Linda Webb


Linda Webb

The Bucket List trip is well underway and we are having a fabulous time! Knock on wood; it hasn't rained very much at all and, since we got to Alaska, the mosquitoes have not been as bad as what we expected!! Again, knock on wood, I don't want to jinx the rest of the trip. Alaska mosquitoes were on vacation in Canada - once back here, I've been eaten alive. I hear it's rained a lot in Canada, so bug spray will be coming out of hiding. We are back in short sleeves and shorts. When it's 75 degrees here in Canada, it seems so much hotter than 75 degrees at home. Not looking forward to 80-90-100's!!

North America August 25th 2011

Good news! The turbo reset itself or whatever was wrong with the engine wasn't wrong any more the next morning. Colorado, the panhandle of Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas, all pretty flat land, but there's no place like home and Texas is home, no matter how far away from it we are. We got to Dallas around noon on Aug 25, 2011. All in all, we were gone 75 days, drove 237 hours, traveled 10,100 miles, averaged 15.2 mpg and had a fantastic summer. However, we didn't complete the entire bucket list trip, so we are just going to have to go back. If we had to say what our best experiences were, Jim would say the float/fishing trip on the Kenai River first and being sideswiped by the bear second. I would say flying ... read more
Sweet Audrey
Happy Elliot
Giggly Audrey

North America » United States » Colorado » Lamar August 23rd 2011

After taking an extra day in Billings to ride the scooter (we had only towed it 4000 miles without riding it but once), it was back to driving the interstate, ready to be in Dallas now. No side trips; no sightseeing. In Cheyenne, WY, we stopped for the night at Terry Bison Ranch, a working bison ranch that also had camels and llamas, just 2 miles north of the WY/CO border. We read that the Senator's Steakhouse on the premises had the best burger in Wyoming, according to Bobby Flay and the Food Network. We decided to see if it was better than an "In and Out" Burger. After we got to the restaurant, we decided to have a steak instead. So we'll never know if it was the best burger in Wyoming. It's pretty cool ... read more

North America » United States » Montana August 20th 2011

Granted that the terrain in Montana is breathtaking although very different from what we saw in Canada and Alaska; however, driving on the interstate is boring! Since our daughter-in-law's stepfather passed away last Thursday evening (Rest in Peace, Frank), we now have a time frame in which we need to get to Dallas to pay our last respects and to hug his family. Jim was happy on the interstate. He just didn't like those elevated mountain roads with no shoulders. On the way to Alaska, we stayed in the Billings KOA, but they didn't have any sites available for tonight, so we stayed next door at the Yellowstone River RV Park. As we drove in, a momma dear and 2 babies were just behind the pet area. No matter how many deer I see in Hot ... read more
Momma Deer and 2 Babies

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton August 15th 2011

After the quaint little village of Jasper, it was off to Edmonton and North America's largest mall, over 800 stores with the largest indoor amusement park and the largest indoor waterpark with many tube slides. There are 3 new slides this summer and they feature an electronic launch system. Sliders step into a glass capsule and the floor drops from beneath them, sending them on their journey. Cyclone, the first waterslide of its kind in Canada offers both the unexpected drop plus a vertical loop. After the floor releases from beneath them, a slider plummets 17 meters straight down, as fast as 60 km/h, before arching upward into a near-vertical loop and blazing out into a splashdown lane. The two Sky Screamer Extreme slides both have the electronic launch system, but one of the slides is ... read more
Asian Market
Asian Market
Sea Adventures

North America » Canada » British Columbia August 13th 2011

We left Beaver Creek expecting very bad road conditions all the way to Destruction Bay as it was horrible on the journey north. We were very pleasantly surprised that most of the really bad road was much improved. We made good time to Whitehorse, YT and pulled into Hi Country RV, expecting to see the Johnsons and Mike and Ray once again. They weren’t there, but when we heard from them, they were just down the road at a different RV park. We celebrated with the Lindas having a girl’s shopping day on Friday. We found a great liquidation sale and both got a pair of boots. We revisited the fish ladder as we’d been told that the Chinook (king) salmon would be jumping up the ladder in great numbers. When we got there, the staff ... read more
It's way up there
Jade City

North America » Canada » Yukon » Beaver Creek City August 3rd 2011

There's an old Eskimo legend that when the fireweed begins to bloom at the top, winter will be soon behind. Not wanting to experience any part of winter in Alaska, even the beginning, I guess it's time to head home. We are not even slightly prepared for any of the triple-digit temperatures in Texas, but perhaps they will be gone by the time we arrive. After leaving Grand View, we drove another 79 miles on the Glenn Highway before getting back onto roads we've traveled before. The Glenn Highway was a very pretty drive and good road all the way. We were told last night that the Glenn Highway has never been closed due to weather. Interesting to think about. At Gulkana, we turned north to head towards Tok Junction, the last town in Alaska before ... read more
Bear footprint
Black bear greets us
White River RV Park

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage August 2nd 2011

I should have never texted Brenda B. about the rain in Alaska. That jinxed us! Not only did it rain in Soldotna for a couple days, but then it rained the whole time we were in Anchorage. Sunday, we went downtown, rode the free trolley to the Ulu Factory, Open Air Market, Qiviut Musk Ox Producers' Co-Operative store and ate great fish and chips at The Brewhouse. (We rode the People Mover bus @ .50 for seniors to downtown from the RV park. It was Jim's first experience with mass transit. I don't think he's ridden a bus since junior high. We took a cab back from downtown. Nuf said!) Monday; a bummer of a day; my flight to Mt. McKinley got cancelled due to weather; it rained all day & 4 women camped next door ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Soldotna July 29th 2011

It rained and rained and rained - Sat, Sun and Mon, so we looked around Kenai and Soldotna and got things done around the motorhome and watched a lot of TV. When the rain stopped, we decided to try our luck at "combat" fishing for reds along the river. (Combat fishing is shoulder-to-shoulder fishing with others casting right beside you). It was obvious that we didn't know what we were doing when we didn't catch any fish, even though those around us were catching plenty. Tommy, a friend from Georgia, arrived late Tuesday night and invited us to float the Lower Kenai on Wed. We put on our waders, hopped in the boat and started on another Alaska adventure. It was a gorgeous day and floating was peaceful and serene, passing by fisherman in the river, ... read more
A simple peaceful lodge along the river
Fishing really close
The boat inches nearer

North America » United States » Alaska » Ninilchik July 23rd 2011

We thought we were both moose-jinxed, but then Linda saw two last Monday between Ninilchik and Soldotna. Now, we have seen a moose while together AND got the picture!! Seeing and "shooting" wildlife in their natural habitat has been such an exciting part of this trip for us both. That's what Alaska is all about, isn't it? More to see.......... read more
Still waiting for the BIG rack

Walking back from dinner at the Fresh Catch in Homer, still daylight at 9:00 pm, two eagles flitting overhead after a day of bear watching for me and a day of fishing for Jim – life doesn’t get much better. Would you have ever thought to put bernaise on grilled salmon? Not me, either, but I had grilled sockeye salmon served on a bed of Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus, topped with Tanner crabmeat and bernaise. I cleaned my plate. Jim opted for prime rib served with macaroni and cheese. He cleaned his plate as well. Yummy! It was a beautiful day for flying, clear and about 65 degrees. I got lucky in not having to report for the 6:00 am flight. My flight left at 12:45. The flight times are dependent on the ... read more
Mt Augustine volcano
View from where plane landed
Linda and the bears

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