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Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu July 19th 2010

20/7/10: We were up an about early, we would only stay in Kangding for one night choosing to spent more time in Chengdu instead. We said goodbye to Martin and left for the bus station. As we headed to Chengdu in a bus, the raging river running parallel to the road increased in size with every waterfall and adjoining stream. Eventfully it joined an even bigger river that had massive amounts of water flowing down the gorge. We passed some massive construction sites damming the river; I would think it was for hydro electricity. The mountains were massive; to view the summit meant kinking you neck to look straight up through the bus window. We were tired when we reached Chengdu plus it was raining hard. We found a hostel in the Lonely Planet guide book ... read more
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Asia » China » Sichuan » Litang July 16th 2010

16/7/10: Martin had organised a minivan to pick us up at 6:00 morning, we were all going to Litang, and it was a four hour drive that climbed to 4800m at its highest point. It was still raining and the speeds that the driver was driving at were concerning, after a while we realised that he was a good driver and relaxed. So all up we had seven people in the van not including the driver. As the sun started to rise and the cloud lifted we once again were blessed with amazing views. The terrain became treeless the higher we went. We went through a section that had a raging river with pine trees; it reminded me of being in America. We climbed so high, the only thing growing on the hills were bright green ... read more
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Meat Markets
Yak heart

Asia » China July 14th 2010

SICHUAN HIGHWAY 15/7/10: We were up at 6:00am in the morning; this was hard for us as we were used to sleeping in. We rushed to the bus station to secure a seat, within minutes of getting our tickets we were in the bus cruising up the Sichuan Hwy. Nat and Dan were able to communicate in Chinese somewhat so it made it easier to get our tickets. The bus had ended up having six other westerners that were all doing some part of the highway. It was clear from the very beginning that we had made the right decision to not return to the gorge, the Sichuan Highway was incredible, it was the most outstanding scenery I had seen since trekking Everest, and the most beautiful mixed terrain I have seen yet; it was only ... read more
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Asia » China » Shaanxi July 13th 2010

TIGER LEAPING GORGE 13/7/10: After a really noisy night it was definitely time to leave for the Tiger Leaping Gorge. We left our hotel at 8:00am and caught the no1 local bus to the main station. We paid 45yuan for the both of us; it was a 2 hour ride to Qiaotou. We had no clue where to go so we had fried noodles in a local restaurant and thought about it for awhile. We manage to find a room for 50yuan at a place called Jane’s Lodge. The room was clean but they had no internet until 8:00pm because their boss was too tight to turn it on. With a desperate e-mail to send home we had to go on a wild goose chase to just find the internet. After some angry body language the ... read more
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Asia » China July 5th 2010

LIJIANG 5/7/10: We bought two bus tickets from a travel agent in Dali to Lijiang for 80yuan. The mini bus unsurprisingly turned up on time and we were in for a 3.5hrs bus trip to Lijiang. The bus was fine but we couldn't get away from the smoking passengers, there was one young guy that lit a cigarette every 10-15min which then encouraged all the other smokers to light up. It pissed us off because there was a no smoking sign on the wall but no one took any notice. So almost four hours later we arrived in Lijiang with a tight chest and ash all over our stinking clothes. We were dropped off at the bus station and left to find out way to Lijiang. Once we actually found which station we were in, we ... read more
I havent seen a thing
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Asia » China » Yunnan » Dali July 1st 2010

DALI OLD TOWN 1/7/10 to 4/7/10: We both didn't sleep a wink, I’m not sure why we had trouble but we were so tired when we got to Dali a 5:00am. It was still dark outside and when we left the train station nothing was open. We didn't even know if we were in Dali or not because everything was written in Chinese. After trying to work out exactly where we were on the outskirts of our map, we managed to find a bus to take us to Dali some 18km from the train station. We still weren’t sure if we were on the right bus until we got off; I kept an eye on the compass the whole way. It wasn't until we were 1km out before our map finally came into play; a sigh ... read more
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Mr Miyagi

Asia » China June 28th 2010

KUNMING 28/6/10: We happily checked out from our hotel at 12:00 midday. We caught a bus to Gulin which turned out to be easier than what we thought. It rained the whole way to Gulin. An hour later in what looked like a new bus, we pulled up right out the front of the train station. It was all too easy to get around in China; so far. We checked out the street food and fruit stalls for meals on the train, we ended up buying some bananas; which I later dropped and bruised, lychees and some biscuits. We rain stopped and braved the stinking humidity before we realised it was air-conditioned inside the waiting room. We passed our bags through the security x-ray machine and waited in the huge room before boarding 1.5hours later. It ... read more
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Asia » China » Yangtze River June 23rd 2010

YANGSHUO 23/6/10: Even though the beds were comfortable I just couldn't sleep. The last time I checked my watch was 2:00am in the morning and it seemed like we still hadn’t even left Shenzhen, the city just went on and on. At 5:30 am the driver called out “Yangshuo!” Jacinta called out to me and we scurried off the bus. I took one look at Jacinta and realised that she hadn’t slept either. We were immediately approached by a tout wanting us to look at his hotel. He sweet talked us until we finally gave in to the free ride to the hotel. We negotiated a room for 90CYN per night with free breakfast and a beer. The rooms were way above the standards of what we were used to so we reluctantly accepted hopping we ... read more
Camel hill
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Moon hill

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 17th 2010

HONG KONG 17/6/10: We were both up at 5:00am to finish packing our overweight packs. Breakfast consisted of whatever we could buy to rid ourselves of all Nepal currency. With the last 320NRS for a taxi we jumped in arriving at the airport 15min later. It was all too easy when we checked our baggage and the total baggage weight came under 24kg for me and 18kg for Jacinta. We went through security six times, each time getting the lint removed from my pockets and trouser legs. The plane was delayed by 45min and my legs, hips, and arse hurt before we even took off. Reading the local paper, we read about the massive floods in southern China with the death of 35 lives and within 1.5 hours we were flying over the flood zone witnessing ... read more
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Film star walk

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamal June 11th 2010

11/6/10: Today was mostly a rest day, we spent most of our time catching up on internet and eating. I looked at myself in the mirror and didn't realise how much weight I have lost. I haven’t been this skinny for almost 15 years. Jacinta is the same; she has lost 20kg since we left and is still dropping weight. China will be the same as there is not going to be much protein in any of the food. Jacinta had her hair coloured, she was so happy to get rid of all her grey hair. It was also the first time she has someone how knew what they were doing. Both times in India they made a mess of her colour. I also had a haircut and beard trim, I was going to shave it ... read more
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everest beer
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