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Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan June 3rd 2011

Hi everybody, Emma here. Today after dad left for building we had just had a breakfast of eggs and pancakes. We were drawing and reading in our rooms. We slowly made our way to the restaurant where we were going to meet the orphans. We wandered around the market, being careful not to step in the huge puddles left from the rainshower in the early morning but of course it was too tempting!!! When we met the children at the resturant we played a variety of games, which were mostly inspired by yesterdays games, including about ten rounds of charades! After being stuffed with salads, kebabs, pork, ice-cream and cake. Unfortunately we looked out of the window and realized the weather channel really did live up to it's expectations as we saw rain and thunder coming ... read more
Emma's 'Leaning Tower of Oranges'
With the Kids
Lunch with the Kids

Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan June 2nd 2011

Hi guys, Alicja here! Today we all got up bright and early (well.... at least dad!!!) for a yummy breakfast of crepes stuffed with mincemeat and coriander. Then, after dad left to build, the rest of us went for our second art lesson. It was great and we were drawing still life using special techniques, which, sadly, did not make our drawings look like Van Gogh but they were close enough! Later in the day, dad met up with us and we went for a fantastic lunch with some kids from the orphanage. We had a really fun time with loads of laughter, photo taking and playing games such as charades where we had to say the word in Armenian or English. We regretted to say goodbye, but we will see them again in a few ... read more
Narine and Tosia
Patrick and Sarkis
Emma and Lilith

Asia » Armenia » East » Ijevan June 1st 2011

Hi everybody! We'd like to start today's blog with a special mention to Grandpa Lou, it's his birthday! (Tsnundd shnorhavor in Armenian). We started our travels on Saturday, with a full day of travel. After flying to Armenia via Russia, we arrived at our hotel at eleven- but not too late for kebab. The next day we had a meeting with our organiser, which was followed by a visit to the lively Yerevan Market. After a fantastic lunch In a (unexpectedly) nice restaurant, we drove to Dilijan, the city we are spending our time in. We arrived just in time for a fantastic dinner of dolmas at our accommodation 'Dili villa' which we strongly reccomend. On Monday, we all began our first day of work. Dad had to get up earlier than everybody else because his ... read more

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