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February 7th 2013
Published: February 14th 2013
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We all agreed last night that camping out was more of a hassle and time commitment than we could stand so in a little dusty town just near where the day finished, we found a guesthouse. Simple but clean and a place to shower off the last two days dust and dirt was all anyone needed.... Who would have imagined we would come to love the thought of a cold shower.

The morning started easy, cooling temperatures were welcomed and only a short way into the run we came across Yoga Pig,who politely offered a few grunts when Jeff greeted him with a good morning,hey sometimes all you need is the slightest reason to smile and laugh! The day really just sort of happened along, looking at all manners of animal tracks in the sand, cow, centipede, some kind of tiny deer, large birds, nothing too eventful on this day however we did manage a solid 35km before Nathalie took a break for the day! It may not sound like a lot but after being told less than 6 months ago, she should give up running altogether, it was a HUGE win! Nat -here Jeff is failing to mention that he finished the day's mileage in stellar form...

We ended the day in a little town which we thought Pu Chri which did not make sense if we looked at the map so we asked the boys to query the locals and then the debate started... some said it was other said it was Dei Ai and we found out that disthinguishing between a place and a district is a matter of personal opinion for some. With limited camping options as we had seen land mine signs along the way, and no real desire to pitch up next to the road, Mombo set out to find us a place to stay. In his usual get it done right manner, he managed to garner us permission to camp next to a pagoda being built for the local monks. Out of harms way we set up as the kids and a growing crowd of onlookers from the adjoining village came to watch. This is a very poor part of the country, more so than we have seen on the two previous trips and we hand out as many bouncing balls and bars of Lush soap we can spare. The chanting of the monks lull us to sleep and another day is done....

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