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North America » United States » Alaska » Haines July 1st 2011

Twenty days on the road and we made it to Alaska! It was a wonderful feeling to get to the border and be greeted by a US Customs agent and a Welcome to Alaska sign! The brochures and books that said the Haines Highway is by far the most scenic byway in the world were not wrong. Around every turn, a new vista that was more beautiful than the last. As we passed over the summit (only 3500 ft), there was snow at road level. Coming into Haines, we saw a juvenile bald eagle. Had it been November or December, there would have been so many more eagles, probably around 4,000 lining the shores of the Chilkat River, waiting for the salmon. One highlight of Haines is the 48,000-acre Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. As we entered ... read more
Another view out the window
And another....
Back in the USA - Alaska!!!!!

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse June 30th 2011

Tomorrow - off to Alaska....Haines, our first stop. We will still be in Canada for July 1-Canada Day, but will be back in America for July 4th! Yay! The last several days in Whitehorse have given us the opportunity to tour the city, provision for the next few days, do laundry, clean the RV, talk to folks coming and going to Alaska to compare notes and get pointers. On our first day of touring, we were told at the Visitor Center that we were here for the start of the Yukon River Quest, a 740 km/460 mile paddling race from Whitehorse to Dawson City. There were over 70 canoes and kayaks at the starting line, some with only one paddler and some with as many as ten paddlers, all hyped up for the race! The riverbanks ... read more
Downtown Trolley
Ross and Linda
Yukon Quest Canoe & Kayak Race

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse June 28th 2011

Whitehorse, capital of the Yukon territory, largest city in the Yukon with population of around 25,000 - half of all the people who live in the Yukon. This is so believable as we have been in towns with only 492 people recently. We actually found a Wal-Mart. Whitehorse was named because the early settlers called the Yukon's rapids "whitehorses," thinking that the rapids looked like the mane of white horses. This explains why our Brit friends call white caps "whitehorses." OK, that makes sense. I'm not sure I ever knew why we called them white caps! We plan to be here for several days, so tomorrow is a "see-the-city" day. This will be our last provisioning city before we enter Alaska. We are trying to learn what we can take back into America. Seems strange to ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Watson Lake June 27th 2011

It has been touch-and-go with internet service for several days and no cell service for 2 days. Hoping to get something better as we move northwest to Alaska. Monday morning - the DHL facility should be open and have our sign for the Sign Forest. Off we go to Twilite Services where we find that DHL delivered on Wed last week, but nothing else since. No sign!! So, off to the Sign Forest with the hope that we can come back through Watson Lake, post our sign and be a part of history for future generations. The Sign Forest was very cool. I am posting pictures of some fun signs. For Debbie McCutchen, I looked all over for a Roll Tide sign, but could only come up with the Auburn sign I took a picture of. ... read more
Denton, Texas

North America » Canada » Yukon » Watson Lake June 26th 2011

Last night, we decided to get an early start in the hopes of seeing better wildlife. Our little canine alarm clock (Princess) accommodated us by waking up at 5:00 am. We got everything ready and started rolling at 5:30; much later than dawn up here in the wilderness with at least 18 hours on daylight. We had not gone ten miles before we saw another black bear. Then, down the road, buffalo herds. We stopped just past a bridge where a buffalo was grazing and, before we knew it, he was right beside the coach. We got to Watson Lake by 8:30 am, so we drove to the local Wye Lake, fixed breakfast and enjoyed the view before checking into the campground. Population of Watson Lake is around 1600. It is home to the famous Watson ... read more
Bison and calf

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Fort Nelson June 25th 2011

As we left Ft. Nelson, we passed through large groves of poplars and roadsides lined with blooming wildflowers. With each turn of the road, different mountains in the Canadian Rockies came into view, all snow-capped, even at this time of the year. Our guide books said stop at Mile Marker 375 at Tetsa River Campground for homemade cinnamon buns made by the family that originally settled here. Mouths watering and having skipped breakfast, we pulled in. The smell as we walked in was wonderful. Then, we were told that it would be a 50-minute wait for cinnamon buns as she had just put them in the oven. How disappointing! (The others in our caravan who left later than we did got there just in time to get some.) We were following very slow traffic when, all ... read more
Teslin Lake view
Teslin lake view

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Chetwynd June 23rd 2011

Connected with friends Ross and Linda Johnson, Mike McWilliams and Jack Hoskyn in Dawson Creek, BC after driving the short distance from Grande Prairie. Spent the first evening catching up on their sightseeing and ours and comparing notes. Yesterday, we went to the "Mile 0" start of the Alcan Highway for photo ops and sauntered around town. Watched a movie about the building of the Alaska Highway and the hardships endured to get it done in time to help secure Canada and the USA during WWI. Today, a side trip to Chetwynd, home of the International Chainsaw Carving Championship, held the 2nd week-end each June. Sure wish we could have watched the actual carving of these logs. There are 12 teams consisting of a lead carver and an assistant from all over the world. Total carving ... read more
Our Caravan
Ross and Linda

North America » Canada » Alberta » Banff National Park June 20th 2011

Crossed the border into Canada on Friday. The border guard was more interested in Hot Springs, AR and the hot springs there than he was what we had on board that might be contraband. He wanted to know if people could just go anytime and get into the springs. Once through the first guard, we had to go inside and declare the shotgun and bear spray we were taking in. Surprisingly, all we had to do was fill out a form and pay $25. In Calgary, we stayed at a campground next door to the Canada Olympic Park, home of the 1988 Winter Olympics. It would have been an interesting place to tour. However, we had plans to meet up with friends from Heritage and have dinner at the Calgary Tower, what was once the tallest ... read more
Scott and Jim
Calgary Tower
Jim and the Glass Floor

North America » United States June 15th 2011

Day 4 and we are still in the lower 48, driving through Wyoming and into Montana. We will stay in Billings tonight, Shelby tomorrow night and into Canada Friday morning where we will connect with a Heritage friend, Scott. That's when the beautiful scenery should blossom with pictures for posting. We are enjoying daytime temperatures in the 70's, but it does get cold at night. Yesterday, when I said how beautiful the mountains are, Jim replied "The ocean is beautiful." So, those of you who know him know he's still kicking and screaming all the way! Montana is definitely "Big Sky" country. And, we found Moose Drool beer at the campground! ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Amarillo June 12th 2011

Farewells this morning were bittersweet as Audrey and Elliot (who had slept over in the RV with us last night) thought they should pack their clothes and come with us. The Via with the Auto Moto on trailer behind got many stares as we traveled to the first stop in Amarillo, home of The Big Texan Restaurant. It's famous for the free 72-oz steak. It's only free if you can eat it in less than an hour. No takers in our group. Richard and Ginger Cook, friends from 40+ years ago, came to the RV park for a visit before dinner. ... read more
Ready to go
The Big Texan in Amarillo
A real Texas takeout

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