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North America » United States » Ohio April 10th 2014

As I sit overlooking the green grass and barren trees that surround the rear of our house, I see that two new homes have sprouted up on nearby vacant lots during this winter I’ll not soon forget, I marvel that spring may actually be here. However much we might all like to malign Punxsutawney Phil, he actually got it right this year about the six more weeks of winter. I can only wonder what spring will be like in China next week when we arrive for our Viking Imperial Jewels of China vacation. It all started over a year ago upon our return from the Holland America cruise around the tip of South America and into Antarctica. Sharon urged me to pick somewhere to go for my 60th birthday, and my choice of Disney World did ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle June 2nd 2013

We awoke in the morning, and gave our mothers a wake-up call. Our bags had been taken off during the night. When we put ours out near the midnight deadline, our hallway was already empty. The bags had already started to litter the halls as early as the previous afternoon. We made our way up to the Lido, and I’m happy to say, none of us needed to have the shower curtain draped around us, because we weren’t the ones on every cruise that pack of ALL of their clothes. I decided to try an omelet, while the girls settled for French toast. The Lido was a zoo, and we settled for a table in one of the middle end sections, between the port and starboard sections. We had gotten our statements, and everything seemed to ... read more
Ketchikan - Totem Bight
Ketchikan - Totem Bight
Ketchikan - Totem Bight

This morning is our last chance for breakfast in the Vista Dining Room, having lost an hour overnight with a change in time zones. We are not due into Victoria until this evening so you might think we have a bit of a light day. We in fact have a bit of a long day. I thought I might take this opportunity to list some of our likes and dislikes about this cruise experience, as we were enjoying a little extra time in bed this morning before going up to the Vista Dining Room. This cruise was all about our moms. On the positive side, number one on our list of observations is how helpful the staff was towards making their time on the cruise enjoyable. In the Lido, all staff: be they servers or bar ... read more
Very tall Totem from 1 Tree
Eagles Nest
Ships docked in Victoria

North America » United States » Alaska » Ketchikan May 31st 2013

After nearly a week of fantastic weather, we arrived in Ketchikan and could see that the weather was foul. We made our way to the Lido for breakfast, and again, French Toast seemed to be the preferred choice. Sharon’s blight of chocolate croissants finally came to an end; although there was just one when she first checked the pastry section, I came back with another two after I had finished eating. Sharon’s mom had said she didn’t want one, but after eyeing that one left on the plate, she finally couldn’t resist. She did complain that there was only a paltry amount of chocolate in hers; while, Sharon shrewdly chose the one with the double dose. We were a bit early getting off the Oosterdam for our tour. Before the gangway, they were making sure everyone ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska May 31st 2013

Thought I'd get a few photos posted before we head out to breakfast and another tour.... read more
Penguins in Alaska?
Mom in Tracey Arm
Cascade in Tracey Arm

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka May 30th 2013

After a slightly lazy start for the day, with Sharon and her mom not needing to rush off to mass in the morning or to catch an early tour, we made our way to the Lido. French toast seemed to be the preferred choice; but, I added some fried eggs over medium and sausage to that. There were no hash browns, but they did have cut-up breakfast spuds. Sharon was one step behind trying to get a chocolate croissant, other people seemed to have them, and many were leaving them half eaten or hardly touched and Sharon’s blood pressure was beginning to rise. She never did wrangle one of her favorite morning treats. We made our way to the Vista Lounge where HAL tours were assembling for their group tenders to the pier. For our tour, ... read more
Sitka Otter Quest
Male Otters

North America May 29th 2013

Sharon and I awoke as we neared Juneau. We checked the TV to see the top-side-forward camera and were pleased to see blue skies similar to yesterday. It should be a good day for a helicopter ride. Sharon and Shirley have an early long tour, where they will take a boat ride back to the area we were in Tracy Arm. The hope is that in a smaller craft, wildlife will be more visible and the glacier experience more up close and personal; but, I will let Sharon report on that later. My mother chose to join Sharon and her mother for breakfast in the Lido; while, I typed away on yesterday’s blog. My mom later joined me in the Vista Dining Room for a blueberry muffin; I had Eggs Benedict with a side of sausage ... read more

North America » United States May 28th 2013

Sharon and Shirley had a less eventful journey to mass today, and when they returned, we all went up to the Vista Dining Room. Today is another sea day of scenic cruising, hopefully through the fjord of Tracy Arm. I had the South Western Omelet, while the mothers both chose French Toast, and Sharon went with her traditional American breakfast of scrambled eggs. The skies were clear and blue and trouble-free. On Sharon’s first cruise to Alaska with me, our day in Tracy Arm was hampered by inclement weather with fog as thick as the split pea soup they served on deck. Today, visibility should not be an issue, and the only question will be whether the ice will permit us to approach the glacier. Sharon and I had stern facing seats near the ship center, ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific May 27th 2013

We awoke early confused about the time as our cell phones were reporting that it was 7:45am and there is no easy way to look outside of an inside cabin. These smart phones are supposed to be, but they had reverted to Eastern Time (their home position) as they were roaming for but not finding service. This was to be a nice leisurely day at sea, and Sharon and I reviewed the Daily Schedule to pick out things for us and our mothers. High Tea popped out as a must for Shirley, though I may have a hard time living up to Shirley’s other son-in-law Dennis in this regard. He has the sole responsibility to escorting Shirley to tea on previous cruises they have shared. Sharon’s not even sure if I have his permission to go ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle May 26th 2013

Our pre-paid shuttle showed up early, and besides the Oosterdam, others were headed for The Golden Princess and Norwegian cruises in Alaska. Our driver answered the question of how long the shuttle would take by saying, “On Sundays, with normal traffic, and three cruise ships in port, about eleven hours, but for you I’ll try to break twenty-five minutes.” His estimate wasn’t far off, but mostly because of the heavy port congestion where every few feet another traffic officer was trying to control the chaos, and every one of them seem to have it in for our driver. One cop even ordered our van to stop, while he directed the van behind us to go around and on ahead, while we waited for the cross traffic another two minutes. We finally did get to the drop-off ... read more

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