One Filter One Family - Running Cambodia

One Filter One Family

One Filter One Family - Running Cambodia

One Filter One started as an idea, sitting on the kitchen floor, drinking a glass of water after a long run...who knows where it will take all of us.

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap February 12th 2013

It is going to be a very long day for my love and partner....she woke up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps and everything which follows here in the developing world. Bag in hand, the six and a half hour karaoke bus ride is just under way and already it's an unhappy event. Barf bag clipped to the cup holder with a handy carabiner, Nathalie has managed a weak smile and very politely asked 'kill me now please', then drifted back into her state of being on the barf bus........ read more

Asia » Cambodia » East » Senmonorom February 9th 2013

The travel days are blending together...the ride from Sen Monorom to Phnom Penh was not as long as the initial ride to the north but none the less, we are tiring of the back seat of the go from moving most of the hours of each day to spending 6 hours like a pretzel is only marginally entertaining. Bunna and Mombo did however find a short cut which was a much nicer drive than what we'd experienced. The scenery of Mondulkiri is a huge contrast to that of other parts of the country we've seen so far. We now realize that the day we spent climbing during the run took us of a plateau of sorts, now we are descending into the lower lands. There are large pine forests which would look more at home ... read more
loaded cycle

Asia » Cambodia » East » Senmonorom February 8th 2013

The pagoda is being built bit by bit as money is available and the monks themselves stay in a modest wooden long house of sorts. None of them is older than maybe 18 years of age and not a single 'adult' is involved in their surroundings. Mombo takes Jeff to present a small offering of soap and some cash. An experience that won't be forgotten, two of the young monks a ccepting our gift and in turn chant a blessing. Reality slips across dimensions and time wanders somewhere else. To Nathalie is sounds like many voices, strong and magical. A perfect start to the day.... A flaw in our training plan becomes very clear, very quickly. Can you spell the words "long climbs". This is where the climbing starts and does not stop, how can we ... read more
Mombo Yogi

Asia » Cambodia » East » Senmonorom February 7th 2013

We all agreed last night that camping out was more of a hassle and time commitment than we could stand so in a little dusty town just near where the day finished, we found a guesthouse. Simple but clean and a place to shower off the last two days dust and dirt was all anyone needed.... Who would have imagined we would come to love the thought of a cold shower. The morning started easy, cooling temperatures were welcomed and only a short way into the run we came across Yoga Pig,who politely offered a few grunts when Jeff greeted him with a good morning,hey sometimes all you need is the slightest reason to smile and laugh! The day really just sort of happened along, looking at all manners of animal tracks in the sand, cow, ... read more
tribal house
lush delivery

Asia » Cambodia » North » Ratanakiri February 6th 2013

Out of the jungle and onto what will some day be a proper road we start our day. Quickly the hard pack clay turns into more of a silty sand pit and we are forced to walk. The ground under our feet acts more like water, splashing into the air and over the tops of our shoes, constantly stopping to empty our shoes, eventually the road works appear again and Nathalie has logged a stellar 30km day! Never run again my arse! Finally we make it to lunch time....but along the way we see standing ponds of water around some of the construction areas. Turning one corner, we see Bunna washing the dishes in what would be a cesspool any where else, guess not so today...We were forced to fill one of our water bottles from ... read more

Asia » Cambodia February 5th 2013

The stars and the morning sun are amazing in Ratanikiri. Our window faces east and as the quarter moon crosses the sky, the birds and bugs announce the coming of sunrise. The temps have cooled but we knew it would be short lived...Packing the truck we head out of town to the starting point. We have read various reports about road development along the track between Ban Lung and Sen Monorom, we find that in some instances the reports are bang on, others not. Construction is progressing but finishing any of the sections we run before the rains come is a very large question. The wind is blowing all morning, a blessing and curse. Either the dust is being blown into your face or away, some times all at once as we see many 'dirt devils'...At ... read more
our map...

Asia » Cambodia February 4th 2013

The travel day arrives and so does packing the truck with everything we think we may need on the run. The entire day was spent looking out the window, adjusting our positions in the back seat and well more looking out the window. It is amazing how much the road has changed in the two years since we were on Hwy 7. What was once a smooth and well maintained road is now more filled with crater size holes and entire sections missing blacktop. It makes you wonder how the rest of the 'new' roads will fair the rainy seasons...after 9 hours on the road we arrive at the guest house in Ban Lung. We start unloading the truck and Mombo heads to the kitchen to cook dinner, a routine we are sure to perfect over ... read more

Asia » Cambodia February 3rd 2013

A day to relax and take a 'training' walk among the throngs of people around the palace, looking at the preparations for the kings cremation, which begins tomorrow...It is a training walk because even though we are starting to adapt to the heat, we have a few more days until we are acclimated to the point we will be able to deal with it during the run. Nathalie has secretly determined we need to be moving for at least an hour and a half....It actually takes us that long to make our way around the block in a large square. There are police, military and road block everywhere, preventing us from free movement. We do put into practice the 'don't ask just go around the blockade' technique we learned the previous day. Tonight is a night ... read more
National Monument

Asia » Cambodia February 1st 2013

Travel days......they need to happen but honestly aren't they a waste? Really, you've already spend days if not longer, thinking about all the things you need, want and must have. Countless hours of checking in, checking out, then trying to remember where you put everything just so you can check in to check out again, finally arriving and realizing you can't remember where you put everything, once you are arriving...There is not a complaint here just an acknowledgment, that it is a process we go through, happily and willingly.... Running Cambodia v3 is in go mode..... If you had asked, or if we had done the same actually, would the answer have been yes we will run three times through Cambodia? We know the answer now but the details we will only glimpse because if the ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario January 31st 2013

Wow, really only one more sleep before we depart for what could be our last running adventure in Cambodia. Hmmm, not sure we even thought about more than one. Before we get too far down the road, we'd like to thank a lot of people. First, to our kids, yes, once again they get to bear the brunt of our trips but have yet to make it own there with us, someday we hope. To our other families in Florida, Georgia, California, St Emile, Montreal, Kville and of course Chelsea. You all know who you are and without you, we'd never have made it this far. We'd like to thank those who have supported us with donations, your genorisity will provide real people in rural Cambodia with access to clean drinking water. Something they did not ... read more

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