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June 13th 2011
Published: June 14th 2011
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Hi guys, Alicja here!

We haven’t written in the blog for days, partly because we have been so busy, and partly because until now our search for an internet connection has been unsuccessful.

We are currently in Greece. We arrived on Friday, after 2 days of travelling. On Friday we were too tired to go for a swim far from the hotel. However on Saturday it was dad’s birthday (happy birthday!!!!!!!!) so he chose, typically, to sleep in Kabaki, the beach where we own land (which, if I may say, is pretty nice!). So we spent the night in the ‘house’ we have devised, a.k.a a military tent. But I’m not saying it wasn’t fun- we made dinner on the fire, ate birthday cake and fish that dad caught, had late swims, looked at the stars and had a ‘cozy’ night in the tent sharing mattresses. The next day we went for swims before breakfast and then had a full day on the beach. Unfortunately dad swam into a field of anemones and now has stings all up his arm. He’s not allowed to expose it to sunlight, but nothing stops dad from having a full day’s sun!!

So today is Monday, and last night we slept in the hotel. We spent this morning in the hotel as we were tired from a late night and dad wasn’t supposed to be exposed to too much sun. In the afternoon we spent the entire afternoon in the swimming pool, having handstand competitions and diving races. We came back for a delicious dinner at The Mills, possibly the best restaurant in Greece!

Yours truly,

-The Lost Tribe

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5th July 2011

hello alicja and everyone, i am so jealous of your holiday! I wish i was there! you look like you're having loads of fun, while we're at school... :P meanwhile, fun fridays are good alicja as i have found a great cookie recipe, and we're even having fun wednesday tomorrow... (: we HAVE to meet up in the summer if you're back! from amy x (:

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