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24th September 2009

You scared me... for a while
Good blog. Good pictures. I will be in Bali in the first week of October. Fortunately, I have my hotel booked. I have 2 days to spare and seek your advise on locations to capture landscapes and seascapes on my camera. Thanks in advance.
24th September 2009

Same experience!!
Sorry your experience of Bali was ruined...we have had the exact same experience as you (we learnt to stick to the tourist transport!). But even with the tourist transport the Indonesians can be incredibly rude...Neil pinned one guy up against the bemo when he tried to trip me up (when I was wearing my big backpack) and had his hand around his neck - like Dale it takes a lot to get him riled but somehow the Indonesians in Bali (and some in Lombok) just know how to push it too far with the tourists there. Hope Lombok and the Gilis were better for you. We NEVER want to go back to Bali's such a (bad) contrast to the rest of Indonesia! Safe travels and keep smiling! xx
9th September 2009

Hiya! Your photos of Indonesia/Mt. Bromo/Borobudur are Amazin. I've never seen anything like them before! Supercalifraj! Take care Love Hxx
7th September 2009

i'm an indonesian(16). Can you mail me back and tell me how can you be that way. I mean, how can you be a traveler like that? You know, it needs a lot of money and energy. When i first read your post in Jogja, i really envy you. I just want to know how to be a traveler in my age.
6th September 2009

Great account!
Hey guys, very refreshing and funny entry, thank you! I also spent the night at Jakarta airport a few weeks ago, and as you know had very similar experiences in Borobodur and Pramabanan. It is also nice to read that there are people out there that get just as annoyed by the constant hassle and the foreigner-pricing as I do. Keep it up, greetings from Taiwan, Ben
6th September 2009

Train in Indonesia
Hi there, Nice report. Just curious, which train did you guys take? For the class of service, you should always go with Executive Class, anything less is actually only coach / "upgraded" coach class. As for the trains, there are different train names, you should go with ARGO trains, they are the best. (e.g. ARGO LAWU for Jakarta-Jogja). Hopefully this may be of help. Enjoy your stay in Indonesia and have a pleasant and safe trip. Cheers, Roy.
29th August 2009

Just found out your entry!
Next week-end is already booked....but we may try to get there in 2 weeks! I love oyur entry! Thanks a lot for the info! Peter
28th August 2009

Good eye for detail
Hey guys, been reading this entry and it reminded me very much of my time at Bukit Lawang and Danau Toba a few months ago. I especially liked your eye for details in this one - the massive amounts of luggage the peoplel always seem to carry, the smoking, the "guides" just selling drugs - I can relate to all of this... :-) Safe travels, Ben
12th August 2009

Coral Grand Divers Resort
Hi Lou We stayed at the Coral Grand resort which is the far end of Sairee Beach and yes it was lovely! It's a little walk from the Bars and restaurants (most do BBQ's at night) so there are ones more in the middle.. just take a walk down the little path behind the beach and take your pick as most of them are really nice. Shopping there isn't so great so I'd save that for Bangkok if you want to get things.. it's mostly snorkels and sarongs in Koh Tao! Have a fabulous time it is a lovely island.
10th August 2009

Khone Falls
I've vacation in Laos so many times. The scenery and view are awesome! The 4000 islands is peaceful and secluded. I love the quietness of it all. It's not crowded or overpopulated like China or Vietnam. It's very spacious. Have they build a large hotel or bungalows yet? Has any companies invested in Laos? I would like to see more modern roads and freeways too. I love Laos
9th August 2009

Hey guys, ive just been reading your blog and sounds great. im heading to koh tao in october and wondering where you stayed because it looks gorgeous. was it a good location for the bars/restaurants/shops in the main town? Thanks for your help! Lou
8th August 2009

What a funny story! My BF and I were there in June and had a hard time too finding a place to stay, but at least we could find one! What a funny and memorable experience your night on the beach, you guys are braver than me! What killed me about that island was that even when you get a place to stay, they are relatively crappy. I overheard lots of stories of people talking about unwanted varmin in their chalets! Yuck! Luckily that didnt happen to us! Seems like they will have to step up their accomodations a notch especially with growing popuilarity! Hope you guys check out the Cameron Highlands too, very beautiful and a nice break from the heat;) Enjoy your trip, Cheers! Leah O.
8th August 2009

Cool entry!
Hi Guys, we were on Besar few weeks ago. What an ordeal you had to endure to get there! Did Dale had any chance to do some diving? Peter
8th August 2009

Hi there I'm off to Perhentian in a few weeks time and enjoyed reading about your experience. I will definitely make sure to be on the 7:30 boat as I have no SAS experience whatsoever :-) Safe travelling
7th August 2009

I know they are sooo cute.. no they were being sold at pets in the weekend market and we love to go and have a cuddle with them when we visit! x
6th August 2009

How gorgeous were those puppies, esp that little husky looking one? Tell me they were being sold as pets and not dinner? Loving the blog guys. Love Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
23rd July 2009

Great pics!
Sounds like a wonderful adventure - my husband and I can't believe your pics with the tigers! How cool.
18th July 2009

Thanks Dan
Yep still loving it.. we are certainly not planning on coming back in the near future! We love to read your blog for inspiration and plan to do the Tama Negara hike on our own too so watch this space for how we get on.. we hope to have more considerate people in our hide! Thanks for the info on the short bodied ladies!
18th July 2009

Good point!
Hey Lynne.. yes you are right there does always seem to be a distinct lack of men in these villages.. we did see 2 but one was sleeping snoring his head off! Having said that when we visited the tribes in Sapa the ladies did say that the men do work all day leaving the women to sell handicrafts etc... not sure who has it harder though as they still have to do all their housework too?
17th July 2009

Fantastic pics
I had been to the villages outside Sa Pa in Vietnam where the women are dressed in traditional clothing and weaving to earn money. Even then, there were no men around. After asking, they were inside somewhere having a drink and watch satellite TV. Where are all the men in the Karen Village, other than at the entrance?
17th July 2009

Nice to see your still going
Hi Guys Nice to see your still going and still enjoying yourselves, we've been back now for ages it seems. Take my advice stay away for as long as you can and savior every single moment because when you get back well your miss every last minute of it!! Take care PS. I found out on our travels that the long necks dont have long necks but short bodies as the rings push the chest down rather than pull the neck up!!! lol ha bet ypur sleep better knowing that!!
17th July 2009

That's pretty impressive.
13th July 2009

Chiang Mai market...mmmm!
We loved Chiang Mai Sunday market, all the food was really yummy there! We were lucky enough to go when the strawberries were in season and had great strawberry was touch and go whether we would end up looking like a strawberry shake. You'll be able to get all your ingredients in the UK for your Thai cooking - we had no trouble finding everything we needed in the Asian supermarkets. Looking forward to your Eastern Malaysia blogs...heading there in about a month and a half! Take care and happy travelling xx
29th June 2009

ko chang
hey guys, ko chang looks really cool. we will be checking it out in about 10 days after dropping kims mates in bangkok. do you have any recommendations on places to stay and things to see? James and Kim. :O)

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