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Asia » Nepal » Lukla June 10th 2010

FLIGHT OUT OF LUKLA 10/6/10: We woke up to a very cloudy morning; there was no chance we were going to fly in this weather. We manage to find a family selling local food so we tucked into some cheap samosas for breakfast. Our new friends Miha and Nina from Slovenia just stepped into their antique Russia helicopter for a ride to Jiri. They weren’t able to walk to Jiri because of the monsoon had caused landslides making it way to dangerous, instead of flying all the way back to Kathmandu and then taking a bus to Jiri to pick up their remaining gear they took a helicopter making the trip very exciting and a cheaper option. They were picked up at Namche the day before but the weather stopped them going to Jiri that afternoon. ... read more
Take off
We made it back

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas June 9th 2010

NAMCHEE TO LUKLA 9/6/10: Another amazing sleep, I love oxygen. Azeret decided to follow us to Lukla and it was agreed we would get an early start. We were walking by 6:00am trekking back down steeps and paths we had walked up 15 days before. From Namchee to Monjo was 2 hours and by the time we descended into the valley around 2800m high I was bouncing of walls. The oxygen had never felt thicker, we were powering up hills like they weren’t even there. I felt like and Olympic athlete almost running up hill without even getting the slightest bit puffed. It was probably the fittest I have ever been. I felt like I could walk up a sheer rock face somehow defying gravity. I had so much energy I walked twice as fast as ... read more
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas June 8th 2010

DOLE TO NAMCHEE 8/6/10: We had the best sleep ever; the thick air filled our lungs making it hard to wake up. It was also a pleasure not to wake with a dry mouth. We started our walk shrouded in cloud and that's the way it stayed until lunch. We made great time and thought we would arrive in Namche in no time. Just after Portse Tenga we hit a massive hill. We were at 3600 high and had to climb 4000m to reach the small village of Mong la. None of us were expecting this climb, the track had switch back after switch back and even though the air was thicker we had to push ourselves the whole way up. Once we reached the top we knew the worse of it was over, we only ... read more
Photo 15

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas June 7th 2010

CLIMBING GOKYO RI and onto DOLE 7//6/10: A shitty night sleep again, it’s amazing how a 100m reduction in altitude can give you a good night sleep, unfortunately it had the opposite effect on when gaining. We were up at 5:00am to climb Gokyo Ri, at 5360m it was going to be tough, it would be like climbing Kala Pattha but the climb was but steeper. The morning was perfect, there was no fog or wind. We started our walk like all the other mornings, breathless and with little energy. Once again I wanted to be the first to the top and once again I walked 10-20m stopping to catch my breath then carried on putting one foot in front of the other. I mostly ignored the view until I was at the top, it was ... read more
Mt Everest
Mt Everest
Photo 2

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas June 6th 2010

TANGNAK TO GOKYO 6/6/10: We woke up with the best night sleep we have had in a week. The thick air of Thagnak made for easy breathing. We were quick to get out of bed once we saw how clear the day was going to be. By 7:30 we paid our 200nrs for the room and 400nrs each for the mac and cheese. We walked in the general direction but managed to pick up a stray trail along the way. We managed to pick another trail that had clear evidence of foot prints heading towards the Ngozumba glacier. It ended up being the blind following the blind, we were lost. The trail took us to the edge of the glacial moraine, we looked out at the huge glacier, we all agreed this looked like the way ... read more
Gokyo lake
Gokyo lake

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas June 5th 2010

CHO-LA PASS (5330m high) from DZONGLA TO THAGNAG 5/6/10: Dzongla was around 4850 high, a lot lower than what we had been but we still didn't sleep that well. Worried about the rain we had that night we all got up at 4:30am with mixed feelings about what was in front of us. The only one that didn't seem nervous was Shanker but after we started walking it was hard to keep up, he too wanted to get over the pass ASAP. Leaving Dzongla by 5:30 we all powered up the hill. James and Shanker walked a lot faster than all of us and it was tough to keep up in the high altitude, I later found out that he is a professional cyclist. As we gained altitude the weather started to clear from the surrounding ... read more
Top of Chola
Me, Jacinta, Shanker, James and Azeret

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas June 4th 2010

CLIMBING KALA PATTHA (5550m high) 50% oxygen and onto DZONGLA 4/6/10: Up early and once again packet noodles for F&%#n breakfast, just for something different I had chicken flavour. The morning was cloudy so we left as early as we could. Within 100m of walking up the hill the physical excursion from lack of oxygen was so intense that I almost thought I wasn't going to make the top. After awhile I settled into a rhythm, putting left foot in front of the other, then the right foot back in front again. It was like this the whole way up, pausing for a rest every 10-20 meters. I was determined to be the first on top of Kala Pattha for the morning, so I picked up the pace and passed another guy 50m in front. I ... read more
King Kong
Finger on Mt Everest
Kumbu glacier

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas June 3rd 2010

EVEREST BASE CAMP (EBC) 5340m high 3/6/10: Jacinta woke up feeling fine; she had no headache and the bed rest the day earlier really payed off. Although we had a restless sleep and packet noodles for breakfast we had a great start to the morning. Halfway into the walk we heard a massive thunder followed by the sound of what can only be described as a ragging torrent of water or a flooded river coming from the opposite side of the mountain, it was a huge avalanche that made our stomachs rumble from the noise. The only problem was it came from the hidden side of the mountain. It was so loud that I shuddered to think how loud it would have been if it happened on our side, I was so disappointed that we missed ... read more
Wheres Dan
Everest Base Camp We made it!!
Photo shoot

Asia June 2nd 2010

LOBUCHE TO GORAK SHEP (5040m high) 2/6/10: It was another bad night sleep for both of us. Jacinta’s altitude sickness had gotten worse, she had woken up with a swollen face and her head was pounding violently and she was extremely tired. Lobuche is where most people have so many troubles with altitude so we were cautious about her situation. We already made the decision to stay another night but when she had got up and had some tea and breakfast everything went away, she felt a lot better so she made the decision to carry on to Gorak Shep only 2 hours away. I was a little sceptical asking her several times if she was alright to continue up the hill. I knew she was fine when she snapped at me for asking too many ... read more
Friendly dog looking of the moraine
rock stack
The feet that got me here

Asia » Nepal » Himalayas June 1st 2010

DINGBOCHE TO LOBUCHE 1/6/10: Up at 5:00am to have noodles once again for breakfast, I was starting to think bringing 60 packets of noodles was a bad idea. Our walk started at the same acclimatization point we walk on our very first day in Dingboche. After a few photos we carried on walking in huge plateu between two mountain ranges. It was the clearest day we have had so far and our cameras were running hot before the threat of any weather closed in again. The temp was 15 degrees making it perfect for walking in the beautiful valley. We were having such a great time we stopped for a light snack; having a little nap set in amongst huge giants. Everything was perfect, clear skies, great views, good snacks with no noodles, we weren’t fighting ... read more
looking down the vally
location location location
nice day

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