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4th October 2011
Anna photos 796

heya guys! I lovvv ur website
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17th July 2011

The Lost Tribe's Excellent Adventure
Hi Gopies: wow, thanks for sharing this blog site. I really enjoyed catching up with your trip to date, which seems just plain amazing. I especially enjoyed the photos of the monastery in Armenia. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes and love to all! Lisa
5th July 2011

hello alicja and everyone, i am so jealous of your holiday! I wish i was there! you look like you're having loads of fun, while we're at school... :P meanwhile, fun fridays are good alicja as i have found a great cookie recipe, and we're even having fun wednesday tomorrow... (: we HAVE to meet up in the summer if you're back! from amy x (:
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21st June 2011

Tell us the feeling there. Greece insolvent, EU banks holding who knows how much of the debt. People in the streets in Athens. What a historic time to be there. And oh yes a birthday. Happy to know that the family can enjoy the 5 stars as well as the military tent. Builds character!
19th June 2011

Omg I didn't know you looked at them in class! Anyway thanks xxx
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13th June 2011

Eye Opener
Unfortunately I took your advice and read up on the "great crime". How is it that such an event escaped our history lessons in high school when it was clearly as heinous as that of Hilter's Germany? I can tell you having done a few forced marches for 20-30 miles, being force marched to death is not a pleasant way to die. Hard to imagine there are not lingering feelings against the Turks. Ah but such is the lesson of forgiveness you are probably teaching the children. The family looks great by the way and so happy to know you are doing this. We'll keep in touch. All the best!
9th June 2011

Nice photo, we looked at these pics at school, and the whole class thought this one was amazing, including Senora Rabet!
From Blog: Yerevan
8th June 2011

Great Job on the Posts!
Alicja, Thank you for taking the time to chronicle your trip so far with the wonderful descriptions and photos. It's wonderful to follow along and see some of the neat things and people in Armenia. We look forward to seeing you in Michigan in a few weeks and will be following the Lost Tribe on this blog the rest of your trip. Love, Uncle Tom
From Blog: Yerevan
7th June 2011

Looks like fun. I will be jealous forever! :)
7th June 2011

Looks like fun. I will be jealous forever! :)

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