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20th February 2014
Michelangelo's Painting

not michelangelo
this piece of art was painted by Rapheal not michelangelo
From Blog: Rome-antics!
25th February 2014
Michelangelo's Painting

You passed the test. The force is strong with you my friend.
From Blog: Rome-antics!
3rd December 2013
Rene and his family

when i visited caramoan, the white sands are very beautiful and it is just like Boracay. the tour package is also cheaper than Boracay, i got a super cheap package from the foods are a mixed of bicolano dishes and seafoods.
1st July 2013
Long Beach

Im usually fond of going to different places,explore and having adventures on nice looking views especially beaches. This beach is great. It reminds me of going to boracay and camotes island.
25th June 2013

Is this you guys that I met on Koh Phangnan on the last days of my time in Thailand?
18th June 2013

Puppy cuddles
Being dog lovers it was always nice to be able to cuddle a dog along the road. Thanks for showing us this lovely part of the world.
18th June 2013

I only visited Phuket and some small island like Phi Phi and those ones, but the one you visited is amazing. Lovely pictures. Nice to see you again.
31st May 2013
Koh Lipe

Looks like a rather pleasant spot for a bit of down time...and developing the tan. Hope you had a bit of music to caress the mind & soul while you were soaking it up.
31st May 2013

I so wish we had gone pretty and we love deserted!!! One more place on the 'to do' list:-) B&T
31st May 2013
Stuart Little

I love the Groucho Marx eyebrows! :D
30th May 2013

I am itching to find out why you threw in the towel! Great pics and blog.
29th May 2013
Fruit Shakes

Panc-shake place!
That was our favourite place for pancakes and shakes (or panc-shakes as we nicknamed them!) are making us drool looking at the shake. We are pleased you enjoyed Lipe, it's one of our faves as well! x
20th May 2013

street art
LOVELY STREET ART. Great imagination.
20th May 2013
Tshirt geeks!

Big fan of the Survivor show !
Love your shirts !
19th May 2013
Wedding couple posing for photos

Great capture
Love the impatient bride!
19th May 2013

Free Beer a Must in Penang
I'm glad I found your blog and finally got to see Penang Hill - after walking there from Kek Lok Si we were so annoyed by the price that we just turned around and walked back to the bus stop near the temple. It sounds like you were there the same time as us (election season) so I really wish we had found one of those parties as we didn't drink a single beer in Penang due to the price. I have to agree wholeheartedly with you about the Indian food, we ate North Indian Tali and South Indian banana leaf at least once per day. Great job with the blog!
19th May 2013
Dale and a colonial relic!

We have photos from all over the place with us standing next to classicMini's as we have them at home. So happy to see they're still much loved. Reading about your travels is starting to give us the 'itch' again... Must resist the urge, must resist the urge... :) Talking of 'itches', I got those blasted hookworms off a beach in Thailand, but on my stomach, not sure what was worse, parasites partying inside me or the fact I must've rolled around in god knows what to catch them... The irritation does disappear quite quick but the redness persisted for ages, from memory a few months... Enjoy! :)
18th May 2013
Sophie in our room

Candy Crush? ;)
Brought back some nice memories, we love Penang! When we go back we will take a look at the street art, from your photos it looks great - a really different kind of 'graffiti'. We really wanted to go up Penang Hill and Kek Lok Si temple, but the funicular was closed and like you, we definitely weren't going to walk up in that heat!
19th May 2013
Sophie in our room

I'd love to be able to say no but chances are it was! :D

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