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12th May 2013

Your grandfather would be pleased you continued on the trip
You just can't fight it when the body needs some rest. You've been through a lot emotional and physical. The river cruise sounded nice and a great bargain. Never too much roti. Happy travels
11th May 2013

Tioman is the best
Hey guys, just read this entry about Pulau Tioman - spent a week there during my trip and loved it just as much as you did. Also liked Malaka (your next blog entry) and then spent about three month just down the road from Malaka. Finally, I so agree with your views of KL and it feeling quite homely, couldnt have expressed it any different...
6th May 2013

sorry to hear about Sophie's grandfather. i was in KL almost the same time as you :) although i think my experience with the place wasn't as good, but i'm pretty much willing to give it another try. safe travels. x
4th May 2013

I'm sorry about your grandfather Sophie, 98 is a very long life indeed...I hope you're ok and can still enjoying your trip xx
3rd May 2013
Juara Beach - Tioman Island

Don't mind spending at least a week here ! :)
3rd May 2013

Sorry to hear about your grandfather Sophie. It must have been a bittersweet return home...
3rd May 2013

What a beautiful location
Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. We are glad you could alter your plans and be with your family. Your beach hut looked great. The Philippines will be waiting for you.
2nd May 2013

Sorry to hear about the passing of your grandfather...
at 98 he certainly had a full life.
14th April 2013

I've heard that Ubud is paradise, and your photos and adventures there seem to confirm this. Loved your videos--that fire dance was primal, a little scary and exciting, while the others were so exotic and graceful. Great blog!
31st March 2013

Enjoyed your blog
Same old Kuta but worse eh? Glad you were there at Nyepi have always wondered how the tourists would behave. Good to see you are giving the place a second chance
18th March 2013

Loved the photos in this blog, getting your camarea back was well worth the wait. Amazing beaches, I don't think I would want to leave! Enjoy!! Miss you!! Hxxx
11th March 2013

i found a cave at the right end of Paniman where the ocean meets the river. walking distance from La Playa where you stayed. You might wanna visit it when you go back. Cheers!
10th March 2013

Nice Blogs
Great to see your blogs again, sorry I won't be able to do a file this time as I am now busy getting ready to go to Spain at the end of the month to live. I will have a new email by then but I don't think I am allowed to put links on this sight, but geordie will have it. Have a great time with your travels and I look forward to more blogs
10th March 2013
Rene and his family

nice find!
love the photos, this one is particularly sweet. I enjoyed reading your Caramoan adventure! x
10th March 2013

Paradise found?
This area looks and sounds so ideal! It's nice to know that it hasn't been overrun by tourism as a result of its TV fame.
10th March 2013
Dale and Brownie

such a seriously 'awww' shot :)
1st March 2013

i was in Dumaguete last week and hoping I'd bump onto you (i knew you were still waiting for your camera to get fixed) hehe ...maybe next time :) i've been to camiguin but why are my photos not as beautiful as yours?! =P glad you enjoyed your visit. x
21st February 2013

Amazing Island and Big Lizart
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19th February 2013

Extremely jealous about the whale sharks!!!! ;o)
11th February 2013
Footprints in the sand

no worries, we'll probably bump onto each other somewhere ;)
11th February 2013

funny story about the lost tourists! scary too. they could have made it all the way to vietnam or malaysia
10th February 2013
Resort Beach

Just "the right" amount of post-processing -- great job :)
2nd March 2013
Resort Beach

Hello Sir
Thank Ali. I have been playing around with some of our point and shoot pictures in Snapseed while we wait for our other one to be fixed in Manila. Have to say i really like the HDR effect but trying not to get tempted by using to much.

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