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10th August 2008

Please please please bring one of those cute little monkeys back for me!!! I want one! Phil would like a little parrot that sits on his shoulder while your at it....;)
6th August 2008

Waiting for Text
Another great blog with fantastic photos. Lovely to talk to you last night and dad has got over his fright of possibly being charged for the call as he did it through MSN Messanger and not Skype, it's all a learning experience! Will be pleased to get text later today saying you have safely arrived at bottom of world's most dangerous road.
5th August 2008

HI the inca trail looked great nan and pap will love all the photos I will get them round to show them what you have been up to, Looks like you are enjoying the food but some of it looks a bit hard to swallow especialy the Guinea Pigs, I know you like your food but how could you eat that,We went to wicky park with Grant his kids and Nan and Pap seeing the old folk on the rides is a right laugh,We have just got back from centre parks and am having a couple of week of work, Hope you are both well we all look forward to reading your updates so keep them going they are fantastic. Steve and family xx
1st August 2008

Guinea pig murderer
Hi guys. Great blog. I'd never even heard of the floating reed islands or anything, amazing. That cavy dinner has to be the most unattractive plate of food I've ever seen. How do they kill them, by flattening them with a rolling pin?? Well done for eating that, I couldn't have! Take care. Love Hollyxxxxxx
1st August 2008

Guinea Pigs are the most rubbish creatures in the world and they are just full of poo. Y oh Y did you want to eat one? What did it taste like?
29th July 2008

How much is one of those lady orchids? Can't you knick one and sell it on Ebay? ...Then Sophie could get more shopping! ;) I'm still envious of you both but not so much now - I can imagine myself to be similar to Sophie on that scary inca trail in the cold as well!!
21st July 2008

Absolutely amazing!!!!
This has to be the best so far. So glad you did make it and really enjoyed reading about your exploits. It sounded amazing and the photos are really fantastic. Can't believe how much you have done so far. Look forward to the next instalment!!! Lots of love Auntie Di xxx
20th July 2008

You were lucky!
Hiya. You guys were lucky to have made it on the trek. How scary was that protest!! Dale you are so funny.........facing an angry mob to get a snack!! All those hours at the gym paid off and you made it to the end, well done! This answers a question I've had for a did the very overweight lady I work with make it to Machu Piccu city? That will be the lazy train then!! Keep having a brilliant time. How ARE you going to top this???? Take care, miss you, Love Hollyxxxx
20th July 2008

Oh My
Oh my god I can't believe it, I've never been this far away from home!!!!! Both you guys look very well and are enjoying yo'selves loads. Not jealous at all;-) yeah right. You dont look like you've been trekking at all, you look like you've just steped outta tha salon. I wanna be there as well!!! Anyhow Love ya loads gotta pack for Miami now and will let ya know all aboot our oliday. Miss you loads Dee xx
17th July 2008

bus trip
well i know its not funny but i was in stitches reading your report on the bus trip and then about sophie wanting 2 spend all the money on trinkets & 2 top it all the story of dale trying 2 squeeze in 2 a tiny cave .. sounds like a classic comedy script , "brilliant".. cant wait 2 read the next instalment .. love 2 u both x
17th July 2008

Scary Bus Ride!
I met your mum last summer at Devil's Tower, Wyoming. She sent me the link to your travel blog, and I have enjoyed following your big adventure. That bus ride would have done me in. do you get back down?
16th July 2008

I'm so loving the mummy. Rock on dude!!! At first I was thinking you meant that it looked like me....the lank lifeless hair and wasted looking expression, but then I thought, I haven't got any teeth missing so obviously thats wrong. Outstanding writing guys, seriously need to think about publishing these as a guide. I have a friend.......!
16th July 2008

Dale you are so lucky to have experienced such an amazing thing, to be totally alone in the world in a moment of blissful peace. Fantastic. Its these little moments in life that we experience that make us realise how much beauty there is to be found and that we can only really find these things when we are free. It really makes me want to sell everything i have and go and live as a nomad somewhere in the mountains. Take care guys xxx
15th July 2008

Wonderful places
Hi u two. Am still enjoying your trip with you. What great things you have seen and done so far. Makes Mexico and Majorca look a bit tame but had lovely time. Your photographs are very professional. Look after yourselves. Lots of love Auntie Di. xxx
15th July 2008

Nan/Pap at Steves
wont get me down the inca caves ,well done with the sand boarding,sand dunes awsome, everything looks fantastic hope you enjoying the inca trail, Your blogs look great keep it going good to hear your voice on my birthday. Love to you both Nan Pap
10th July 2008

Absolutley amazing & thankyou both!!
ello Dale & Sophie... (Dale, it's Nicky from Briar Hill) Long time, no speak, I know mate but i've just spent the last hour or so reading your blog & looking at your brilliant pics & had to say "Thankyou both" b'cos it's inspired me to save up & go traveling... REALLY!! You both look like you're experiecing things that make life truelly worth living... the sights, people, culture, smells, everything!! The whole blog thing is absolutley amazing too... i'm seriously hooked & cant wait to see & hear what you've been up to next. The views from Cerro Blanco & that 4 inch steak are enough to make anyone pack their bag & go!! Anyways enjoy Cuzco & carry on enjoying every moment.
3rd July 2008

How Cute!
How tiny is Haucachina.. it looks like a Thunderbirds Island! Im getting addicted to your blog! Makes me feel like I'm there! Boarding over the dunes looks a lot of fun but glad it wasn't me that got the sand stuck in every crevice! Bet ur still finding it now?!
3rd July 2008

That last comment was form ashlee btw! cant remember if i put my name on it.
3rd July 2008

This place looks like it belongs to the dead- didn't realise Argentina was quite like that.. wouldn't wanna stay there long but still one of those places you have to see i suppose? That steak does look very juicy- nice treat for being so brave!
3rd July 2008

How scary!
The picture of the mummy really scared us! Sounds like you are having fun with the Spanish language, who'd have thought there was a dish called 'uno momento'!
1st July 2008

it looks wicked mate stay safe thou and i will see youy in two yrs when you get back all skinny like a ethoupian haha
28th June 2008

Brilliant! What else is there to say? I'm really looking forward to winning the lottery tonight....I know what I'll be spending my money on! stay safe guys and looking forward to my next instalment of The Dale and Sophie Blog xxxx
27th June 2008

Hi to you both did you have a gold tooth put in, sounded painfull but that steak must of made up for all the pain you went through,trying to teach mum/dad how to go through yor blog site ,[it aint easy].
26th June 2008

ps that lasts comment was from ninaxxxx
26th June 2008

hey guys...loving the blog and the pictures...i really am sooooo jealous and are going to be so brown!just a quickie for now as its late and im poorly, our water here is infected, mad!!love you both and keep up the amzing pics and blog xxxx

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