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February 3rd 2013
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A day to relax and take a 'training' walk among the throngs of people around the palace, looking at the preparations for the kings cremation, which begins tomorrow...It is a training walk because even though we are starting to adapt to the heat, we have a few more days until we are acclimated to the point we will be able to deal with it during the run. Nathalie has secretly determined we need to be moving for at least an hour and a half....It actually takes us that long to make our way around the block in a large square. There are police, military and road block everywhere, preventing us from free movement. We do put into practice the 'don't ask just go around the blockade' technique we learned the previous day.

Tonight is a night out with Paul/Sophea and a group of other Australian firefighters who are in Phnom Penh on holidays and to work with the local fire teams. It takes four tuk tuk to get the dozen of us to dinner at Samba, the local Brazilian BBQ! Towards the end of dinner the call comes in and there is a fire east of the city. The AFIRE team is off to do what they do best, the rest of us head back to the Villas to wait for more news and their safe return....Thankfully, the night continues on and while dirty, wet and smelling of fire, everyone, returns safely!

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