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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Charlbury September 16th 2010

Day 5 Thursday 19th August. Hook Norton private Brewery was the first port of call with its machinery driven by a 120 yr old steam engine on certain days of the year. All the adults took home a sample of their wares to try when the cycling was over. The Great Rollright Stones were visited next after a meal at the Wyatts Garden Centre. 30 miles. ... read more
Kings Stone
Whispering Knights

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Charlbury September 16th 2010

Day 4 17th August. This was planned to be a rest day but the weather was forecast to rain on Friday so it was decided to rest on Friday and run out to Bourton on the Water. Bourton boasts many attractions with an animal park and motor museum etc plus the picturesque town centre with the river Windrush running through the centre with several pretty bridges. The 40 mile journey was terminated on a bridleway, which ran through stubble fields and ended almost at the campsite with muddy wheels and tired bodies. ... read more
Rest time
Gt Barrington
Motorway under construction

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Charlbury September 16th 2010

Day 3 Tuesday 17th August Burford was the destination today with the weather rather poorer with light drizzle until noon. Lunch was had at the bakery in Burford when the weather improved and the sun came out. It was so nice we travelled on the river Windrush valley to Great Barrington before returning to Charlbury, which put the mileage to 39 miles. Being a good evening we had a barbecue outside the tents and caravan. ... read more
Jessica enjoying food
Minster Lovell
Minster Lovell Ruins

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Charlbury September 16th 2010

Today we went 33 miles from the Charlbury campsite to Stow on the Wold, passing through Chipping Norton in temperatures in the low 20’s and plenty of sun beaming down on us. Stow is a pretty place, busy with tourists and coaches of Japanese visitors. The town boasts the oldest pub in England dating back 700 years. On our way we passed via Ascot under Wychwood, which is a very pretty old place of thatched cottages and then we took a CNC route through the woods to arrive in the centre of Stow - very nice.... read more
Josh with friend

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Charlbury September 16th 2010

This is a one week tour of the Cotswolds for young families based at a camp site in Charlbury from the 14th to 21st of August 2010. Sunday 15th A 28 mile ride to Woodstock and a visit to Blenheim Palace parklands. It was a warm sunny day for visiting the park. The palace would have been nice but time did not allow it. The roads were generally not too busy and we returned out of Woodstock on a NCN route through woods and fields, which was very pleasant. We found that the old Blenheim Sawmill at Combe was open today and it was making its annual running of its steam engine. This was an opportunity not to be missed for any vintage nut so off we went to enjoy seeing all the old equipment working ... read more
Group at Blenheim
All aboard at Blenheim
Liz on NCN

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming November 8th 2009

Saturday morning saw us up at 6am and off the the airport for an early flight to Kunming. Our backup bus met us at the airport and took us on the 1 1/2 hour trip to the Stone Forest south of the airport. This is a forest of 100 acres or more of stones sticking out of the ground and weather worn over th last 2 million years. Many look like animals and people, examples being the queen with her crown, fish kissing, tiger, dog etc. It was very interesting and was accompanied by traditional dancing. The worst mistake we made was to walk up the steps to the 'conning tower' to have a view of the park from above. By this time the park was heaving and it was like Hillsborough all over again with ... read more
Boat on Lake Erhai
Mother and Child
Lime Kiln

Asia » China » Yunnan » Lijiang October 30th 2009

After my last comment yesterday we went along the Gorge road and to the Old Ferry. The last section was on an old stone track, which turned into a bullock track with sand, gravel and boulders on its way down to the Yangtze. This was downhill and was too much of a temptation to Graham and myself and we ended up duelling down the track getting into wild slides and much shouting. Needless to say Graham won, he being twenty years my junior and obviously not as frightened of teh consequences. The last 200 yds were very dodgy where we had to carry our bikes on shoulders along a goat track ledge 30" wide alongside the fast flowing water. Eventually all got down and we crossed on the old ferry, which was naturally driven by an ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Tiger Leaping Gorge October 29th 2009

What a fantastic place! The scenery is amazing. The Yangtze River, a pea green colour, crashes through the gorge in places, running very fast, and in others it just meanders. The surrounding mountains are magnificent. This area is very remote, very wild, each family appears to have its own little patch, growing rice and maize. There are also lots of fruit trees, some bearing pomegranites. This morning it was extremely cold, I had to wear long trousers, several layers, jacket and gloves. It warmed up though as the day progressed, and ended up a scorcher at 35 deg. When the wind blows it is like a hot air drier. Some of the roads are not made up and we have to ride over gravel. There have been lots of landslides. Health and safety regulations do not ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Qiaotou October 28th 2009

Have just seen a sign post, one way said to 'Tiger Leaping Gorge', which is our destination tomorrow, and the other way said to 'Shangrila', so I'm nearly there! We are in Qiaotou today, having ridden for approx 53 miles. Have done a lot of climbing again today, lots of hair pins, and are now at about 3-4000m. Very hot today, about 35 deg. Had lunch at a road side cafe, still more rice! This town is very small, only about 50 houses and shops and is situated in an extremely steep sided valley. Last night's entertainment, which we had been looking forward to, was a bit of a disappointment, the presenter talked on and on, in Chinese, for far too long. The music etc was interesting and entertaining when it finally got its turn.... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Lijiang October 27th 2009

It is now late afternoon on our first proper rest day. sorry for repeating myself this morning, it must be the heat making me forget what I have written about this amazing place. The Jade Dragon Park was interesting and heard a Folk Band playing just like we should hear tonight. The lake also bubbles if you clap your hands - or is this a co-incidence. The old square had folk dancing at lunch time and allowed me to take pictures and video of people in traditional costume. The variety of Chinese facial characteristics is huge due to its vast area and make very interesting photo shots, especially if you can do it without them knowing. I look forward to seeing all my shots on my return and listening to my Chinese Folk Music CD's. China ... read more

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