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25th June 2009

Great pics!
Looks awesome
23rd June 2009

You definitely need to go somewhere you can get a better dinner next time! Although I can't imagine how special that must've felt to teach those kids, especially as they give you a gift when you leave. You wouldn't get that from the spoilt rich kids in England! xxx
23rd June 2009

Just catching up...
Apart from all the flies looks like an amazing place to be. The place where you're staying looks like one of those hut things I've always dreamed but would cost thousands of pounds for just a week in most touristy areas! Aren't you missing home yet? Well done, can still see why you're enjoying being gypsies even after you've been there over a year! love xxx
21st June 2009

fell in love
walked the jungle from dalat to kontum to border loas in 1968 and after all these years i never forgot how beauiful it was,we use to sneak into the city of dalat the people were great
6th June 2009

Great Blog
Going to Laos in February. Really wets the appetite! Cheers
20th May 2009

Mates your blog on cambodia is fantastic and has left me tears!I think your both extremely kind to have spared your time to go to the centre...and so brave to just get on and teach the kids!!!i had a feeling that might happen but didnt wanna scare you by telling ya!!hehe!!Its so inspiring that so much joy and happiness can come from such horrendious circumstances. Im so glad you both have got to experience it. And the photos you have of you and kids are really amazing......those lovely smiles will always stay in my heart as im sure they will yours. Im dead proud of both of you :-). I also love the comment on pjymas...its so true!!!lol!!keep up the good work!!!love you both lots Ninaxxxxx ps stay safe cambodia can be a little scary at times eh?!
6th May 2009

3 days to go....
Hey guys, Blog and photos are amazing as per normal. They have made be remember why i came travelling and can't wait now. Its gonna be a culture shock going from Oz to Indo, but well worth it! Travel Safe. James and Kim. x
5th May 2009

but karma soon came back on us to punish us
Monk power at work! You did not waste your youth watching Pigsy and Monkey otherwise you would have known this would happen - LOL! Great photos!
5th May 2009

Very nice blog and lovely pics. They are so bright and colorful. Really like the pics with the monks too.
5th May 2009

Viet ^^
beautiful photos... ...and just also noticed that your itenerary includes philippines ... you can drop me a note if you need help when you come over :) Happy travelling!
5th May 2009

good blog
Really like your description of sapa...think we were there at same time and may even have been mad cyclists you saw! The hill tribe people made me laugh too...their friendliness has the side effect of worksing as a great sales tactic
4th May 2009

Love the photo of the two kids in the rice field - such cuties.
4th May 2009

Sorry to hear about your experience with the mean traveller, we had a similar experience in China, some people are just downright rude. Beutiful pictures of a beautiful place, I can't wait to visit myslef, Sapa is top of my list for my Vietnam trip.
23rd April 2009

Good blog, We did Vietnam south to north and by the time we got to Halong we just booked the most expensive trip going because we were so sick of being ripped off and hassled, and that was definately the right decision, Vietnam? NEVER again. Thailand has so much more to offer
23rd April 2009

what an adventure!
nice blog. this is something id like to do myself. would appreciate your advice on how you booked for this halong bay tour and how much it cost you. thanks.
23rd April 2009

I hadn't realised how much you would change in such a short time!!! It looks absolutely lovely. keep them coming. Glad all is going well. Love from Mum xxxx
14th April 2009

Oh... Vietnam
Love the way you guys blog, love your pics...and am just reminded how much we loved living in Vietnam. thx:)
25th March 2009

Loving the blogs so far [well, apart from the S21 one]. Cambodia and Vietnam look amazing. Looks like you guys are having the best time. Can't wait!! You guys have both lost loads of weight, must be all the walking and the heat rather than the lack of nice food. The best weight loss plan I've ever seen! Take care. Missing you loads. Love Hxxx
25th March 2009

Hey Guys, What a great blog, and some superb pictures. Kim and I are definalty wanting to looking into something like the CCH orphanage and are encouraged to check out the one you visited. The pictures of the 'dump' remind me of the movie Slumdog millionaire (have u seen it?). Really makes you think that Engalnd ain't that bad after all! We are back on the move in 6 weeks and cant wait. Going up the east coast of Oz for 2 weeks then up into Indo for a month. whoop whoop. Travel safe James and Kim
15th March 2009

Tears of...?
Yeh, this place really does bring a tear to the eye, especially when you were explaining how fed up u were that u had nowhere to stay when u first arrived but then managed to find the most perfect little tree houses! Bet ur walking on air...ur tans look gorgeous too!! Hope this dream lasts as long as possible for you! x
15th March 2009

Cor, Pangkor looks so chilled and beautiful. I don't believe those pictures are all urs tho, they look too inviting like you've taken them out of a holiday brochure or tourist guide! xxx
14th March 2009

hi xxxxx
pap s sorry he missed your call, but was interested in the AK 47!! the prison looked harrowing, you will be on the way to Vietnam soon, look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care lots of lovexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10th March 2009

Hi mate hope you are both well and safe, that prison looks grim don't get on the wrong side of them ! Are you missing home yet and nans yorkshire puding ,
7th March 2009

Red Dwarf
Now I know where they must have visited before they could have come up with a line - "goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes"

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