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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur May 1st 2008

Yesterday away at 8.30am to go to Jaipur. On way called at Fatehpur Sikri to see the Mogul Palace. this was very interesting with a good guide but spoilt by persistant sellers of jewellery and crafts. On the journey we passed a varied farmland, from wheat farmers and single cow farms to brick works and stone cutters. The sandstone carvings of all sizes lined up alongside the road were a marvel. As we entered Jaipur I have never seen such depravation with people living in absolute squalour and poverty. It makes the heart blead. Today we had a guide again, who took us to see the Limb Centre in the City Hospital. This was a very interesting trip to see a very skilled workforce, many with prosthetic limbs themsleves, making artificiail limbs from rubber and plastic. ... read more
Amber Palace
Jaipur wall

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra April 30th 2008

Today we were away at 5.45am to see the sunrise over the Taj Mahal. This was well worth the effort and we saw all the different colours and all the views before it got too busy and too hot. It was already about 40 degrees and rose to 43. The Sikandra was the next palce to visit with our very knowledgable tour guide. Back at Holiday Inn Hotel for early afternoon and a swim in the pool before a light lunch. The evening was spent touring the streets to see the poor people and see how India lives. Had a ride in a bicycle rickshaw. Jeff gave 100 rupees to a family living on the pavement, only to see father using it to buy cigarettes. ... read more
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal pillar

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra April 29th 2008

We are now starting our tourist part of the trip and we had a tour guide, who took us to see the Red Fort, which is just up river Yamuna from the Taj Mahal, where the early mogul emperors lived in the 16th century. The afternoon was spent watching the ancient art of carving and the inlaying of white marble with gemstones, as seen at the Taj Mahal. this is now only done by three families descended from the original artisans, who came from Iran. Of course we bought some samples of this craft and other typical Indian crafts. Later in the afternoon we went across the river from the Taj to see the sunset over it and get the amazing reflection in the river.... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Lucknow April 28th 2008

I was still not feeling too well and the rest or the group went out into the town to knock on doors and find any children who had not been caught in yesterday's Polio Push. Later in the morning they went to a local school to witness the opening of a new toilet block provided by the local Rotary Clubs of Lucknow. This was a very modern, effective toilet block provided at a cost equivalent to £200 sterling. A snip at that price and something that we could perhaps think about sponsoring in the future. Yesterday there were 2725 vaccination booths operating in Lucknow and altogether over 800,000 children treated. Our booth vaccinated over 300 in the day. The amount of poverty here is something that you have to see to believe. Hundreds of people are ... read more
Tuk tuk

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Lucknow April 27th 2008

Sunday 28th April 2008 I woke up feeling extremely queasy but managed to go out with the group to begin the immunisation programme. When we arrived at our medical station it was mahem. There were, what seemed to be, hundreds of children, all swarming around like locusts waiting for their gifts. It was quite a job to control them all. The children receiving the polio drops were mainly babes in arms and toddlers, apparently the strain of polio in this area only affects very young children. The older children aged 5 to 10 years, had come along as observers and to collect any gifts they could. They were very grateful for all the things we gave them. The tent was pitched on sandy soil and next to the tent, where we were immunising the babies, there ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Lucknow April 26th 2008

Saturday 26th April Time:- 11:35pm We spent the day learning about the job we are to undertake tomorrow and touring two local hospitals. We have been informed that there will be plenty of work for us to do. This evening we stayed in the hotel for our evening meal. It was a buffet style meal made up of various curries.We were able to find some that were not too hot! At 9:30pm, Geoff and I decided to go outside and take a few photos before turning in. When we got outside we spotted a wedding procession and saw the wedding party in all their magnificent finery and wonderful head gear. There was a firework display too. We were invited to join in the celebrations and watch the various ceremonies. We were on our way back into ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Lucknow April 25th 2008

Friday 25th April The temperature today-41 deg C. We spent the morning walking around the town near our hotel, watching people cooking at the side of the road, repairing tuck-tucks and participating in all kinds of roadside businesses, all perfect photo opportunities! We met a man from the Hindustani Times, a local newspaper. He took us into the centre of town to Connaught Place. We visited the tourist Information Centre. Yesterday Geoff and I ordered a blue, cotton made to measure shirt each for £18 each, today we collected them and very nice they are too. At 3.30pm we flew out of Delhi airport for the 2 and a half hour journey to Lucknow. We arrived at 6.00pm to be greeted by lots of buzzing mosquitoes, all desperate to drink our blood! Fortunately, we were well ... read more

Asia » India April 24th 2008

Thursday 24th April 2008. Thursday evening, 10.15pm. (India is about 4 and a half hours ahead of England) Temperature 30+deg. Our aeroplane landed in Delhi, India, at 3.30am. We travelled by taxi to our hotel and arrived at 4.30am. Unfortunately our room was not available and so we had to push a few chairs together in the lounge to snatch a few hours sleep. We ate breakfast then set off in a tuck-tuck to tour the city. We toured the city from 11.30am until 5.30pm, a total of 6 hours, and the driver only charged us 500 rupees, which is about £6. We actually gave him 700 rupees, as he had given us a wonderful, interesting journey around Dehli and shown us lots of magnificent things. We viewed several Hindu temples and Muslim mosques as well ... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Kochi March 8th 2008

We have now been back almost a week and we have heard that Bob is making progress and now has limited mobility of his right arm and has been walking a little with some assistance. He has a male nurse in attendance at all times so we hope he is getting good care.... read more

Asia » India » Kerala » Alleppey February 28th 2008

Tuesday 26th February At last a rest day. This morning we had a very interesting visit to a spice garden, followed by a ride on a huge elephant. Just six of us volunteered for a ride, (it was too good an opportunity to miss!) three to an elephant, it was quite an experience. The rest of the day was spent resting and dozing- a very steady day. Wednesday 27th February Rode 45 miles today in countryside that resembled the alps-very hilly. We are now in Kottayam, near the coast, just south of Cochin.We rode through the town in the van, certainly a lot safer than out on the roads of these bustling towns and it gave us the chance for a well earned rest. It has been very hot today but lovely and cool on the ... read more
Children posing

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