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South America » Chile » Atacama July 16th 2011

Our time in the Atacama desert was amazing. We stayed at a beautiful hotel where every day you could choose to do guided excursions in the morning and in the afternoon out into the dessert, to hot springs, to the salt flats, to geysers, to volcanoes and to dozens of other places. On the first day we went horse riding through the oasis and into the dessert and we all liked that so much that we rode horses every day after as well. The mountains, rock formations and sand dunes of the desert were out favorite things, but we also really loved our trip to the salt flats where we saw beautiful pink flamingos bathing in the salt waters.... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu July 14th 2011

Hello! We are still in Peru. Today, we woke up in Cusco EXTREMELEY early in the morning to get on a 4 hour train to Machu Picchu. About halfway through the train ride, the Thompsons (our great friends from London) boarded, but unfortunateley we were not allowed to move between carriages to see them because the trains were like those from the wild west and we would have surely fallen through to our young deaths. Once we arrived to Machu Picchu, we met up with the Thompsons and our tour guide Jorge- pronounced Horgheh. Then we started our hike. It was quite a long and steep walk, but was definiteley worth it. We have seen many Inca ruins so far, but this was definiteley the most impressive and preserved of all. As we made our way ... read more
Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu 1
Machu Picchu 2

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco July 12th 2011

Hello everybody! Today we are in Cuzco, as yesterday we left Sacred Valley. Yesterday, after we arrived to our hotel in Cuzco, we took a nice walk to get familiar with our surroundings. In the center of Cuzco we found that there was a wide variety of unique and magnificent shops, from carpets and textiles to delicate Inca jewellery. When we got back we met with the Thompsons (Dave, Anjula, Jaz and Zoe) for a delicious dinner at an Indian place. Today, we continued our lessons for two hours and then spent the remainder of our lesson in the Market of San Pedro. The teachers came with us and we were only allowed to speak Spanish, even amongst ourselves! In the market we found many stalls selling different things such as fruit, jewellery, clothes, seeds, meat ... read more
Cuzco 2
Cuzco 3
Gross pigs head

South America July 9th 2011

Hola amigos! We are still in the Sacred Valley in Peru. But this morning, instead of our lessons, we had a thrilling activity planned- white water rafting! We drove for an hour to the end of the river and then had a safety breifing. Then we got into the water in canoes- Alicja with Dad, Emma with Doogie (the instructor) and Mum, Patrick and Tosia together. During our journey, we thought that the tiny rapids we saw were the min ones, but how wrong were we! They were nothing compared to the foaming, chaotic, rocky and freezing rapids we really encountered! Afterwards we had our lessons, which were warm and much appreciated after the adrenalin-pumping rapids. Hasta Luego! -The Lost Tribe... read more
Emma and Doogie
Safety Breifing ...

South America » Peru » Cusco » Pisac July 8th 2011

Hello everybody! I’m sorry that we haven’t written the blog in a while but we’ve been extremely busy and haven’t had the time to desperately search for an internet connection! Currently we are in Urubamba in Peru. Soon we will be visiting Machu Pichu, but right now we are taking 4 hour Spanish lessons in the mornings, and then going for excursions in the afternoon. Yesterday after our Spanish lessons and lunch, we went to Ollantaytambo, an Inca site. It was breathtaking and had really cool layers cut into the mountain called Andenes. We got an interesting idea of Inca architecture, and were really amazed at how advanced in design they were, for example the clever yet beautiful water system. If this was only a fraction of what Machu Pichu is said to be, then we ... read more
Parrots 2

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios June 18th 2011

Yasu! From alicja Last night we spent on the beach (again)! Straight after breakfast we went swimming and Patrick and Dad went spearfishing. They came back with a surpise - they had caught a crayfish!!! We have to give all of the credit to Patrick who spotted it hiding under some rocks- pretty impressive! Despite some of our (mine and tosia's!) early fears of it biting us, once it was cooked it didn't really pose any potential threat. :P We returned to the place we are staying in and after lunch went for a swim in the afternoon at Valmas beach. While having fun splashing about, mum went for a frappe and then gave in to the water. Later in the day we went for a lovely dinner with some friends: Dimitri, Katie, Elena and Stelios. ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios June 16th 2011

Hey everybody! I thought I should start by saying that yesterday after a full day of swimming we experienced an amazing lunar eclipse. Depending on where you guys were at the time, you may or may not have seen it, but for those who didn't it was super cool and the moon turned red! :D So today, we had a full morning of windsurfing and water rides. After a delicious lunc we went to kabaki and we are sleeping here tonight. We swam andndad caught some amazing fish which we had. For dinner with goat. Then we looked at the stars which are very clear tonight -The Lost Tribe... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Ios June 13th 2011

Hi guys, Alicja here! We haven’t written in the blog for days, partly because we have been so busy, and partly because until now our search for an internet connection has been unsuccessful. We are currently in Greece. We arrived on Friday, after 2 days of travelling. On Friday we were too tired to go for a swim far from the hotel. However on Saturday it was dad’s birthday (happy birthday!!!!!!!!) so he chose, typically, to sleep in Kabaki, the beach where we own land (which, if I may say, is pretty nice!). So we spent the night in the ‘house’ we have devised, a.k.a a military tent. But I’m not saying it wasn’t fun- we made dinner on the fire, ate birthday cake and fish that dad caught, had late swims, looked at the stars ... read more
Mylopotas Beach

Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan June 7th 2011

Hey everyone! Sorry we didn't write an entry yesterday- we were tired out after a day of travelling. Anyway yesterday we travelled to Yerevan, and on the way stopped at another beautiful monastery high upon a mountain. Today after we had breakfast, we went to visit the genocide museum, which really opened our eyes. We reccomend you read about the Armenian Genocide. Then we visited the Saryan museum. It is an amazing museum which holds the fascinating works of Saryan, an Armenian painter. Later in the day after a late lunch, we walked around Yerevan some more. We found the city really nice and loved the elegant architecture. We returned to the hotel after our long walk, and decided to settle down with a movie. -The Lost Tribe... read more
kids at monastery
kids at monastery 2
Monastery 2

Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan June 5th 2011

Parev everyone! (-Alicja) Today was our last day in Dilijan. Yeterday we visited a wonderful monastery called Gosch. We also visited the lovely family that dad is renovating the house for. This morning as Dad set off for his last day of building, the rest of us went for ANOTHER art lesson! We were drawing some lilac flowers, which we will post later. :) Later in the day, we (me, mum, and the kids) braved th rain to go for a walk and get some lunch. After lunch we went to a pottery shop and then made our way to the orphanage. It was sad to say goodbye to the children who we had made such good friends with, but we will hopefully stay in touch. Then we met with dad in a beautiful monastery called ... read more
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