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Asia » China » Yunnan » Dali October 22nd 2009

Now in Dali. Had to take a shorter route today because the road is under construction. Travelled 6 miles on unmade roads then cycled around the the beautiful lake. Entered the old town through the East gate which had a pagoda on top. Had lunch at the 'Green Lodge Back-packers Hostel', had to wait quite a while as only two staff. Weather very nice again today, 30 deg+. Looking forward to tomorrow, as we are going up a mountain in a cable car to 4000m. Nothing else to report, there have been no problems and no breakdowns, touch wood! ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Dali October 21st 2009

Had another very good day with temperatures at 30 deg +, and I am still slapping on the sun screen. Have been on the roof top terrace of the Hiadong East Sea Resort hotel and spent time watching a spider that was at least 2 and a half inches in diameter, in fact China seems populated by huge spiders! The town is 2100m above sea level. Rode about 43 miles today, it was difficult, with a 10 kilometer climb, I was almost (but not quite) in bottom gear! The ride down was great and there at the bottom was the most monstrous cement works I have ever seen, it had 3 kilns. I imagine some of the cement from there finds its way to Britain, as we have started importing Chinese cement. Had coffee in a ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan October 20th 2009

Today was supposed to be a rest day, it turned out to be far from it! Still based in Binchuan, we went to a Buddhist temple. We climbed a mountain to 3260m., rode in a cable car then climbed 1300+ steps! The temple was very interesting when we finally arrived, again masses of photo and film opportunities. After the visit and the descent, we cycled 25 miles back to the hotel. Temperature about 30deg again today. Having mastered how to say 'Hello' in Chinese we grasp every opportunity to shout a greeting to the locals, who consider it a huge joke and laugh at us. After our meal last night we wandered into the town square, where there was a marble dance-floor area and the locals were dancing something similar to waltzes etc. I was grabbed ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan October 19th 2009

Had an excellent day today, and are on schedule. Temperature about 30 degC, I have applied masses of factor 30 and still managed a sunburnt nose and a very red face!. Covered about 60 miles today, it's been an easier ride though, following valleys, I estimate that we quite high, are about 2500m above sea level. The best bit is NO MOSQUITOS!! The whole area is very interesting. I have never seen so many, many concrete fence-post manufacturing businesses. Have also seen bricks being made out of coal dust and water. They mix the dust etc by standing barefooted in the vats and walking around, they workers are absolutely black!!( great film and photo opportunities!). Have passed many small holdings, with everyone cultivating their own little bit. Have left the maize and rice growing areas and ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan October 18th 2009

Now at Jin Hua Hotel, Xiazhuang. Had a great day with the temperature about 25 deg C, shorts and T shirt weather. Lunch was at a cafe in a tiny village up in the mountains, we had to wait a while as they had not expected a large party of cyclists to descend on them. The terrain is very like the Alps, very picturesque with lots of climbing, lots of hair pin bends, up and down, up and down. The whole place is very like India but if anything the roads are even rougher! There is lots of agriculture all around, they are growing maize and rice using oxen to plough. Have seen lots of fishing too. The group is viewed with great interest, don think they see many Europeans around these parts. There are lots ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 17th 2009

Day 1 and have arrived at the Ju Hua Inn in Shaqiao. Only rode for about 12 miles today, an easy first day. Our coach transported us out of Kunming, mainly because it is a very busy city and the roads are extremely dangerous to cyclists. The countryside reminds me of India. There are many, many people working at the side of the roads wearing the traditional coolie hats. There are stationary engines on trailers providing power and have seen some brickworks. Have just eaten a delicious Chinese banquet, the second in two days, it is a good job cycling burns off the calories or their would be weight problems pretty soon! Having an early night tonight in preparation for some arduous riding tomorrow.... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Kunming October 17th 2009

Arrived in Kunming after an exhausting journey. Had two 5 hour waits: the first in Helsinki and the second in Beiijing. Finally arrived in Kunming at 2.00pm (BST) 9.00pm (Kunming time). Its quite a mild night, about 18 deg C, still in shirt sleeves.Beautiful hotel, all marble floors, a very classy place! Am just off to build the bike then to bed. The ride tomorrow is only 30k to Shaqiao. Over and out.... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan October 4th 2009

Well, just 11 days to go before I take the flight to Beijing and on to Kunming via Helsinki. I am looking forward to this trip, having just seen the BBC "Wild China" DVD, which covers much of this area. I have serviced my Pendle touring bike and put on some new 700x35 Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres to cope with the rough roads, cobbles and tracks we will encounter. My new HD video camera has been tried out and should be OK to record this amazing country. All my paperwork, visas etc are in place and a minimum kit list prepared, although it could be cool cycling up at the 3000 metres and will need a few extra layers. We also go in a cable car to 4500 metres. Brrr. I can't wait.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong February 19th 2009

Saturday and a morning playing Pitch and Put in Geelong with Paul - he lost again. This was followed by a walk along the Barwon River and the Wetlands Park, although it was not at all wet and we were shrouded in a light blue smoke haze drifiting down from the Bush Fires, which had raged earlier in the week claiming 182 lives so far- not good. Sunday another walk along the beach at Geelong, including Rippleside Bay where we saw two pelicans, black swans and other wading birds in 28 degrees heat. It was then time to pack up my bike ready for the off to the airport for a 10.25pm flight. I had packed my bike plus some other bits of luggage in a box, which I had cadged from a bike shop, and ... read more
West Coast

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Geelong February 13th 2009

Sunday I arrived in Melbourne severly sleep deprived and after a snack at a local cafe near Paul's girl friend Kat's flat we went on a trip to St Kilda and mingled in the melee of the annual St Kilda street event. St Kilda is a lot like Brighton with a broad mix of life coasting the streets and many shops selling wayout gear. Geelong then called and bed. Monday I rebuilt my bike and broke the seat pin securing bolt. I managed to find a cycle shop and buy a replacement - back in business. An hour in bed was now required to recover from such strain and then an attempt at getting lost in Geelong. Much bigger than Clitheroe. Tuesday I was ready for action and was away on my bike at 8.30am. Whilst ... read more
Bike ready for transit
A visit to Lochaber Station
Old Shepherd hut at Lochaber with owner Paul

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