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February 6th 2013
Published: February 14th 2013
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Out of the jungle and onto what will some day be a proper road we start our day. Quickly the hard pack clay turns into more of a silty sand pit and we are forced to walk. The ground under our feet acts more like water, splashing into the air and over the tops of our shoes, constantly stopping to empty our shoes, eventually the road works appear again and Nathalie has logged a stellar 30km day! Never run again my arse! Finally we make it to lunch time....but along the way we see standing ponds of water around some of the construction areas. Turning one corner, we see Bunna washing the dishes in what would be a cesspool any where else, guess not so today...We were forced to fill one of our water bottles from a water truck, knowing where the water came from, we gave it more than enough shocking with the Miox but labeled it only for washing, it turned out to be cooking water too...All of this in mind, one of us asked about washing the vegetables we were having for lunch and were informed, they had in fact been washed in the same pool of water the dishes were washed in, however there were rinsed in the 'clean' pond water. You can imagine the conversation at that point but to see Bunna and Mombo's looks told a different story. What they had done was perfectly normal and the fact they had clean rinsed the veg proved it even more. Maybe One Filter One Family should take a closer look at the overall issue of water and sanitation, not just the potable aspect. Something to think about during the heat of the afternoon.....

Having our very own reality TV show to witness while we eat, Road Builders, turns out to be more of a nuisance than it's worth so into the mid day sun to get the mileage completed. Running is completely out of the question, the temperature is in the low 40's and the heat radiating off the ground just complicates matters. Reduced to walking, Jeff struggles through the first 5km and the look in his eyes doesn't tell the story that goes with the voices screaming inside his cooking skull. Desperately needing to get at least 40km done for the day, he continues to wander down the road. It will be a tough 5km but it will get done and the day is as well....

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