I got there it was 7:45 and he was open. I asked him what was happening? He said come to this office at 9:00am. I was pissed off because he ... read more
Our plane to Kathmandu
Durbar Square
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