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22nd June 2008

Jungle Book
Bet you feel like you're in Jungle Book in those little streets and those lagoons!
21st June 2008

if we didnt ave to fly we wud b there. Beautiful beaches and scenery u both look fit and well take care catch up with u again soon xxxxx
20th June 2008

just wow!!!!! and i like ur new mates haha
17th June 2008

Hi !!!
Amazing and beautiful places so far, who's taking the photos - they look so professional !! Im keeping Nan/Pap up to speed - printing each blog for them. Take care you 2. Tracy xxxxx!
17th June 2008

Hey guys It just looks awesome, and its so great to read about your travels. The pics are amazing. And I thought we had lovely beaches here in Australia............hmmmm. Hav's are $15 here Eddie, a positive rip off! Cannot wait to see you, keep the travel news coming xxx
16th June 2008

Fabulous so far
Really enjoying reading/seeing your trip. Its looks FAB so far. Take care. Auntie Di xxx
16th June 2008

Paraty and Ilha Grande look amazing. I can't believe how unspoilt and deserted they are. Your photos are like postcard shots!! Great blog....I'm loving Haviana watch!! We're missing you loads. Keep having a brilliant time. Love Hollyxx
13th June 2008

Just got your latest entry on Ilhe Grande, what a wonderful looking place with superb scenery and beaches. No wonder you wanted to visit there - it surely makes us all envious. Great read and lovely photos. keep enjoying yourselves and will look forward to next exerpt.
12th June 2008

My first ever football match (and last may I hasten to add!) was at Northampton Town Football ground watching the under 21 team play Leicester under 21's. It scarred me for life...maybe if I had seen it in Rio I would be a different person now! It looks like it was absolutely fab. Keep up with the blogging, very interesting read. I want to hear all the details, especially the 'geeky' bits about nature and scenery and dont stop the thong watch!
10th June 2008

Had a look at your pics, someone is pretty good with the camera, there are some reaaly good ones in there. Scenery helps though!! looks amazing. My office and desk and laptop somehow seem a bit dull all of a sudden.
9th June 2008

Ahhh you guys....Rio looks AMAZING. I'm so glad you had a good flight and are having a great time. Very funny that you thought Jesus was disapointingly small....poor Jesus! We miss you very much. Keep having a fabulous time. Lots of Love Holly xxxxxxxxxx
8th June 2008

Good weather!
Glad you arrived safely! Yes, Rio is expensive...but hey you had far better weather than what we did. Copa and Ipanema beaches looked like Blackpool when we were there! Bet the dads and other blokes will like the thong shot, we hope Sofe took that pic so it didn't look too pervy! Have fun at Ilha Grande xx
8th June 2008

i hope you guys are having a grand time. i'm loving these photos and updates! i hope they are regular! take care guys, and can't wait to have you over here! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!
6th June 2008

Hi to you both we had a great time at your party hope you found somwere to put you head down, seen photo on face book is the little one you Dale that statue makes you look small. Picked Shay up this morning 7.30 by carpark pissed as a fart he didnt know were he was[classic bloke], Any way better go corry is coming on speek to you soon. Steve/Angie/Boys
4th June 2008

Big Track
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!! You binned it! :-( You nguys well?
3rd June 2008

Big Track
Oh dear... Chris if we had only known it would have been yours! Unfortuantley it didn't sell at the car boot (can't imagine why!) so I binned it! I feel dreadful now :o(
2nd June 2008

Big Track
I want that Big Track in your car booty box, if i had known that was for sale i would have had it!!! Always wanted one of them. Anyway hope you have arrived safe and well guys.

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