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July 20th 2011
Published: July 21st 2011
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Heritage RV ParkHeritage RV ParkHeritage RV Park

Not quite as nice as our Heritage RV Resort in Orange Beach, but the view is awesome.
It was a short drive from Ninilchik to Homer, only 40 miles down the Sterling Highway. Homer is famous for many things: it is known as the "Halibut Fishing Capital of the World," it has the Salty Dawg Saloon, it was made famous in Tom Bodett’s book and radio show (you might remember him from the Motel 6 “We’ll keep the light on for you” ads) "End of the Road," it is home to the Hillstrand Brothers, Andy and Johnathan, famous co-Captains of the Deadliest Catch king crab boat – Time Bandit, and of course, The Homer Spit. The Spit, 4 ½ miles of road that ends in Kachemak Bay, is probably the exposed part of an underwater moraine for a tidewater glacier. A geologist from Soldotna dates the Spit at approximately 16,500 years old. During the 1964 earthquake, the Spit subsided 7’. The road had to be built back up so it would be passable at all times of the year.

We have another fabulous view out our front window overlooking Kachemak Bay at an RV park next to the “Fishing Hole,” a man-made lake stocked with King salmon, silvers and pinks, free fishing for anyone who has a fishing license. The salmon that come in here have no place to spawn (but that's why they come in here), so it’s easy pickings. Tomorrow is our “easy pickings day.” Unfortunately, our little freezer is so full of halibut that there won’t be any room if we catch any salmon.

While my idea of fun is Friday’s bear-watching expedition, Jim’s idea of fun would be to go out on Time Bandit.

**A side note: you and four of your friends can have your very own experience on Time Bandit with Captain John and Captain Andy for 6 days for a mere $375,000 not counting airfare to get to Anchorage. Or you can get their book, "Time Bandit: Two Brothers, the Bering Sea, and One of the World's Deadliest Jobs" to read about their experiences growing up in Homer and fishing around here. "The Spit's a good baby sitter," is how Johnathan put it.

Today, we walked the Spit, visiting the little shops along the way, popped into the Salty Dawg Saloon (too early for a drink!), bought tee-shirts and rode the hop off/hop on trolley around town. I even rode it to grocery shop later in the
Red (Sockeye) salmonRed (Sockeye) salmonRed (Sockeye) salmon

Alaska residents, like this guy, catch these by dip-netting in the Kenai River.
day. Talked to a local who had a Karelian Bear Dog. Her boyfriend was teaching the puppy named Rachmaninoff how to wade through the surf. This is a most interesting breed as it will hunt and fight any kind of animal.

Additional photos below
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A nice fish, one of many caught this day
Seagulls waitingSeagulls waiting
Seagulls waiting

These guys are perched atop a building right next to the fish-cleaning station

The wildflowers have been so pretty. These are related to our Texas bluebonnets.
Low tideLow tide
Low tide

Taken at 3:30 pm; the tide swings are so fascinating. You can see it rising and falling.
High tideHigh tide
High tide

Taken at 7:00 pm
Tide going out againTide going out again
Tide going out again

Taken at 8:30 pm

The story is when the tip of the fireweed starts to bloom, winter is near.

This nest is in downtown Homer. There are a mom and dad and 2 babies.

This lake is only for seaplanes - no boat traffic allowed.
Littles ones at the Fishing HoleLittles ones at the Fishing Hole
Littles ones at the Fishing Hole

This is what it's all about
Two seals in the Fishing HoleTwo seals in the Fishing Hole
Two seals in the Fishing Hole

They understand "easy pickings" also
Tents along the SpitTents along the Spit
Tents along the Spit

True wilderness camping
Princess with her bear bellPrincess with her bear bell
Princess with her bear bell

The guides say make noise so as to not scare the bears. Princess is ready.

10th August 2011

End of the Road.
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