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8th May 2012
Clam Guns for sale

Clam Gun
I am looking for two clam gun. What is the gun made of?
22nd September 2012
Clam Guns for sale

They are made of PVC
Sorry, we gave them away in Ninilchik.
30th August 2011

Dear Webbs... Thank You for letting me Tag Along on your Trip...I have been following since you left. You even taught me a thing or two (Whitehorses). Funny, I had a Bear bounce off my truck too a few years ago on the Sterling Hwy 18 miles north of Sterling proper, same way, off the side and Ran off... Really makes you scratch your head... (him too)! I Live here in Anchorage and I enjoy reading of peoples Excitment and Wonder for my Beautiful state. I write Poetry and I like to include the Highpoints of Peoples interests and favorite things. By the way you spoke of Salmon throughout the trip, I suspect that you have become a Fan.(Ceder Plank sounds good). Sounds like you had a Great Trip! I suspect that you might want to return and see Denali Up close... You will have to come back for that... Keeping that in mind "We'll leave the Lights on for You". Best Wishes... Bill
10th August 2011

End of the Road.
Hello Tom Believe it or no, You Have Silent Fans, like myself till now. Your reading of "On the Road Touched me. About that time, I made my First Chinese Food. But I took your Warning, and Handled the Spicing Lightly. That meal happened in Belmont Shores California about !982 I can still Taste it :) You cause anyone listening to you, to talk like you. I pert much talked that way before, but you have it. The ability to do a Great Tom Bodett. I don't have anything Green here, or even looks like Green, is there somewhere, I could Share "The End of The Road'? With my Face Book Friends? May be if they Understood you, they could more understand m. Anybody? Most Blog Management People, don't like if you asay AOL or any Emails, bu Rand Kon is me.
26th July 2011

What a wonderful trip!
Hope we can get together some time so I can view your pictures! They're great!
11th July 2011

Beautiful pics.
Linda and Jim...the pics are breathtaking. Chuck says that Alaska is something to see. I would love to go sometime. Not too much going on in Kentucky. The weather is rather sticky. We will heading back to OBA on the 21st. We miss you guys. Be safe and continue sending us beautiful photos. Love you guys, Cissy & Chuck
From Blog: Valdez
11th July 2011

chilkkot Lake
Loved that pic. of camp set up along the lake, reminded me of the time we set camp on the side of the road (somewhere up there) for the night overlooking a lake like that, the mountains edgeing right down into the lake are so awesome, the beauty of is something to behold. again, enjoy it........
From Blog: Haines to Tok
11th July 2011

Hey, It seems so beautiful and I believe it will a good experience to have a trip in Valdez!
From Blog: Valdez
29th June 2011

Was great to talk to you tonight. Love the pics. Muncho looks beautiful. Could you go for a dip? I know you are having a great time. found the "post a message" Love you, Donna & Joe
13th June 2011

Hi Texas
Yall have way too much fun. I hear NOone has eaten THAT steak!!! Love the pics!

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