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7th March 2011

This is the first time I have seen of you two wearing winter clothes. :)
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7th March 2011

Nice to see you back!
Great blog, as usual guys. Congrats on the wedding, we are getting married in Lake Garda this year and have decided to backpack around Italy for the honeymoon - have hoped that the Vatican and Rome would be as amazing as it looks and you have confirmed my thoughts!! Cant wait to read your next instalment. Vicki
From Blog: Rome-antics!
7th March 2011

Its so nice to read your blog again !!! Great entry and the photos are amazing !!!
From Blog: Rome-antics!
7th March 2011

Major congrats guys... We chose an August wedding and it still rained, but that's England for ya... Didnt make any difference though as you well know. Enjoy married life, it rocks!!!! :-)
From Blog: Rome-antics!
7th March 2011

Hey Mr and Mrs!
Fab blog you two, looks like you had a great honeymoon - Rome-antic indeed. Your pics of the food made us drool and Rome looks like an inspiring city. Italy is (still) on our wishlist, one day we may make it there. Enjoy married life xx
From Blog: Rome-antics!
7th March 2011

Congrats on your wedding guys! Shame we are going to have to wait till next year to read about your next adventure, but this blog proved a lovely interlude. Best wishes and all that!!
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7th March 2011

its nice to see you guys wearing nice clothes and good hair in a fabulous city! looking every bit like the honeymooners that you two are
From Blog: Rome-antics!
7th March 2011

I love the food in Rome! Hope you have many years of happiness together.
From Blog: Rome-antics!
6th March 2011

Am delighted to be able to read your blog once again, I have missed it and cannot wait for you to travel again and add some adventure to my life! Congrats to you both, enjoy your new life! xx
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12th February 2011
Pet Monkey

Great picture, I love the comment underneath, made me laugh!
11th February 2011

Excellent blog with awesome pictures! As a local, I would add that the Royal Regalia Museum was previously the Sir Winston Churchill Memorial. It housed the only Churchill memorial outside of England, and had a bronze statue of Sir Winston Churchill with his famous "V" sign. It also had an aquarium, and was a popular meeting place for youngsters. The building was originally C-shaped.... "Rice in the market" picture is actually showing various grades of dried anchovies, an essential ingredient in many Malay cooking. Oh yes, one can compare the Sungai Damuan tour as a compact version of Sg Kinabatangan tour in Sabah, minus the orang utans and pygmy elephants. In fact, I can view the proboscis monkeys from my sister's kitchen along the Damuan river!
8th February 2011
Horrible spider

OMG, that is a horrible one! It reminds me of some nightly visitors to our bathroom of our hut, in the jungle in Thailand a few years ago. They terrorized me.
7th December 2010
Dead birds for sale

my frriieenndd dann cryyeedd
7th December 2010

Theft at Siam Hut
I visited Siam Hut just yesterday. Pleasant place with bad staff! My money was stolen in front of other customers and 6 of my colleagues. I left my wallet on the counter to deliver drinks to my table. After ordering another round I found my wallet missing. I asked the girl behind the counter and she immediately gave my wallet to me. BUT!!!!! All of my money was gone. It totaled 3500 Baht. This is not a lot of money to some; but, it is to me. When I asked her who returned the wallet, she got very defensive and looked rather angry/guilty. She made up a story about a White guy returning it. (lies!). As I left she tried to yell at me and make me feel bad about loosing my money to which I let her have a verbal beating back. I called the police and made a report and immediately left the island. Now I have heard more about this manager and her ways. Many people have had there money stolen there. One man who was brave enough to confront her more got his hand chopped up with a butcher knife. I have been going there for 10 years and never had an issues like this, no matter the resort I stayed in. I just want others to know.
6th December 2010
Sophie and Sangalaki sunset

great photo and colors !
30th November 2010
Omar Saifuddin Mosque in BSB

Wow, awesome picture!
30th November 2010
Festival fun

Fantastic picture!
30th November 2010

Awesome blog & amazing pictures. Do you remember who you booked with? I'm hoping to go next year :-)
19th November 2010

Hi Sophie & Dale, When I was about to visit Derawan, I browse about Derawan & found you blog. It made me more eager to visit Derawan. Finally, I visited it last month. I stayed in Losmen Danakan & I think I stayed the same room as you guys :p Too bad I couldn't meet the mantas & couldn't watch the turtles laying eggs. But overal, it was an amazing trip, an almost perfect trip. Hopefuly I have the chance to go back there and make it as a perfect trip.
13th September 2010
Yes this is Dog meat

how does it taste?
You didn't say if it tastes good or not. Is the bottle of dog's blood included in the price too?
31st August 2010

Iv been following you guying for about a week now as im heading on my travels in 6 months so im on a crash course getting as much info as possible. You seem to have had an amazing adventure. Keep me posted and i know its cheeky but if you have a min it would be great if you could send some tips and hints. Many Thanks Lauren
12th August 2010

Hermit Crab in Sardine Can
The one you mentioned as "coconut crab and his house" is actually not a coconut crab, but a very large hermit crab - this species scientific name is Coenobita brevimanus. They did not have any choice that they had to use metal can as shell. If you offered a quite large gastropod shell to that hermit crab for sure he would have abandoned such ugly can.
4th August 2010
Ati-Atihan Festival Parade

Nice photos
Hi I'm a painter and I would love to use some of your photos for as subjects. Would that be possible then? Thanks Noel
2nd July 2010

Loving your blogs, I agree about the Marmite comment, then again I am not crazy about big cities, Gonna sit back and enjoy your blogs and see where they take me.....Regards

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