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South America » Argentina » Catamarca August 28th 2011

Hi There! Our last full stop was Iguazu falls on the Argentinian side. We had such a great time there! Our hotel was the only one right next to the falls, but on the day which we arrived we just relaxed by the pool and enjoyed the views. The next day though, we got up and straight from breakfast embarked on the adventure! The amazing thing about the Argentinian side is that you are so close to the waterfalls- we could actually stand underneath and get wet! We followed the trail and marveled at the fabulous water features, including Devils Throat. We also made friends with the curious animals there, Coatis, as well as the colourful and inquisitive birds who would land next to us. We stood in a place where you were sprayed by the ... read more
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South America » Argentina » Salta August 23rd 2011

Our second to last destination was an estancia (ranch) int he North Western region of Argentina called Salta. The estancia was founded in 1609 and has 60,000 hectares of land, most of it used for growing sugar cane and sorghum but about 5,000 hectares still left as forests with ponds. The estancia has hundreds of horses and we went riding every day with a gaucho named Gallardo, who didn't speak any English so was great for practicing our Spanish. We rode all over the ranch on great horses that could really run and Alicja and Emma were often at a full gallop. There were many beautiful sites during our rides, but our favorite might have been when we would ride out into the fields and be surrounded by the herds of horses running free. We also ... read more
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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires August 17th 2011

Emma here! We stayed in a part of Buenos Aires called Recoleta. We had a fantastic time with our cousin Grace, we visited a lot of places such as an art museum called Malba and Palace de Glace. We also visited Recoleta Cemetery which was really peculiar because each tomb had it's own tiny house with the alter on the ground floor and the coffins underneath, except some of the really creepy tombs which had been vandalised and had cracked glass and the coffins in site on the ground floor. We also saw "La flora" which is a beautiful peace of art in the shape of a flower and in the day it closes but in the night it oppens and produces a spectacular light show. On one of the days we took a really long ... read more
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South America » Ecuador » Galápagos August 10th 2011

Hola! Alicja here. From the 8th to the 15th of August, we were on a cruise of the Galapagos. On the first day, we were collected from the airport by a small dinghy which took us to our boat, the Cormorant. After we settled in, we were taken to explore the island of Santa Cruz. Immediately we were greeted by hundreds of marine iguanas by the dock, from the size of 3 cm to 1.5 meters! After that we went to the Darwin center- home to the worlds rarest animal, lonesome George, the last Pinta Island Tortoise. He has been attempted to breed with other tortoises, but without success. On Monday morning we were at Espanola island. It was the most bountiful island of our trip, being the breedIng site of nearly all of the worlds ... read more
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South America » Ecuador » East » El Coca August 7th 2011

Buenos dias! Alicja here. We have spent the past week in the Ecuadorean Amazon Rainforest, which was the most thrilling part of our trip so far! On the Monday, we took a flight from Quito to Coca, and then took a 3 hour boat to the jungle, and another 1 hour canoe to our hotel, which was a traditional lodge made of bamboo. After we had settled in, we went for a walk in the jungle with Lindsay and Leah (also in our group), our tour guide, Jorge, and our native guide (Pajarito, it means little bird) who could spot a camouflaged frog in the dark ten meters away! Later in the evening after dinner we went on a canoe on the river to spot Caymen. We didn't manage to spot any that night but ... read more
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South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 30th 2011

Emma here! When we went to Quito, mommy and I went to many churches while Dad and the rest hung out at the hotel. The churches were all very beautiful and detailed and were located in market squares. Also in the markets we saw a number of marches which were quite spectacular because it was Ecuadorian Independence day. We also saw a wedding take place where the police were all waiting outside for the ceremony to end so they could put their swords to form an arc for the couple to walk through.... read more
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South America » Ecuador » West » Canoa July 27th 2011

We spent a week at an "eco-farm" in a small valley called Rio Muchacho on the coast of Ecuador. We went there because there was a Spanish language program there where we all studied Spanish four hours a day (again!). Unfortunately, Dad didn't look too closely into the place that we were staying. On the one had, it was incredibly fun - we road on the back of trucks into the beach farm, made rings out of local nuts on big grinding machines, rode horses at a gallop down the valley to where we climbed through the jungle to see monkeys, took a canoe ride through a beautiful mangrove island called Isla Corazon where we saw thousands of red-chested frigate birds and red crabs nesting (and a huge boa constrictor sitting just above our heads), went ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago July 24th 2011

We celebrated Emma's 12th birthday in great style in Santiago, Chile with dad's good friend Antonio and his family. Antonio and his son Stefano were so nice that they picked us up right at the airport and whisked us off through Santiago and up into the mountains on the outskirts of the city to Antonio's club. We had a delicious buffet lunch with Antonio's mom (who looks so much like grandma they could be sisters) and dad (84 years young) and their friends. After lunch, we all looked around the amazing club which had everything: tennis, golf, horses, basketball, indoor and outdoor pools and, most amazing of all, canopying - where you fly through the air in a harness stapped to a wire - which we absolutely had to try. We all got ready in our ... read more
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South America » Chile » Atacama » El Salvador July 19th 2011

Hi it’s Patrick writing just so you know. We’re sorry for blogging in so late . Three days ago we went to the hot springs and that’s what I’m going to talk about . At 10:00 we got in the car to go to the hot springs with our guide Patrizio . When we got there we went straight to the changing room . When I was changed a few minutes after dad, I went to look for him (I forgot to mention to you earlier there are eight springs in the area) and then I saw dad’s bag at one of the springs and I thought he had just gone to the toilet so I went in. Then I went in and then I slipped down the waterfall. A while later dad came back from ... read more
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South America » Chile » Atacama July 18th 2011

Hi everybody, Emma here. Today was the second day of our stay at the Atacama dessert in Chile. After having the best sleep in a long time we had breakfast and started to get ready for our first horse riding trip in the Atacama dessert! To get ready we had to put on helmets and chaps which are ankle to knee leg protectors. We met our horse riding instructor and he led us to the horses. When we got to the stable we got on our horses mine called Diamond, Alicja´s Lascar after a volcano, Patrick´s Resongon which means impatient and Antonina´s called Guinda which means Cherry. It was Patricks first time horse riding and he fell in love with it at once. We went riding around town and we looked so extraordinary that tourists even ... read more
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